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  1. No you’re right, but everyone says daft stuff, doesn’t make them racist. This is an example of an online arguments where football rivalry leads to daft stuff. The ban he got after that was for referring to a overseas player as a Kolpak, which as far as I’m aware is a status not a race. Not making excuses for daft behaviour but literally scouring through years and years of tweets for evidence to condemn someone is pretty much a witch hunt.
  2. I personally know Andrew Gale as I went to school with him and was good friends with him throughout school and still see him occasionally. Tell me about witch hunt, such a quality lad, top bloke. I refuse to believe or support this witch hunt.
  3. With Brennan back at the club, we have another option. By all accounts he was good at Notts County.
  4. Can’t fault it. Its how you get out of this division, hard work and grit. We also have the quality most teams don’t have. Play like that consistently and we won’t be far off.
  5. Looking at our squad, we should be up there. Not many line ups have come up against us and I’ve thought “I’d rather have him”
  6. Corbenau is for Canada but can’t get a run for us!!! Berahino for Burundi too. Paterson and Palmer recently for Scotland
  7. That’s basically what we are. A team full of individual talent, no team cohesion. A manager who appears out of his depth. Fans who expect more. So many similarities.
  8. Can we limit how many threads this guy can post a month? My suggestion would be 1!!!
  9. Taking the pi55 Pulis interview on man management
  10. Foden is going to be a special footballer for England.
  11. Top lad, top pro. Wednesday through and through and played for us under the real turmoil of the late 90’s and early 00’s. Never in doubt that he cares.
  12. I’m going to be brave and say the type of football we should be playing is a L1 Leeds Utd. Full on, balls to the wall, hammer teams, be on the receiving end of the odd hammering but be entertaining. At present we are both boring and rubbish
  13. Any negative thoughts towards CR are purely ridiculous. Top pro, amazingly dedicated and a fantastic role model to young kids.
  14. He can’t be homesick, he’s been in the UK for about 12 year But maybe he wants to finish up at home and relax.
  15. If they don’t get the book thrown at them for this then is proper corrupt. Abused the rules at every opportunity, yet still nothing. Feel for the true employees at that club as no doubt they’ll be the ones who ultimately suffer.
  16. He looked a beast, pace, power and drive. Abeit against weak opponents, I think he’s a top prospect
  17. I regularly attend Liversedge who play in the Northern Premiership. Beer on the sidelines, no awful queues and it’s only £6 and my lad gets in for free!! We love it.
  18. @Whitechapel Owl Any chance of putting Moore’s head on Terry Cruise when he’s dancing in the nightclub in White Chicks?
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