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  1. I seriously don't see the issue with this deal. Reportedly until the end of the season, that's it. We know what we're getting and for one I'm happy. If it was 18 month I would be less impressed but 6 months is perfect for us in our predicament
  2. yeah in his early 30's... it seems to be the desired thing these days.
  3. Dyche was young when first moved into his role. Eddie Howe?
  4. The Scottish league would become terrible without the big 2.
  5. 100% a talent, its getting the confidence out of him so can demonstrate it.
  6. Proper target man with that neck reach!!
  7. Pathetic excuse. Yet.... blame the Government for allowing it.
  8. Apparently this was rife in Glen Hoddle. There is a story with him trying to get Beckham to try some different style of freekick and he couldn't do it. Hoddle moaned and Beckham said it wasn't possible. Up stepped Glen and whipped it in one
  9. Shame we don't have Glen Loovens anymore to take his testicles out!
  10. Well that result really BRIGHTON my day
  11. Foooooooooook......... in that case, that's terrible!
  12. See this depends on the clause. It could be seen as a good thing. Say he was on £15k a week.... but when he was injured and couldn't play, he only got £7,500. Surely that's good?
  13. Yeah did me, my family and friends out of a significant amount of money regarding a property purchase back in 2007. Took us 2 years to get the deposit back after he finally admitted the properties were never going to be built. Treat us and the dozens of others with utter contempt.
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