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  1. Official SWFC Football Heaven Thread 17-18

    Did Staton just say without Potter Rotherham lacked physical presence?
  2. Jack Hunt spiel in local rag ...

    We need some stability and if Loovens is the best we have to do that then that is what should be done but it adds fuel to the fire about how poor our recruitment is.
  3. Jack Hunt spiel in local rag ...

    We've heard it all before. Now either its the head coach's tactics or the application of the players. Either way it isn't good enough. If Loovens is deemed to be the answer then again our recruitment has been shown up to be wee wee poor. We needed to improve on Loovens long ago and we will see the team revert back to two static centre halfs unable to play out from the back with our play will slowing down even further. The new centre half should have been brought in in July 2016 not 2017 but our head coach's arrogant I know better couple with no need for a physical midfielder has seen us go backwards.
  4. Wolfman Jack

    I will miss his no nonsense to the point posts as well as his memories of following the Owls. A sadly missed poster. RIP Wolfman Jack.
  5. Club 1867

    Come on Neil
  6. Official SWFC Football Heaven Thread 17-18

    Fair enough I respect your opinion although I don't think he will. Do you think this is his last chance at achieving it?
  7. Official SWFC Football Heaven Thread 17-18

    Do you think he is capable of getting us promotion?
  8. Official SWFC Football Heaven Thread 17-18

    Chansiri could have saved his money by not giving Carlos another contract and the backroom staff.
  9. Phil parkinson

    Its a good point and maybe its mixture of being fooled by the 20 minutes or so when the team dominates a game and the expectation level set by the club i.e we want to be in the Premier League for our 150th anniversary. I don't subscribe to those that claim we have players that should be playing in the Premier League and are "the best in the Championship". I am starting to realise we have an above average squad of individuals that are currently not good enough for mounting a promotion challenge.
  10. Phil parkinson

    Nor me
  11. Phil parkinson

    It could be a lot stronger than it is. In many games we have been out muscled which I thought he would have addressed after his first season. Games against Hull and Burnley stood out in his first campaign. We are very lightweight, too nice and a bit soft. Not many leaders to roll their sleeves up when the going gets tough.
  12. Phil parkinson

    This all goes back to Wembley. We all walked out thinking we came up short but the team would move on with the improvements required that would see us be a top 6 possibly top 2 team. It needed at least one strong centre half, a solid left back, a dominant central midfielder, a pacy winger, and another striker. Out of that we could at a push tick off the striker with Fletcher who finished up with a decent goals per game ratio although he didn't play regularly enough due to form and fitness. Lee and Bannan have their moments and are good players but not good enough to get us promoted. A central midfield of those two is too weak which see's Bannan pushed out wide who then unbalances the team. Lee pops up with the odd goal but regularly isn't involved enough when we don't have the ball and goes hiding. We don't seem to have the midfield that drives the team forward with players running beyond the player on the ball. Its all too safe and cautious with the first thought to go backwards instead of being positive and looking forwards.
  13. Phil parkinson

    No the 8 teams that they played before us highlighted Bolton's weaknesses and exploited them.
  14. Phil parkinson

    Joao deserves a run in the side purely based on his performance against United. He looked quick, sharp and lively. Something the side is missing greatly.