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  1. PATRICE EVRA!!!...

    If he can produce anything like that Bruno fella at Brighton, I'm in.
  2. I sit up there and luckily so far not heard anything over the top. I normally mutter FFS quite often under my breath but even that takes disciplne this season. Nice pint of The Owls session ipa though and smaller queues. Bliss.
  3. Got hospitality through work again. I'm at 12:30, meal and game for free. Allocated parking. Only reason I go to this fixture as its shuffle.
  4. Sorry. Love you but it was too much.
  5. I couldn't handle the voices. Had to turn off.
  6. Haha. It's definitely worth a listen imo. I enjoy it. The balance of the members is right. James Marriott talks sense I believe. Tried the owlstalk one last week... I'll leave it at that.
  7. Which ones do you guys listen to? Personally I listen to The Wednesday week.
  8. Its a shame we couldn't add them to that checkatrade trophy and have a go that way.
  9. It was Black eyed peas. Fergie
  10. Fernando Forestieri

    This 100% stirs my loins. If required Matias or Abdi can go there. Even Hooper
  11. Sat Terry on his arse. Loved it.
  12. A very high level

    I thought he had a solid game. Found to be ball watching a bit in the first half but spread it about well in the second. 7/10

    Nearly. It's more expensive, white and dry...