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  1. We've got Bannan Barry Bannan I just don't really understand The wee Scottish man On 27 Grand We've got Barry Bannan What a complete waste of money. We could have had five or six players for that salary in league one who would have improved the squad but we've got Barry ******** Bannan.
  2. Should Dot laugh at other clubs Ron when they are losing? That's up to Dot if she wants to Ron. Don't tell Dot Ron but I have a cheeky chuckle at other teams expense Ron. I do too Ron.
  3. What league are we in Ron? We're in league one Ron.
  4. My sides are aching. What league are we in again?
  5. For a supposed big club there are no great seasons in the third tier of football. Just embarrassment.
  6. Pipers Crisps are fantastic and if you haven't had them you don't know what you are missing.
  7. Let's hope he is better at taking flights than he is at taking penalties.
  8. Brentford have the luxury of picking up released players from London clubs as well as being in a prime location to also take their players on loan.
  9. Imagine if you had sold that player who wasn't a first team regular which enabled you to assemble a squad that achieved promotion to the Premier League that enabled you to buy that player at a later date. The same player still remains an asset on the books and will probably be sold. You also forgot that Brooks generated around £11.5 million and Calvert Lewin another £1.5 million.
  10. For a so called big club we've spent the majority of my life outside the top flight.
  11. My credit card refunded season tickets for season 2020-21. I'm still owed for 2019-20 but have had the generic email. I'm not putting another penny into this club as things stand. Our backs are wet from the actions of this club.
  12. Ramsdale, Brooks and Calvert Lewin have all come through since those you mentioned. Even selling the likes of Jordan Slew for a decent fee and the German clubs are already looking at Jebbison. While some of United's academy players might could end up at Juventus the most ours can hope for is ending up at Fray Bentos.
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