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  1. Think this is the most positive I've felt about any of the managers we've been linked with for a long time. The OP sums up exactly why we should go for Cook. For that reason, it's never gonna happen.
  2. Makes a nice change from his usual diatribe against foreigners...
  3. I see it as a figure on a fair whack who is unaccountable to anyone, including his 'boss.' Evidently Chansiri's utter lack of experience/knowledge when it comes to football, Wednesday, and the city of Sheffield and its people, has very much left us at the mercy of this shady bloke. It sort of makes a mockery of the entire fanbase, when this man cannot be held to account by us.
  4. Paixao's stranglehold on the club further underscored by this. As if we needed reminding that the 'Wednesday family' is nothing but rhetoric, the club is very much the plaything of this bloke. Grim.
  5. Both of my Grandads told me some great stories about Albert Quixall. My Dad's Dad was always a huge fan, and regularly told me that I'd never seen a 'proper' player like him in my life time. Mam's Dad used to live on Doe Roy's Crescent, and apparently Quixall lived at the house that backed on to theirs! By all accounts he regularly had a kick about with Grandad and his pals before making his way down to Hillsborough on a match day. I hope the stories were true. Rest in peace Albert, you made an indelible mark on that generation of Wednesdayites.
  6. Could be wrong judging by this screenshot... Up the shiny space teal.
  7. Great musician, and a proper gent. A credit to the city.
  8. 'Choose the past' Proceeds to cite articles from 1990 and pictures from the 1960s. Pigonomics.
  9. The state of the spelling/grammar on this may have given me a brain haemorrhage... Sheer desperation from the unwashed, as ever. Wendyspotting.
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