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  1. Bannan Lee and Hutchinson were woeful. Many on here seem to think these are some of the best players in the Championship and could hold their own in the Premier League. They are struggling to do it in the Championship. Midfield needs a major overhaul.
  2. I keep getting the impression from fellow Owlstalkers that our midfield favourites are on a par with the 1970 Brazil side. Today they were shocking and contributed nothing.
  3. I couldn't care what previous employers any potential coach has on their CV. If they are the best person for the job available and affordable then we should emply them.
  4. I wonder if he will be bringing James Beattie into his backroom staff?
  5. I thought that was how we were setting up this season and didnt realise until later on that we had supposedly set up 4-4-2 on Saturday. I still dont think that Hutchinson and Bannan are good enough for where we want to progress to.
  6. They simply dont take control of the midfield and dominate. Many times on Saturday they were caught out of position or missing in action. This has happened time and time again for the last few seasons and showed they are not good enough to achieve promotion.
  7. Maybe the EFL should also look at some of the recent transfer fees we have paid.
  8. The value of something is what the purchaser is willing to pay and what the seller is willing to accept.
  9. Arsenals academy was full of ex PE teachers.
  10. No whataboutery at all. He is pointing out that excessive restrictions have been placed in games at Hillsborough while similar issues at Bramall Lane are seemingly acceptable. Why have Wednesday had a prohibition notice placed on them and United haven't?
  11. Clive Betts's letter asks some good questions that need to be urgently addressed by the council and police.
  12. What else would you expect from the poster and the mods?
  13. I also but probably expected it was a 4-3-3 that could revert when out of possession to a 4-5-1. If it was 4-4-2 then Bullen has serious questions to answer such as why the players didn't follow the instructions, what was said at half time to address it but saw the team perform worse, why weren't changed made earlier, and why change the formation in the first place. Bullen showed a lack of tactical nous yesterday.
  14. He was poor. Even when Bullen was asked for his thoughts on his performance he was struggling to say anything positive. I couldn't fathom where he was supposed to be playing and certainly didn't link up with Fletcher.
  15. I said to my lad that Bullen had to make some difficult decisions to get back into the game. He bottled it by bringing off Fox, Palmer and Reach. He should have been looking at bringing off any three of Bannan, Forestieri Hutchinson and Iorfa.
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