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  1. Sadly yes. After years of dismissing the kids and Mrs wanting a dog I'm slowly coming around to the idea in place of football. (I know you can have both but I haven't missed football one bit)
  2. Regardless of his age Nicol played well during his time at Wednesday and Newsome added some steel to the defence.
  3. Pleat signed some very good players. Degryse, Nicol, Stefanovic, Kovacevic, Blinker, Newsome, Carbone & Di Canio.
  4. I'll have my money back. We pay a lot of money to watch average footballers on fat salaries struggle to do the basics. During January and February when the performances were poor I would have said that I'll be back next season regardless. However this lockdown might have got me out of the habit of going which will also be the case for many others. Lets hope our overpaid footballers might have had a few thoughts about how privileged they are to receive a handsome salary for such poor output.
  5. Sounds like the arrangements for most grassroots teams players. However they usually get mum or dad to their boot.
  6. Well you don't have to look far to see how "other" clubs have done well. United and Leeds have done far better than we have but that's probably down to being far more professional than what we have been. A few years back one of our scouts had to print off his own business cards, fight to get his expenses and had no club apparel. He could have been anybody watching kids playing football so would you as a parent trust him or another scout with a more professional approach?
  7. He looked good playing for youth teams and development squads but playing senior football is a major step up. While it is always nice to see players develop through the academy and play for the first team Stobbs wasn't good enough It yet again highlights how poor our academy and scouting system has been over the last 50 years that we have developed very few players considering the local population and supposed stature of our club. Sadly other clubs do it far better than we do. Good luck in your future Jack Stobbs.
  8. I think the standard of "coaching" at the academy at the time was a major factor. He went away to grassroots football, worked hard, enjoyed his football and remarkably came back a better footballer. Maybe our academy should look at hiring those grassroots coaches that made him a better footballer?
  9. Quite ironic when you consider he left the academy due to "disagreements" over coaching and being told he was too small and not strong enough. Said coach left and after a brief period Thompson came back and signs a pro contract. Player improves after leaving academy and another example of how poor our coaching and decision making at the academy has been over the years.
  10. Three hours each way really? I take it she must live in Welsh Wales and not Wales near Rother Valley?
  11. Why can't the doctors and nurses pay for their own travel expenses, like other key workers do such as the retail workers & binmen?
  12. We'll see when they get back to playing. They should all be super fit and injury free. No excuses for blowing out if their arsed after 60 minutes. Let's see how professional they have been.
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