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  1. I'd be looking at Josh Cullen, always farmed out on loan and they gave always been successful. Watched him a few times when he was at Bradford and very impressed. Box to box and high energy. 23 now so good age and fits our mould.
  2. Always impressed with Harrison Reed on both of his loan spells at Norwich and Blackburn. He would fit into DM very well. Can also play RB if needed.
  3. Would love usto get the young lad from Chelsea Apadu on loan but I think he'll go to a newly promoted team or get more game time.
  4. I'm friends with a few Bradford fans and they think he's terrible.
  5. If any manager has the attributes to get the best out of players and get them reaching their potential, it's our Steve.
  6. Some good names there. Bidwell stands out, good LB at this level. Danny Williams too, beast needed in DM
  7. It's when people question him and he blocks them. Bit soft is that. As long as it's constructive and not abuse then blocking is a bit childish imo.
  8. Just who the fuuckdo you think you are talking sense??
  9. Anyone else wishing this was true just to make Nicko look a tool....?
  10. Think he's a good guy... Just took some really bad advice and his stubbornness has been his downfall.
  11. If we're going down this route might as well give it to Haslam. I don't agree by the way just making a point. We need a quick fix until the end of the season, then reassess for the long run. My choice would be Holloway then someone young and dynamic and give them time to build until the FFP cycle restarts.
  12. My hopes are for both.... in reality.... none
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