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  1. Players we should be looking at are ones like Fraser Hornby on loan in Norway from Everton. Big lad at 6'5" target man and currently doing 3 in 9 for his club.... Oh and he's 20.....
  2. People forgetting Mellor. Was excellent for us.
  3. Would love to see us pull off a coup and get that Brewster on loan from Liverpool. can only dream.
  4. According to Nuhiu he doesn't like it. It was funny first time I heard it but getting boring now. Deserves a more well thought out song.
  5. Reckon we missed out on Bidwell in my opinion. Would have been a solid signing at this level. Even given Penney a chance.
  6. Top marks to the absolute grade A tool behind me who at one point shouted "Scousers are only good at killing their own!!" Nobber of the night right there.
  7. He got absolute dogs abuse to begin with.
  8. Not at all but surely he knows he needs to establish himself again after recent events. Just don't get the negativity
  9. I seriously don't know what people want. Monk has a solid record which is impressive. Plays a good brand of football which suits our players. What's not to like?
  10. The longer I watch this car crash under Bullen the more I want Pulis. wouldn’t be my 1st choice, however he can get results and believe we have players best suited to his style of play, especially st the back.
  11. Just give him the Gary Hooper song. "I just can't get enough, I just can't get enough......
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