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  1. Awful Conditioning

    Lets be honest the trip to Portugal wasn't a tough pre-season was it? Other teams were off to the Scandinavian forests fending for themselves with no home comforts while our lot were soaking up the sun around a Portuguese pool with a few walking games of football in the evening as the sun was setting. That is probably why our set up is to contain other teams rather than go at them from the start in order to conserve energy. A new manager will no doubt question the fitness of the players and its a reason why we have so many injuries.
  2. The Carlosholic's mentality is "one more week and everything will be ok". One more week and it gets worse. "Just another week and it will be great again. This squad is good enough for promotion". One more week another inept negative performance and promotion slips further away. The Carlosholic's need rehab. The club needs professional people to sort out the problems at the club.
  3. If I can afford it then I will be renewing mine and the lads season tickets. Being in the ground you get to experience the moments when one of our players shows poor execution which makes you groan until the bloke sat behind you shows excellent timing and shouts something extremely funny which is received by fellow supporters with bursts of laughter. The worry for the club is that if Mr Chansiri continues to hike up prices he will price people out of going. We are getting to a point of saturation where prices are getting to a point where numbers will drop off, the wage bill is getting to a point where it cant go any higher, and we are at the limits of FFP. Put that with the performances on the pitch and you wonder where we will go next.
  4. Wednesday Till I Die

    Is this only really sung when things are not going great at the club? It was sung at the Hull game and was a favourite sung during times of previous colourful regimes but not sung during the happier times of Carlos and Mr Chansiri's time at Hillsborough. The defiant chant that regardless of who comes and goes at the club the only constant is the supporters.
  5. We have people employed at the club to sort out who the replacement should be. Not Joe Public on a fans forum. But be in no doubt there are better coaches out there that can improve performances and its up to those highly paid "professionals" to earn their money. The current head coach just doesn't have a clue.
  6. Bannan is the problem

    Let's be honest the midfield we have is shockingly poor. All of them. Wallace Matias Hutchinson Jones Butterfield Reach Lee Bannan either not good enough or fit enough. None are good enough for the Premier League otherwise they would be there now. But Bannan is an issue with most of the play going through him, we don't have much to show for it.
  7. The Fans are to blame.

    You may a valid point my friend
  8. Has Carlos been given the sack?
  9. Three new signings we already have

    Just think if we had bought players we actually needed such as a commanding centre half, a strong physical box to box central midfielder, full backs who can defend as well as attack and a right sided midfielder with some pace who knows where we would be. Instead we have a bloated average disjointed squad of inferior players. The table doesn't lie does It?
  10. Three new signings we already have

    Its dry as a bone my glass. Either it's the players who aren't good enough or it's the head coach that doesn't have a clue or both. It certainly isn't a case of having fantastic squad of players and top coach.
  11. Three new signings we already have

    Westwood good shot stopper but poor distribution and slow Wildsmith still young and prone to silly mistakes Dawson won't be our number one unless circumstances change for the worse Kean never been seen Hunt cant cross and struggles with the basics of defending Palmer struggles defending and crossing is poor Loovens no pace not physical or commanding minimal goal threat Lees poor distribution and doesn't dominate Van Aken jury is still out due to his limited time here but so far he has had more poor games than good ones Venaccio see Jake Kean Pudil legs seem to have gone and another that gets out muscled Fox rabbit in the headlights when defending Wallace should have been replaced last season. Offers very little Lee I'm not his greatest fan and again performances this season have been poor Bannan works hard but has too many touches on the ball. As the past two and half seasons have shown him and Lee aren't a strong enough central pairing Jones not physical enough Butterfield not an improvement on what we have Sam Hutchinson injury prone Matias never a Championship footballer Boyd never been seen Abdi never got going Reach looks goid one week but terrible the following week Hooper one if the few successes but the tactics find him in areas he shouldn't be receiving the ball Fletcher misses too many chances and a bit of a crock Joao lost his way Rhodes looking like an expensive flop Forestieri a potential matchwinner but tantrums and injuries have marred his time. Needs to realise he isnt striker Nuhiu a big heart but not good enough for where we want to be Winnall looked good at Barnsley but struggled here So there you have it. Not enough players consistently performing to make their mark on this league and when it matters don't show up. Too many lightweight players that struggle with the physical battle and don't look fit which is probably why we have so many injuries. The above doesn't take into account the numerous players that have been signed on loan who never got a chance to show us what they could do. Inferior players brought in that were no better than what we already had.
  12. Three new signings we already have

    How long have I got?
  13. Try and get out of the pool when you want a wee
  14. Well he may have a better memory than you
  15. He is more qualified than most on here. He sees every game, he speaks to the players, he speaks to the coaching staff and he will get to hear the various gossip from the people in the know. Which is the non playing staff.