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  1. Who could forget our old friend Steve Claridge.
  2. They were very effective. Cambridge werent pretty but played to their strengths. You couldnt play football on that pitch.
  3. Yes. Barry Neville with his scratch card in the pub redrawing the winner as the genuine winner was a Cambridge fan. The performance was shocking and saw our fans having some pretty fierce arguments with themselves behind the goal. We got done by an and coming striker by the name of Dion Dublin. https://m.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3Dr0k4YPMEhD4&ved=2ahUKEwjS8r2HqsrdAhXJasAKHVDrBngQwqsBMAB6BAgIEAU&usg=AOvVaw1ZL1VlwX1WAwhNWEB_9Xk4
  4. Ronnie Starling

    Hayley - Update

    RIP Hayley. I didn't think things looked good when her husband Andy wasn't involved in the warm up on Saturday.
  5. Ronnie Starling

    Well this is awkward

    At least the guy sat in front of them now has stripes on his last seasons shirt.
  6. Ronnie Starling

    Well this is awkward

    Maybe it was one of the new stewards having to work a week in hand
  7. Ronnie Starling

    Well this is awkward

    Things are on the up at Hillsborough.
  8. Ronnie Starling

    Dawson’s Starting Positioning

    I think you make some valid points. That one in the first half where he was static to his line when the ball was played through. Compare it to an instance where we put one into their box and Butland read it and was out quickly to it. To be fair to Dawson he isn't making many schoolboy errors but his decision making can improve which will do with age and experience.
  9. Ronnie Starling

    Matt Penney

    Yes it was and he will learn from that which is part and parcel of his football education. It didn't knock his confidence as he grew into the game culminating in an excellent second half.
  10. Ronnie Starling

    Stoke were quite good

    I enjoyed the game today with both teams trying to win the game. It reminded me of the Sunderland home game last season where they looked as though they were going to batter us in the first half but we were better in the second.
  11. Ronnie Starling

    Ryan Woods

    He was quality today. Very neat and tidy. Will move onto better things.
  12. Ronnie Starling

    The playlist for this weekends match

    Here you go. Josephine Barstow
  13. Ronnie Starling

    Happy 60th Chris Turner

    He was in goal in 4-0 win at home to Chesterfield in my first game at Hillsborough. You could tell how much the fans appreciated him. He was off to Sunderland soon after but had a good career playing for Man Utd amongst others.
  14. Anyone remember Lewis McMahon? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lewis_McMahon
  15. Ronnie Starling

    Radio commenttry

    Who wants to listen to Rotherham, Barnsley or Doncaster when you are stuck doing jobs around the house.