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  1. Dawodu was superb. Rest were meh. Bullied throughout and couldn't get a foothold on the game.
  2. I'd be surprised to see Hector back unless we sell JVA. Got a good number there now.
  3. Not that terrible though surely. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if it wasnt a joke.
  4. You can feel the awkwardness reeking through the poor lad. Cringe
  5. Some QPR Twitter thing. Can't find it now
  6. Seen online he's up here to negotiate and undertake a medical.
  7. I find it amazing how many 1 footed players I see in the professional game. I know every player has a dominant foot but they should be comfortable playing with the other too.
  8. Would love us to be the club to sort him out and get him going but unfortunately I believe he is too far gone. Another Leon Knight
  9. Wasnt impressed with him personally. Looked sluggish and weak on the ball.
  10. Not a massive improvement to the squad but a better holding midfielder than Pelupessy
  11. Oh shut up you big tart. So much flouncing on this site lately.
  12. Ate we still harping on and weeing and moaning about Jordan Rhodes? Zzzzzzzz Wake me up when we sign someone.
  13. I loved it. Brilliant.
  14. I'd be looking at Josh Cullen, always farmed out on loan and they gave always been successful. Watched him a few times when he was at Bradford and very impressed. Box to box and high energy. 23 now so good age and fits our mould.
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