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  1. I see that the pundits with their affiliated clubs are trying to talk down the punishments as it will punish the fans. These fans were quite happy to enjoy the successes of their owners decisions so they have to accept the punishment of poor decisions as we have had to with our points deduction.
  2. Out of all of our midfield players when Pelupessy starts he accrues more points per game than any other midfielder.
  3. They might have some recourse if the contract was for televising a competition without exclusion of any of the top teams in Europe.
  4. They were building up their property empires and happy to go along with the status quo.
  5. This is purely about money so why not tax any club, any player taking part with a turnover or windfall tax. Remove any FIFA licences from agents who look after players involved with it. It looks as though the horse has already bolted so make it damned hard for them to operate.
  6. When we came out the ground after the League Cup final victory against Man Utd they were selling t-shirts in the car park celebrating our victory with the scoreline on it.
  7. Shame they didnt tell the players at the start of the season to do this.
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