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  1. Be great if it was reduced to 6. We would be out of the bottom 3 with another win and confidence would be sky high amongst the lads. Playoff push wouldn't be unrealistic playing like we did yesterday.
  2. I think we need to look towards Darrell Flavahan. Since he has taken over the senior GKs they look better at the simple things. This isn't a dig at Weaver, but maybe he is better suited to the youth set up.
  3. 1 game in and he looks quality so far. Does the ugly work well, good debut.
  4. Amazingly only 36! But with African passport so probably about 45!!
  5. I have and was always worried about him as we never got a thing in the air. He dominated everything. We needed this type of player.
  6. Only 2 are 'proper' strikers in Rhodes and Marriott The others are utility players or wingers/strikers.
  7. We live in hope mate. I'm quite exited at the prospect of Flint getting on the end of Patterson's throws.
  8. Early start on the Spice and Stella I see. Go to bed mate.
  9. As I said above mate, I was speaking hypothetically. Besides, who wouldn't want to go there? New Stadium, great vision, better ran club. Hate to say it but its a no-brainer.. taking my blue tinted glasses off.
  10. I reckon young Hunt isn't far off. Personally I think we are looking towards a more physical, dynamic team.
  11. Yes..... Its about £1.2m up in total if you say he is is on £25k a week (guess) as you would save £700k in wages. Its where we are.... staring down the barrel of L1 and needing to cut the wage bill. Sad but true. Plus we won't get any resale value of we extend a contract of a 31 year old player for another 2 years on that money.... Sorry but he needs to go.
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