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  1. Ronnie Starling

    Ross Wallace on trial with Wigan Athletic

    And when he lines up for them they will realise he is more like Ron Aldo from the local barbers.
  2. Ronnie Starling

    Has Sam Smart...........

    Does Steve Nicol
  3. Ronnie Starling

    Has Sam Smart...........

    Is Tony Cunningham?
  4. Ronnie Starling

    Lessons from our neighbours

    That doesnt surprise me. During one period the young goalkeepers didnt have a recognised goalkeeper coach for around three months which was pathetic considering that there were coaches at the club that did have enough knowledge of goalkeeping to put on a session. You would often see young goalkeepers warming themselves up on a Sunday morning before a game while their opponents would have have a recognised goalkeeper coach warming them up then providing feedback during intervals. It was quite embarrassing to think a Sunday league team was being run better than our academy. I even remembered one instance when a player was injured in the changing rooms before a game Parents were stood about wondering where the team was for the warm up and eventually they came out 5 minutes before kick off with the coach pleading with the ref to allow him some warm up time. The coach couldnt take the team out because he was on his own and couldnt leave the injured player unattended. This was while there were senior academy coaches milling around whose only input was to ball the coach for not taking the team out early enough. The management of the academy should have looked at the roster to ensure that there were a minimum of two coaches per team and put provisions in place where there wasn't. There was always plenty of senior coaches around that could have filled in but you got the impression sometimes that this was beneath them and they far happier waxing lyrical with coaches from the opponents.
  5. Ronnie Starling

    Lessons from our neighbours

    I think Hirst had been with us since he was 9. Clare didnt sign for us until February 2016. Dawson and Wildsmith have done well considering they came through during the barren years.
  6. Ronnie Starling

    Lessons from our neighbours

    Our academy was unfunded for many years which resulted in a failure mentality from top to bottom. Too many coaches would come and go through the revolving door with no continuity. Those that were there would put on mind numbing coaching sessions leaving the kids bored and uninspired. There would be games where some coaches were left to coach on their own while senior academy staff would turn a blind eye and wander the pitches leaving them to it. Coaches would miss sessions for one reason or another. Some of the coaches thought that their Sergeant Major screaming and shouting demeanor was the way to inspire kids some of whom would be aged 8,9 or 10! There were coaches that would be more concerned with their own development rather than the kids development and the politics behind who was responsible for any minimal success the academy achieved. With any form of education its a triangle with the club, child and parents/guardians all requiring to put in an equal amount of commitment and effort to ensure the best outcome to fulfill the potential of the child's footballing promise. Although the chances of a child making it or minimal, the least you expect is the club to provide an acceptable level of coaching and development that their competitors provide. The scouting system was a joke also. Some of ours would turn up at matches or tournaments with minimal ID while our competitors would be dressed in club attire and handing out business cards that hadn't been produced in a motorway service station as well as waiting longer than promised for their expenses. There didn't seem to be any link between the scouts and coaches to identify what the academy had and what was needed. Instead a conveyor of trialist's would come along many not good enough to be considered. Now though things seem a lot better and more professional but the competition has also improved. There are much bigger fish on our patch ready to hoover up any local talent with far better resources and incentives. Our facilities still lag behind other clubs including the likes of Barnsley, United, Leeds, Derby and Forest. Even Huddersfield before they reached the Premier League and pulled the plug had much better facilities than we currently have.
  7. Ronnie Starling

    Away Kit

    Straw poll in our house gives it the big thumbs up.
  8. The minority that were hoping that England would get thrashed and revelled in the moment when it looked as though things might go boobies up.
  9. Where did I imply that people who are not interested/do not follow football/dont care about the national football team actually despise their country?
  10. What the fizz are you on about?
  11. I love the fact that we don't have the big time Charlies in this squad and whilst not being the best individually they are a great team unit. The work ethic is tremendous and Southgate has shown what a great manager he is when many thought he was a typical FA average boring yes man. Its great that the nation is getting behind the team well the majority are apart from a small minority that seem to despise our country.
  12. Ronnie Starling

    Jack Hunt from #SWFC to Bristol City

    Marnick Vermijl
  13. Ronnie Starling

    Jack Hunt from #SWFC to Bristol City

    I'm not writing off any of our squad at the moment considering the improvement over the latter part of the season for Nuhiu under Jos. A proper pre-season of hard work, fitness and tactical nous with clear instructions given to the players of what is expected, how Jos wants them to play and who knows who will be better players for it.
  14. Ronnie Starling

    Jack Hunt from #SWFC to Bristol City

    Judging by the outcry over selling Hunt you would have thought we had someone to rival Philipp Lahm when he was in his prime. Hunt was average at best who wasn't the best defensively and ineffective in contributing to our attack with just 8 assists and no goals. We have said for ages this was an area we needed to improve.
  15. First rule of business is give the customer what they want.