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  1. LW SWFC

    Richard Hawley

    Great musician, and a proper gent. A credit to the city.
  2. David Jones, NEC Nijmegen vs Vitesse Arnhem
  3. 'Choose the past' Proceeds to cite articles from 1990 and pictures from the 1960s. Pigonomics.
  4. The state of the spelling/grammar on this may have given me a brain haemorrhage... Sheer desperation from the unwashed, as ever. Wendyspotting.
  5. LW SWFC

    Walk-out music

    03.00 onwards.
  6. LW SWFC

    The next Steering Group meeting

    Interesting about DC putting the decision of redeveloping S6 or moving to a new stadium to the fans...
  7. LW SWFC


    RIP Jeremy. WAWAW
  8. LW SWFC

    New walkout music

    3:05 til the end
  9. Sublime work, that's a real talent you have there mate!!
  10. LW SWFC

    Are we hated - If so why ?

    I think Twitter has a lot to do with it. All clubs have their fair share of knobheads, some more than others (as shown recently with Baaaaaaaaarnsley) but a lot of ours tend to go into overdrive on there.
  11. LW SWFC

    The new kit's awesome

    I love it. The design and the quality are both great. Don't get me wrong, I fully appreciate the rich history and traditions of our club, but this shouldn't stop us from embracing fresh ideas and new designs. It's different, granted, however it's certain that the stripes will be back. A little change every so often is good, so long as the shirt is blue and white, has our badge proudly emblazoned across the chest (or shoulder like with the Wandisco kit) and continues to be worn by passionate players and promoted by a progressive boardroom then for me it is most definitely a Wednesday shirt. We've not been robbed of our stripes or our history, we're simply trying something new. Our shared culture and memories don't just die when we ditch the familiar for a year or two. BUT each to their own!
  12. If not then I'm sure the owner of 'Kop c*ck' will feel a little deflated.
  13. Already the best in my lifetime, honourable mentions to Laws and Megson for their achievements, but Carlos has blown it out of the water.
  14. Knightsbridge. Block 134 Can't wait.