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  1. Westwood 4 Palmer 5 Iorfa 7 MOM Lees 6 Fox 7 Murphy 6 Bannan 5 Lee 5 Harris 5 Fletcher 4 Nuhiu 6 Reach 6 Forestieri 6
  2. Left back is the least of our worries. Central midfield is our biggest concern.
  3. I agree. Just before FF scored I said to my lad he had been ineffective. Reach pushed us forward after he came on. I thought Fletcher was poor today.
  4. @nevthelodgemoorowl I got one too. Its a bit of a joke when you consider the SAG were party to allowing the Meadowhall event to go ahead last night despite a severe flood warning affecting thousands of people that were encouraged throughout the day to attend. . .
  5. The rain might have stopped but there will be a lot of water still to come off the hills upstream.
  6. The Safety Advisory Group are very quick to put in place severe measures to segregate Wednesday fans from a few hundred visiting supporters on a Tuesday night preventing access and egress along various routes. The same Safety Advisory Group allow an event to go ahead which would have seen a few thousand people stood in the pi55ing down rain a few hundred yards from a river with a severe flood warning about to burst its banks. WTF do they have to say about that?
  7. Waldock and Shaw have been ones to watch since they were nippers in the academy. Preston also did well in the academy but I suppose that next step is the hardest one to take.
  8. How far away are Waldock and Shaw from breaking into the first team plans or going out on loan?
  9. Joey did a job for us in midfield. He isn't going to take on the opponents team or spray 40 yard passes onto a sixpence, but what was noticeable yesterday was his work off the ball covering for team mates that had gone forward. He didnt let the team down against Leeds and I'm sure he will be called upon many times to do a job this season.
  10. Yes that correct. The 4-1-4-1 becomes a bit more fluid with Hutch dropping deep and the full backs pushing on.
  11. I've been very critical of our midfield in the past but thought today we won the physical battle against one of the divisions top teams. Today we put down a marker that we will be there or thereabouts. Last season I thought Leeds looked a lot stronger than us and dominated possession at Hillsborough. We were the better team today and Monk has got off to a great start.
  12. Really pleased for Fox. Another great performance.
  13. Great game by Fox. Starting to get a settled defence now.
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