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Community Answers

  1. it was around 30k, under 31k. source: their screen above the away end
  2. Gazzaniga is proper khazi. From the Wayne Hennessey school of not letting in clangers but everything that he does is definitely saveable. Today was a joke though.
  3. £550 for Premier League football here. About £30 per game which is fine when it’s against Liverpool, not Bristol City etc. Yes there were some £1k season tickets which are a farce.
  4. A very rare occasion I wanted Chelsea to win, useless lobbers.
  5. Player yeah, defender no. Ream gets away with a lot because most strikers in the Championship are crap.
  6. Hector was/is very good at Championship level for Fulham but completely out of place in the Premier League. Could say the same about the other defenders. On the assumption Fulham don't use the one year option on Hector then he'll end up at a Championship team chasing promotion.
  7. I'm fine with the actual game as it is. There was a period recently where the offside rule seemingly kept changing and no one really knew the rules which makes things worse. Just pick something and stick with it. In terms of the domestic game and league structure: Scrap the EFL Trophy and make the League Cup for the Football League only. Increase the number of relegation/promotion places between L2 and the National League. Having 1 or 2 made sense years ago, but there are a lot of pro clubs in NL league now. Sometimes it seems like the top end of the National League is more competitive than the deadwood at the bottom of L2 who are being saved because there's two bigger basket-cases than them.
  8. Something I've enjoyed about the Championship is having games scheduled for Friday night. It's the best kick off time by a mile.
  9. Something the club are doing is building a pier attached to the new stand with a view to have the Thames Clipper stop there. The swimming pool is a bit of a gimmick but what Shad Khan has done since ripping up the original expansion plans (that pre-date him) is fantastic. Our facilities are pretty crap so this is going to be a massive improvement. https://www.fulhamfc.com/riverside-development https://www.fulhamfc.com/news/2021/august/Pier-Proposal-Have-Your-Say-By-Monday-/
  10. For "matters of sporting integrity". What, like when Chelsea wanted to be part of the European Super League? Hypocrites.
  11. World Cup doubles The goal was quite big where we played due to the design of the brick wall outside the sports hall. Key was getting shots off as the keeper was never going to dive on concrete. Messi
  12. Kevin Lisbie still playing in the Isthmian league
  13. Every club have their fair share of morons, in the case of Chelsea it’s a much higher percentage.
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