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  1. Football Rivalries

    I hope I'm getting paid for my efforts in filling that in.
  2. Just tried their Tart beer. Not liking it at all. Hope the session IPA is better.
  3. So what's the betting

    I hope so. Surely we need to adopt a back 3 in the end. Pudil, Loovens and Hutch all capable of playing there too.
  4. Who's to say Loovens will be the new 4th choice. With the potential of both new lads I'd say he'd be hopefully used from now on in a Semedo role as of last season.
  5. Deadline day mini doc.

    That "we play like spurs" had me howling. What a simpleton
  6. 3-5-2

    Hutch is perfect for the centre of 3 bringing the ball out into midfield
  7. Tom Lees

    Defence wise he's been great. Distribution lacking so far
  8. So why is everyone talking poo like he's signed. Owlstalk at its finest.
  9. So have we actually signed this lad?
  10. Manchester is a bit of a twunt due to roadworks. Should be ok though.
  11. 4-3-3

    And a new lad. Keep the faith dude. You know it makes sense
  12. Pudil

    Great game. Very assured. Be happy with him in a back 3.
  13. 4-3-3

    Did you go tonight? Pudil had a great game and would be fine at the left side with new lad to right and Lee's to middle or preferable Hutch in middle with Lees to right. Plus Loovens as back up.
  14. 4-3-3

    I think we need to look at 3 at the back. Push Hunt and Reach to wing backs with a midfield 3 and 2 up top.