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  1. Waddle, Bright, Jemson and Palmer were regulars. The place of the ten bob millionaires.
  2. If you wanted to bump into any of our players on a Saturday night then Hanrahan's was the place to go.
  3. Our academy, coaches and facilities are miles behind the competition. Chansiri could have invested in this in the early period of his tenure but wasted it on players who never got anywhere near being regular players.
  4. Great to see especially considering we let him leave the academy for a couple of years but saw sense and got him back.
  5. I remember going to Notts County v Ipswich the Tuesday night before we played Bristol City at home. A win for Ipswich and we would been promoted and in the days before social media we wanted to witness Wednesday gaining promotion before anybody else. There were some other Wednesday fans on the away end but we left early with County being 3-0 up. Before kick off County had already resigned themselves to the play offs.
  6. Posters have also forgot the game against Oldham at home in front of a good crowd. 2-0 down which we pulled back to 2-2. Our home form was poor that season which saw us go behind in a few games with the tactical decision to sacrifice King sometimes in the first half and put Francis on.
  7. I wonder if Giddings will be asking questions about this subject to Wilder when he next sees him?
  8. I think that was for cars requiring their MOT during the first lockdown. His was due in November in which there was no exemption due to the garages being open. Another question that will need to be answered is was he breaching any Covid restrictions?
  9. Best distribution from a keeper we've had in ages. Puts most outfield players to shame is he is good with both feet.
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