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  1. Michael hefele

    Good player at this level but I can't stand him. On balance I would be a yes. I'm a forgiving bloke.
  2. Sean Clare future in doubt

    Yeah fair point. Why is it working so much better for us now than previous years?
  3. Sean Clare future in doubt

    Really? Shame really as that canalside is a top set up. Surely increasing scouting etc... would solve that? We are a testament to that point. Wagner won't be there much longer imo and then what??
  4. Talks out of his arrse
  5. Was going to drive up myself but considering my street looks like Narnia I won't bother risking it.
  6. Asked him before game on Friday and he confirmed to me he won't play this season. Gutted.
  7. Unbiased Press?

    That'll teach you for reading the Daily Fail.
  8. Oh Forestieri

    I hope he gets that absolute cockgobbler Pearson sent off.
  9. They have been for sale for ages. I got some for Xmas. Catch up fella
  10. Calm down Tim. Just because you've been to space doesn't make you correct. You're still a ginger conker
  11. Why not? Think positive, aim high.
  12. Hard as nails. Can fit into CB and DM too.
  13. It's fun. Let's agree on something. Loovens cannot be here next year.
  14. Out of favour at Hamburg, class defender, 26 yrs old, Jos has links there.... We can only dream.
  15. Paul cook or Paul Hurst

    Tinkerbell Starts a debate on a forum, asking for opinion then slates every differing opinion. Ever thought of a career in Russian politics?