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  1. Adthe Nuhiu

    I wasn't a fan but he is certainly winning me over with his recent performances.
  2. Sean Clare

    If we manage to sign Clare up then it will be one bright light in a dismal season.
  3. You are having a laugh. Carvalhal has everything to do with our current state of affairs. An under prepared squad of players lacking fitness that was evident last season on numerous occasions as we hung on and even more so this season. Playing players not fully fit leading to long term injuries and possibly career threatening. A lack of man management that seemed to mentally destroy players and not giving them the opportunity to earn a place in the side on merit. Carvalhal has left us in a far worse state than when he first took over regardless if the days out we may have had en route. Injuries do happen but we seem to be dealing with injuries that are down to a lack of preparation. We don't seem to be dealing with broken legs.
  4. But any team regardless of individual talent can be prepared for the season by ensuring they have a good level of fitness. I feel that certain players at our club weren't professional enough though when it came to looking after themselves after the summer break and the club didnt have the discipline to deal with it.
  5. Lucas Joao

    He should have been given a proper run after he came on in the derby but our esteemed former head coach knew better didn't he?
  6. Don't you think the fitness and injury issues go hand in hand? Those 50/50 balls start to become 60/40 balls against us. Players carrying excess body fat, not recovering properly. Short term injuries become long term injuries. Mentally shot because they realise they will struggle to win their individual battles on the pitch.
  7. Anyone watching that game could see our players were tiring in midfield. The options on the bench weren't going to win the game for us and with hindsight he could have secured the point but maybe he thought that we could have won it. But you all saw some of Carvalhals legacy with a squad of tired and unfit players.
  8. Sean Clare

    I think I'm liking this suggestion that the club out forward of reducing prices and promoting players from the academy rather than paying extortionate prices to wonder where the likes of our marquee signings will ever be seen again. Clare has been a breath of fresh air in our stale 150th anniversary. Judging on his two performances against two of the strongest midfields he has offered far more than our other midfielders. His main attribute is his desire to drive the team forward instead of going backwards and sideways.
  9. I don't think I could have put it any better Oliver about Snodgrass
  10. Abdi to Hirst Goallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
  11. Aston Villa Match - Big Prize Giveaway

    Ask for him in the gents
  12. Hopefully the pitch will have thawed out by kick off
  13. Team for Villa

    Wildsmith Hunt Venancio Loovens Pudil Boyd Clare Pelupessy Reach Joao Nuhiu
  14. All the academy players have fitness tests at regular intervals during the season notably the beep test. Now I'm sure that as a professional club we would weigh all the players at the end of the season and weigh them when they returned taking into account things such as body fat percentage. Beep tests would be undertaken with targets set during pre-season for players to meet long before the season started which as well as ensuring the players were fit physically would also ensure they were fit mentally as they would have met the required criteria for fitness. i would also have expected players to be fined for exceeding body weight and body fat levels. All this would form part of the monitoring but you would need to ensure that procedures were followed and the manager ensured discipline was maintained and not relaxed for individuals.