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  1. He was awful the other night. His first touch was terrible, his lay offs were going everywhere but to feet and worst of all he was lethargic and leggy. no excuses for the last too.
  2. He's got a cheek if true. Style of play are much improved since DM has come in. Plus lt night Shaw was terrible, his 2nd touch was a tackle
  3. This the same Biggs who blocks anyone on social media who challenges his opinion? The same Biggs who tweets in riddles for attention, never giving a straight answer? Yeah him.
  4. To be fair, if we could have him playing as a No.10 in L1, he would rip it to spreads. Another thing to consider.... maybe DM might be the perfect manager for him. Seems a top bloke who would manage someone as highly strung as RM
  5. Ben Godfrey can’t be far off a call up. Plays for a good team, first team player, quick and good on the ball.
  6. What ridiculous comment. Going on how DM likes to play out from the back, how he performs as a CB and who was the best defender on the pitch against Norwich.... I would snap him up.... captain for next season. AS A CENTRAL DEFENDER!!
  7. Oh I can imagine. I've spent 6 months in both Bosnia and Kosovo, so I have an idea what to expect!!
  8. Yeah to be honest only want the 1 day as want a full day on the beer in Kyiv as going for 3 nights. Day 1 - arrive few beers - bed Day 2 - Tour full day Day 3 - on the p155 Day 4 - Home
  9. I've had it on my bucket list for years.
  10. Going to book this for October this year. 3 nights in Kiev with Chernobyl tour on 1 of the days. Has anyone done this? Do I need more that 1 day in the exclusion zone as 2 day tours are also available?
  11. I only was there due to my lads ST was £23 and it's a better view for nippers. Steps are a bugger though.
  12. I preferred 'The Owls' that they had in the Grandstand. More grapefruit tasting but acquired to some. The Wednesday pale is a great beer when cold in good weather.
  13. Ordered, gone from £45.60 to £36.48 for 2 cases. Very good value and will sit perfectly in my beer fridge in the garage until next month when I can have a few mates around in my garden.
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