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  1. When do you think this will be announced? Now the season is over, no reason to hold back I suppose. Boro have announced theirs yesterday so it got me thinking.
  2. StevieBrownOwls sucks off tramps, pass it on.
  3. True, it’s a personal taste. For the record I have never sampled said sandwich however, I will but mark my words, when I judge, the decision is final.
  4. Somewhat agree with you here. The fee we could get and freed up wages would benefit the squad depth. Yet, he is so good, I’ll be gutted if he went.
  5. Im only joking. Fair play to your dedication to a great sport
  6. Sod that, I’ve had a slap from a normal bloke, never mind a dingle with the extra power from the extra finger and generations of inter breeding!!
  7. How to try and tell everyone how reight ard you are
  8. Such an arrogant and horrible individual that fella
  9. Totally agree. Gregory was the only player I would say had a good game
  10. Wes Hoolahan should play today. He’s approaching 40 I think
  11. Made the best of his career, fair play to him.
  12. Dont be so sensitive, I was only joking.
  13. I was told he’s a good defender which differs but the hot headed comment was the same
  14. Hately (sp) but you know who I meant
  15. Is he as good as the world famous Tom Hartley who went on to have a glittering career?
  16. No need to get all defensive buddy, I was merely asking how you formed your opinion.
  17. Seriously, how do you know this? Im sure all are youth games are not available to watch via TV stream?
  18. Didn't the top groundsman Steve Kiddy leave about 6 months ago? Have we replaced him ?
  19. I’m still chuckling to myself how Paul Cook ran to the dugout to entrance music when we played them at Portman Rd
  20. Nothing to see here, bit of banter with the opposition fans. All good fun.
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