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  1. U18's

    I might get this result put onto a Wednesday shirt

    Reach for me. He stood up and took responsibility when we were down to our bare bones.
  3. Player of the Season?

    Reach for me. Scored goals, most assists, played all over the pitch and so what if his form may have dipped in recent weeks, our other senior players hardly set the world on fire when they were playing.
  4. Kevin Austin

    One of our former academy coaches and former Swansea, Bristol Rovers, Orient, Lincoln and Chesterfield player is being treated for cancer. Anyone who has ever met Kev will tell you what an absolute gentleman he is. All the best Kev and get well soon.
  5. Venancio & Lees

    The previous idiot seemed to think he wasn't good enough and the player had to audacity to keep himself fit by going to the gym because of the lack of fitness regime be previous idiot.
  6. Jack Hunt's Dodgy Balls

    Another one that doesn't reach the box
  7. The rest of the midfield were overwhelmed at Wembley. You would have thought with all those players in our midfield that we keep hearing should be playing in the Premier league that we would have walked the play off final. Alas they never turned up.
  8. I've heard that the traditional players lap of honour is being replaced by a lap of honour by the fans.
  9. Reach is our player of the season. He has played in several positions for the team as well as creating and scoring goals.
  10. Sean Clare future in doubt

    Whilst Clare is still raw and in the next stage of his development he offers something that none of our other central midfielders offer in that he is drives the team forward with his willingness to run at opponents.
  11. Carlton Palmer former striker ????

    I once saw him score a first half hat trick against QPR at Hillsborough.
  12. Loovens was good under Gray but since then it's all been down hill. Many a mistake in him even in Carvalhals first season and minimal goal threat. I look forward to seeing an improvement in this area.
  13. If Only!

    If only we had gone and signed Ben Marshall who is helping Millwall march into the play offs. I'm sure we would have been able to have financed a deal although he wouldn't have had a sniff under Carvalhal.
  14. Lee - Halo Effect?

    That one statement shows exactly why this current squad wont get promoted until we sign better midfielders.
  15. Lee - Halo Effect?

    I would say the 33 points from the previous 18 games up to the Derby home game were key to us getting into the play offs not just the one game at Ipswich. Lee came off at half time on the 2nd January and wasn't seen again until the Derby game when he was substituted early in the second half after a rusty performance with us being 1-0 down. We then went onto win that game and then the next against Ipswich which Lee scored in. He didn't perform in the play offs which was either down to him not being fully fit and therefore an idiotic decision of Carvalhal or he was fit and played poorly. I have not said he is a poor player, far from it but he isn't as good as many make out on this forum and for all his good performances there are many where he goes unnoticed.