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  1. Parking Tomorrow

    I live in BD12. Do you go drinking in the area?
  2. Loving the way we play. More direct, only press in our own half so conserve energy. 3 at the back is great. 2 x box to box CM in Reach and Clare last night looked very effective. Joey sitting but high work rate and mobile. Hunt as RWB is natural for him as his strength is going forward. Boyd when 100% match fit and sharp will also suit it. Joao unplayable last night and hope he comes good, with Hooper dropping off him, I believe he could be the real deal. Positive thinking from now on. Their shirts to lose.
  3. Team for Saturday

    Picks itself this team.
  4. From an anonymous player...

    Are these ramblings of a mad man suffering from Alzheimer's supposed to be funny? Asking for a mate.
  5. Here to him smashing an hatrick against Swansea and showing us what he can do against decent opponents. Huge 2nd half of the season for him.
  6. I would be alright with that. He would jump at the chance too as it would increase his ROI chances. Big wage off the bill and command a decent fee.
  7. Rock solid since the derby. Leader. Not a step wrong today apart from ripping the back out of the net following that run.
  8. Accomodation

    *** yoo I was hungover
  9. Always wondered. Jos and his assistant for example. Does the club own property for staff in this situation to stay in whilst they find accomodation? Or do they stay in hotels? I for one know how isolating and limited it is staying in hotels for long periods so got me thinking. Nothing like cooking for yourself etc...
  10. Semedo

    Noticed he's playing CB these days. Good luck to him. Model professional, hope he plays for many years to come.
  11. Joey Pelupessy

    Contract up in the summer so be a cheap price. £350k??
  12. JOS 10/10

    Missing the point though mate. Last night we saw previously lazy, ineffective players put a real shift in and really do well under the current injury crisis we have. If we can portray that when key players return we'll finish the season strongly.
  13. Team for Friday

    This 100% Jos will have told them early that they all are to prove themselves up until the time. Keep them on their toes with moral high. If he revealed the team to the guys early they will switch off.
  14. The obsession continues. Sad b@stard