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  1. with his name, its a Sport writer's dream: Diamond has rough start to Owls career. Scores two goals - Double Diamond Pity Paul Jewel not in charge - Diamond signs for Jewel, Jewel's Diamond Great Performance - Polished Diamond, Diamond Lights up Hillsborough, Diamond sparkles in Wednesday win.
  2. The problem we've always had is our passionate and loyal fan base. It's our biggest asset (when things are going well) and our worst nightmare when its not. We're always two wins away from the champions league and world domination and two defeats away from the collapse of society and the end of the world as we know it. Comes with the territory and I wouldn't change this roller coaster ride for anything. The only thing you can truly count on being a Wednesday fan is that we win when you expect us to lose and lose when you expect us to win and there's never a dull moment in-between.
  3. I thought 13241 was the formation we played
  4. Maybe being able to attack easily down both flanks might confuse them, a cunning plan.
  5. I'm going for Patterson and Windass up front, Smith on the bench if we play two up. We knew Smith had niggles, so might have him on the bench for a short cameo if we need to chase the game. Unused sub if we are drawing or winning.
  6. With it being a CFL stadium, they probably want to see what he's like on grass.
  7. He doing a mass in front of 65,000 at Commonwealth Stadium today.
  8. Imagine when Derby play against Oxford. Game of football first, nice game of bingo afterwards.
  9. Austin Powers - International man of mystery and typical Paxo signing
  10. The Pope is actually in Edmonton at the moment, I can go and check on him.
  11. Michael Gray was born in Sunderland ........ the plot thickens .....
  12. I'm looking forward to the Our Lowest Ebb series - Our Lowest Ebb - Since the last one! We didn't win 6-0 every week - Our lowest Ebb!
  13. "De Graafschap slaat toe en haalt Sylla Sow op bij Sheffield Wednesday: De Graafschap heeft aanvaller Sylla Sow (25) vastgelegd. Hij komt transfervrij over van het Engelse Sheffield Wednesday." Has anyone tried saying this with a Yorkshire accent?
  14. Their second goal reminded me of the Sunderland goal.
  15. New signing trains on one leg. Reduces chance of getting injured before season opener by 50%.
  16. "Bang" Bang" Nick Lang (Michael J Fox - The Hard Way)
  17. Away kit .... well smart. Don't like the collar on the home kit. White collar might have looked better. Everything else about the home shirt looks great.
  18. Shouldn't the title of this topic be "Euro 2022 on it's way to Sheffield Wednesday" ...................... too soon?
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