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  1. I once sat next to him and had to explain the back pass rule to him after Darren Purse used his knee to pass the ball back to the keeper.
  2. @SolihullOwl79 as much as it pains me to post this I wouldn't bother wasting yours and your sons time at our academy. If he has a talent then look at clubs closer by. They will probably provide better coaching and the travel will be closer. If your lad did train at Wednesday then he would probably have to be at Middlewood at 4.00pm until 7.00pm Tuesdays, day release on Wednesdays, Thursdays 4.00pm until 7.00pm and Saturday mornings. Don't neglect hid education and his social circle of friends. And don't be taken in by your blue and white spectacles because when you take them off you will see they couldn't organise a ******** up in a brewery and thats from direct experience.
  3. I agree. He was always approachable to fans, young academy players and their parents. His big smile was infectious.
  4. I liked Rob Jones who was the right player at the right time for Wednesday. Exactly the type of character the club could do with now. Him and Danny Baath steadied the ship as Megson could identify the right type of player that was needed.
  5. We got to play-offs again then the following season so the expectations were met. I posted on this forum that the football was beginning to become negative around the time we beat QPR 1-0 at home and we looked a spent force at the end of the Huddersfield game. Unfortunately football is not easy to predict and there is no exact science to say if you buy this player or that one you will be guaranteed success. We aren't the first to fail and wont be the last and the chairman has made poor decisions along the way. He also became very close to getting it right.
  6. They were extremely optimistic going into the following season for the first time in years.
  7. Nobody was complaining when they were sat at Wembley before the play off final in his first full season were they?
  8. Nobody was complaining when we reached the play off final and while disappointed we lost to Hull there was great optimism that the following season would see the team improve and go one better. Sadly this is where it started to wrong.
  9. He wouldn't have wanted to be the assistant as it would have been as a backward step and failure for him going from head coach to assistant.
  10. The 2015-2016 saw SWFC being greater than the sum of its parts. Nobody really expected the club to mount a serious promotion challenge that early. It was the decisions afterwards that started the demise to where we are now.
  11. I agree but many of our fan base seem to have developed extremely short memories of the periods of the Gray management and early days of Carvalhal plus at Fulham Gray worked with players and a squad budget far in excess of anything we have had to work with.
  12. Not a good enough goal return as he averages about 13 goals a season. He missed many a sitter that should have been buried.
  13. The 3 wheeler managed to limp to Wembley but missing the fourth wheel meant the distance to the Premier League was a journey too far. Would any of the those mentioned or Gray had completed the job we will never know but at the end of the 2015-2016 season the majority of Wednesday fans were very happy with the ways things were going.
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