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  1. They were great times apart from the relegation but we knew we would come back better. Happy Birthday Ron.
  2. This is a very good analysis. I thought that JP was out of position for Blackburns first goal on Saturday and often he will go into a tackle when someone else has already gone to close that player down.
  3. Steve Bruce is at the wheel Tell me how good does it feel We've got Fletcher with Hector on loan Liam Palmer is one of our own Du du du du du du Du du du du du du
  4. Used his subs very well today. Going to Hillsborough is an enjoyment again.
  5. Is it McKenzie Crook or Graham Hyde? Alan Partridge or Martin Hodge? Carlos the Jackal or Big Ron?
  6. Depending on how we do in the next few weeks then potentially our remaining home games should attract big crowds. Villa, Forest, Bristol City and our last home game QPR.
  7. Thorniley & Brooks are best mates from when they lived in Warrington.
  8. Contact @torres for a list of services offered. His business is your pleasure
  9. Grandstand or South Stand towards Leppings Lane end
  10. We seem to have a spine to our side for a change
  11. I think Anderson has been lion about paying the wages
  12. I didnt realise that Paul Aldridge is involved at Bolton
  13. We play Norwich at Easter which is notorious for strange results.
  14. A good point today and if we are honest the play offs are a long way off. I would guess Bruce and his staff are working hard preparing for next season and encouraging the players to play with a bit of freedom. Let's enjoy the rest of the season and see where the journey takes us.
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