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  1. Best player we have had in the last 10 years. Its a shame we couldn't have got him here earlier and had Marshall on one wing and Antonio on the other wing.
  2. Blackburn, Derby, West Brom & Reading at home?
  3. Yes he didn't turn up at Wembley which was our biggest game in years. He scored at Ipswich great, but the rest of the squad had got the team into the position of the play offs over a period of months not a one off game during his absence. United at home not a big game? I would question your allegiance to the club if you don't see United at home as a big game regardless of what the stakes are. Those three games since the 4-2 defeat to United at Hillsborough, Lee didnt play in any of them.
  4. Hull at Wembley, Huddersfield in the play offs, United at Hillsborough
  5. There is no doubting that he was a good footballer and went about his business professionally but the praise given to him is far too excessive and is more reflective on how poor the club has been since we dropped out of the Premier League.
  6. Well I'll give you exhibit A the period from January 2017 to the end of the season when Lee hardly featured at all and the team ticked. We seemed to be well balanced in midfield and then Carlos decided to bring back his favourites for the play off failure.
  7. Unfortunately like many others he never turned up in the big games when it mattered. There were many posts on here after the play off final calling out for the domineering physical central midfielder which we still haven't really got although Luongo seems to be playing well so far this season with Bannan. Lee had a couple of good seasons but that's about it.
  8. On what evidence do you form this? Is he a good coach? Does he communicate well with players? Is he a tactical genius or is it the blue and white tinted glasses and fond memories of two failed play off campaigns? He had to stick with us because he was injured the majority of his time.
  9. With the greatest respect to you, I think you will have seen at least 50 players better than Lee in your time watching Wednesday but its all about opinions.
  10. Lee was a decent player but so overrated by many on here.
  11. Pafos must be struggling cash wise too as they can only afford to print Hutch on Hutchinson's shirt.
  12. Those that have posted in this thread which includes yourself.
  13. Cypriot First Division 16.30 today. Nuhiu v Hutch
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