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Community Answers

  1. I'm sure Stone Island could produce one
  2. I'm fine Big D. I hope you and your family are well too. Last night was err Heartbreaking!
  3. Its like going back to the 80s. Pitch invasions crowd trouble and Samba's back in fashion.
  4. Not if you have to report to a Police station at 3.00pm on a Saturday afternoon or 7.45pm on a Tuesday evening.
  5. It doesnt hurt me as much due to lowering the bar of expectation. What does hurt me though is seeing those around me old and young once again having to suffer more disappointment. It really is an old cliche but the fans deserve far more than a good Saturday night out in Milton Keynes.
  6. Looking at the state of Hutchinson after his clash of heads, am I missing something as to why these incidents aren't penalised and which could have resulted in a penalty. The player was late and left Hutchinson seriously injured.
  7. I've said for years that there should be an independent timekeeper. The clock stops when the ball is out of play, corners, throw ins, free kicks, injuries and even when the keeper has the ball in his hands or enforce a six second time rule for when the keepers his it in their hands. Now this might mean that the games take longer but so what its supposed to be 45 minutes each way. Football seems reluctant to follow other sports such as rugby who have had this for some time.
  8. Why not slash the wage bill by 50% and knock £10 off every home ticket. It wont impact on performance.
  9. The irony was lost on the players trying to gee the crowd up at every corner.
  10. Once again our big time players fail turn up on the big occasion . It might have been practical to have introduced the players to each other before the game as they looked as though they had never played together. Too many players isolated, no outlet down the wings, wing backs not getting up and down and a lacklustre midfield that had no legs. I couldn't understand what the tactics were supposed to be and more worryingly it seemed neither did the players. Danny Batth wont have an easier game than last night winning every header with our only tactic to lump it up to Gregory and Windass who were outmuscled. No support from the midfield to win second balls and that will be where we have to strengthen drastically if we have any chance of challenging next season..
  11. Evans involved in sloppy seconds costs United dear again.
  12. The problem is that there are many people in the media, notably medical professionals and broadcasters who the general public put their trust in, are allowed to quote data that is misleading and wrong. Jeremy Vine repeated the Hilary Jones data on his show the other data and when Jamie Jenkins who used to work for the ONS corrected him over this on Twitter, Vine blocked him. You would have thought that Vine would want to put the record straight.
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