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  1. I dont think it would be the end of the world with either of those two. Championship experience is what we need.
  2. The market risk for the bookmakers is still there though. There is nothing stopping Hughton suddenly changing his mind resulting in the bookmakers risk being realised. As other contenders become more popular the odds on Hughton will drift.
  3. Looks like Bruce wont be going to see the Chinese after all.
  4. I'm awaiting a statement from the LMA Chairman criticising Steve Bruce for his actions. The Chairman by the way is Howard Wilkinson.
  5. https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2019/april/vacancy-head-groundsman/
  6. I would like to think that as a business we would have a business continuity plan to deal with the loss of any key employee. Whether it be the manager, a player, a hospitality employee or security guard the club should have something in place to swiftly replace that person.
  7. I was pleased when we got him. A manager with a bit of pedigree, some good contacts and seemingly respected by players and other managers. However this last week has shown a different side to him and I get that there are bigger jobs in football than being manager of Wednesday but the way it seems to have been done and the patience afforded to him at the start have been thrown back at the fans but more so Mr Chansiri. If we can get the reported £5 million and attract Hughton then I would be happy with that outcome. I don't want anybody at our club that doesn't want to be here and think they are bigger or better than us. Respect Steve Bruce? You don't know the meaning of the word.
  8. Let's get Anthony Johnson and Bernard Morley. They would show a bit of pashun.
  9. If Bruce performs badly he will eventually get the boot but by which time Newcastle would have someone else in position.
  10. The host of the original football phone in that led to others nationally has sadly died. He thought of the idea while on holiday to finish off the football show on a Saturday. Over the years we have been entertained by some wonderful and weird callers. We have all chuckled at the naughty calls where the caller has got the odd swear word in or screamed at the radio when we didn't agree with the caller or presenter. It has made great listening and Bobs legacy will live on. RIP Bob.
  11. Hughton is 60 while Bruce is 58. Bruce has managed twice the number of games Hughton has but Hughton spent a large period of his time after playing coaching at Tottenham. It did go stale at Brighton although I dont think that was totally his fault but then there were questions about some of his signings he brought in last year. Its a different environment in the Premier League and more so with the increase in quoted transfer fees.
  12. I think Hughton is a good Championship manager but has struggled when it comes to the Premier League. Brighton played some good football in the Championship and he knows what is required in the team to get out of the Championship. Two promotions out of the Championship and another play off finish shows he has a good Championship pedigree.
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