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  1. Splits the fanbase??!! No one disagrees that he isn't up to the job!!
  2. This is my fear. At this moment in time I'd rather go down and start again next season. We seem to have some talent coming through the youth team. Build a team around a core of senior pros such as Palmer, Fox, Harris etc... The ones not on mega bucks and integrate the youth in and around with some solid acquisitions in other areas. Dare I add Nuhiu in there if we were in L1 as I think that's his level.
  3. We just need a plan and a identity in the way we want to go. If Monk fits into that then back him If not part ways and look forward to a long term plan and build from within. Think Brentford and Southampton.
  4. You know absolutely rod all. Stop attention seeking.
  5. Seems same with Monk. Only 40 and seems like he's prehistoric.
  6. No idea. Proven track records. Let's be honest, they couldn't do much worse. At least players would be playing in correct positions
  7. Don't talk daft, that team is far too sensible and obvious. Take it you haven't got any coaching badges
  8. ‘Although FF played well I feel the smart move would have been Murphy starting with Da Cruz playing off Nuhiu. He was too far away to link up sitting on the wing.
  9. Have you suffered a brain injury? ive never said anyone but Megson. I actually would bring him in to be honest. Ive nothing against Monk but feel these leaches ain’t playing for him, it’s the players who are a disgrace.
  10. Just adding a smidge of positivity to a guy who has received some flack this season. only JM, FF and Liam Palmer looked decent yesterday and bothered.
  11. I’d take Warnock or Pulis at present. neither fuuuuuk about and wouldn’t tolerate any of these performances. shake up required.
  12. Especially for Da Cruz who I think looks good but who is a striker (Monks words) is baffling.
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