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  1. Oh… so you’re the one with the profile name ‘Hot stuff’ ? Makes sense
  2. To me his best position would be in the left wing back. Gives him the opportunity to get forward with the knowledge that a LCB is there to cover if he gets caught out. Hunt does it superbly on the right. We need to start playing him in that role, competing with Marvin. Arguably best position for both.
  3. Wing was superb for Rotherham. I honestly believe him and Baz are a similar situation to the old Lampard/Gerrard conundrum. It hasn’t worked out and if we get a decent LCB out of it, I’ll be happy. Recall Hunt and give him a chance.
  4. Would love him back on the coaching staff. True professional, top bloke, as genuine as they come.
  5. Noticed Ayling was at fault for 3 of Arsenals goals. Played everyone on, shocking at the back.
  6. Quickly becoming whipping boys. Wont be long until Phillips and that Raphinia have left. Bielsa to follow. Question is…. Does anyone know the best way to remove graffiti?
  7. Michele Di Piedi - that overhead kick Now player coach in the Gibraltar league at 40!!
  8. Most exciting player we’ve had since Antonio and JJ in terms of running at the opposition
  9. Too much. Thats the side of the game that needs getting rid of. They are about as much use as an estate agent or titties on a fish.
  10. Just leave them buddy, they look stupid to 95% of people by spouting this crap out!!
  11. Alright, Kim Jun-Un, calm your passions.
  12. I’m 38 and just got my official invite for the 3rd booster and it’s not until the 29th. Plenty won’t have had the opportunity yet. So they may not be irresponsible or idiots, just young.
  13. If Shodipo starts I’ll be fuming. If Brennan is ready I’ll be playing him 100% Hes quickly becoming a vital cog in this team. Wing or Byers to replace Massimo, wish it was Dennis
  14. The Football League Paper described Artell as "an archetypal lower-league stopper", and former manager Jim Bentley said that "he was committed, he was aggressive, he was brave". Artell has been fined and given touchline bans by the Football Association for his "expressive and passionate touchline behaviour" Need I say more? Sandwich short of a picnic
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