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  1. Hes a good bloke. Spoke at length to him before Leeds at home last season.
  2. Plenty of youth mixed with experience in key areas and I reckon it'll turn out a great season.
  3. Huge next few weeks. I'm hopeful to be impressed with what comes through the door and the way we shape up coming into the new season. I'm also expecting an absolute disaster
  4. Same here mate. My son has thrown it in and so has my parents. Not going alone so...
  5. One of the most unique and beautiful stadiums in the world if you ask me. I love everything about it.
  6. Plus the fact he is never injured is also a huge asset.
  7. I think this lad is exactly the type of signing we should be looking at. reading the report above from the coach, he is clearly a box to box, high energy midfielder who lacks consistency. Playing week in, week out will give him that and hopefully he turns out to be a real gem.
  8. Class bloke. Useful impact player at this level. Reckon we will find it difficult to replace him in the role he does.
  9. And many clubs find that's the major issue. Refer to Huddersfield town
  10. I reckon Pearson could be a realistic target. He's out of work and would fit into what we need big time.
  11. I reckon they did but wasn't happy with the Paxo arrangement. Rumours are that the Huddersfield chairman has basically told them he's getting a similar thing in to recruit foreign players. The Cowley's want hard working mainly domestic players that they choose. They had a bust up and that's why they were sacked/left.
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