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  1. Some good names there. Bidwell stands out, good LB at this level. Danny Williams too, beast needed in DM
  2. It's when people question him and he blocks them. Bit soft is that. As long as it's constructive and not abuse then blocking is a bit childish imo.
  3. Just who the fuuckdo you think you are talking sense??
  4. Anyone else wishing this was true just to make Nicko look a tool....?
  5. Think he's a good guy... Just took some really bad advice and his stubbornness has been his downfall.
  6. If we're going down this route might as well give it to Haslam. I don't agree by the way just making a point. We need a quick fix until the end of the season, then reassess for the long run. My choice would be Holloway then someone young and dynamic and give them time to build until the FFP cycle restarts.
  7. My hopes are for both.... in reality.... none
  8. What the hell is going on here? Rumours he's kicked off today at u23's. Is there any truth to this? Not blaming anyone here in regards to him or Jos but surely a sitdown and adult conversation to settle differences would do a world of good. Got knows we could do with him in the derby.
  9. If he does come here in a coaching capacity what's the problem? Could be an excellent coach. Some people on here take great pleasure in slagging everything off at every opportunity. Pathetic.
  10. After listening to last night's TWW podcast I would like to think that participants would at least know our players names and have some basic knowledge of the team. Just an observation.
  11. You're a woman. Your opinion is irrelevant
  12. That big bugger from Monaco. 6'8" of pure shyte
  13. The way he limped away from the ground yesterday I'll be surprised to see him playing next week.
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