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  1. Ronnie Starling

    Abdi, Boyd and Hutch

    Are they having a game of Granny's footsteps?
  2. Ronnie Starling

    clive betts

    And the rest.
  3. Ronnie Starling

    clive betts

    Clive Betts did go to the game and I believe he was on the away end. Whatever you may think of his politics Clive Betts is a Sheffield Wednesday season ticket holder with a seat on the Kop. No underfloor heating, complimentary rug, directors box seat or tea, coffee and bourbon biscuits in the boardroom.
  4. Ronnie Starling

    Reach song

    Don't tell Derby
  5. Ronnie Starling

    clive betts

    Any disruption or inconvenience to Wednesday fans will be seen as some sort of victory for the hierarchy of United. There was the occasion when objects were raining down on Wednesday fans below from the idiots above but despite this being raised with them there was no apology forthcoming with the only admission of guilt was to put in measures to prevent it happening again. A truly insecure football club that has a manager thinking he is running the Bradway hotel pub team on a Sunday morning with his main concern to beat the local rivals across the city.
  6. Ronnie Starling


    Maybe promotion, winning a trophy, qualification for Europe? All things I've experienced as a Wednesday fan. It seems these days many accept mediocrity. The cult of Carvalhal lives on.
  7. Ronnie Starling


    Dear me. Is that the measure of success these days?
  8. Ronnie Starling

    Reach song

  9. Ronnie Starling

    Forcing high earners out?

    You would have thought that signing a contract in 2015 wouldn't warrant signing another in 2016.
  10. Ronnie Starling

    Forcing high earners out?

    He signed another contract in August 2016 taking him to the summer of 2019. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.skysports.com/amp/football/news/11703/10524254/sheffield-wednesday-goalkeeper-keiren-westwood-extends-contract
  11. We were woeful apart from the period where we scored. The only ones to come out with any credit were Hooper and Joao. Reach was deployed out of pisition at left back and our midfield of Jones, Bannan, Wallace and Lee was non existent and completely overrun. If you think we played well then you must have a short memory and have forgotten the aftermath of a complete blackout of players speaking to the media. I will take a 0-0 any day over a humiliating 4-2 defeat.
  12. I beg to differ as we conceded 4 goals with a defence and keeper all at sea. Compare that to Friday night which was completely the opposite.
  13. Yes it's a big improvement on a 4-2 defeat to them at home under clueless.
  14. Ronnie Starling

    From a player.......

    I'm sure many posters have had disagreements with managers over the years and Forestieri has also had his fair share. Bannan strikes me as someone that will always put in the effort and not shy at voicing his opinion. Hutchinson has played his part in games but is a liability when it comes to discipline and fitness. According to this website Jones all of a sudden seems to have become a world beater during his team out if the side when last season he wasn't worth a shirt. Boyd has been hopeless during his time here and as for Abdi he has been an absolute car crash of a signing. I don't think the youngsters have done themselves any harm and they can only get better with experience and game time.