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  1. He’s looking in great shape and lean. I love Pato, he is everything a footballer should be. A real throwback attitude
  2. Nothing going on the next few months guys. Next project for SH us continue with Thorpe Park and then something in Scarborough itself.
  3. Totally agree. Death by PowerPoint and an unenthusiastic instructor is all to standard these days in order to tick a box of apparent compliance. It needs to be delivered correctly and in a way that resonates to the delegates. I work in Construction H&S so understand the difficulty of trying to pitch training to a wide range of people from various disciplines and I spend a long time working with L&D coming up with training and accessing content.
  4. She absolutely car crashed that interview.
  5. I think I remember this story. Didnt she turn down an opportunity at Wimbledon and basically said she wanted a better job/club?
  6. Big season for the lad. I reckon he’s going to be a regular and really cement his place. Hes got everything, pace, power and skill. Just needs the tactical awareness which comes with experience.
  7. Theyll be the club to bring Renato Sanchez back to the prem
  8. Don’t argue with idiots mate! They drag you down to their level.
  9. Fully agree, why wouldn’t you want to join a club with high ambitions and to play in a huge stadium in front of large crowds.
  10. Slightly disagree with your fitness point on Hunt. Probably one of the fittest in the squad and same age as Bannan who you wouldn’t leave out of available. At 31 he has 2 good years playing most weeks I’d say.
  11. Shares a birthday with me so nearly 37, still played all season and looked good.
  12. Sounds like a Dunkley esq player. If he stays fit, that’s a start!!!
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