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  1. Ronnie Starling

    Chelsea game - Ticket Information Here

    Does the points system allocate the same number of points for away game regardless of where and when the game is i.e Forest away on a Saturday gets the same points as say Ipswich or Millwall away on a Tuesday night?
  2. Bob Gorrill commercial manager and old Tom who used to look after the training ground when they had all weather pitches.
  3. The guy that used to wear a Big Ron rain mac when Big Ron was manager. (Not Big Ron)
  4. Ronnie Starling

    Chairman’s statement

    There are empty boxes at home games and vast areas of space that could have been sold for advertising to local companies but the clubs excessive demands have killed off these revenue streams. Maybe the club should look at offering these at reasonable rates such as the going rate not some fantasy figure.
  5. Ronnie Starling

    Chelsea Away

    Let's hope the team put in a good performance for a change when backed by a large away support.
  6. Ronnie Starling

    Westwood - toe injury

    Has Westwood ever played a cup game for us? Seems to be given the weekend off every time it comes around.
  7. Ronnie Starling

    Man of the Match - Player ratings

    Also what was Lees doing for the first shot Westwood saved? Was he scared the ball might hurt him? Why didnt he stand square on to the shot? He could learn something by watching De Gea making himself look big with how he blocked shots yesterday (without the use of his hands).
  8. Ronnie Starling

    Man of the Match - Player ratings

    A few stating that Palmer was man of the match. Could anyone explain what he was doing for Hulls third goal
  9. Ronnie Starling


    Our midfield hasn't been good enough to get us promoted since Carvalhal's first season. After the play off final it was clear we needed someone with physical presence like Hull had and real pace on the wing. A midfield of containing Bannan Lee and Hutchinson wasn't good enough to get us over the line back in 2016 and certainly isn't now. A big clear out is required in the summer with new faces brought in the freshen things up and to give us some identity to how we play. Our players don't seem to have a clue what others in the side are going to do with the ball. Its far too slow with players taking too many touches when a quick pass would suffice.
  10. Ronnie Starling

    If you are going to change it....change it

    Bruce is the man we wanted. He has commitments which he insisted in sticking to and will have insisted his backroom team come in to start his work. We need a big clear out of the playing squad because it simply isn't goid enough.
  11. Ronnie Starling

    #OnThisDay 5 years Ago #TheJoyofSix

    Matt Smith's heat map for the game
  12. Ronnie Starling

    CHELSEA AWAY - Fa Cup 4th round draw.

    If we get through its Canoville we need to watch out for.
  13. Ronnie Starling

    Football Heaven 2018 - 2019

    One line that stood out tonight was Giddings stating that Sharp is a far superior striker than Madine which if signs could come back to bite Giddings on the arse.
  14. Well lets hope that Bruce can sign us some players with same quality as Andy Robertson
  15. Ronnie Starling

    What has happened to Penney?

    Matt Taylor the Exeter City manager was interested in doing a swap deal. Penney for his Forte.