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  1. GHS

    NAC Breda

    I don't know. Hope this helps
  2. Course he's a tart! Leeds fan who is obsessed with us. Fvkkibg loser.
  3. GHS

    Sean Clare

    Hope he signs now. Very capable at RWB which he played the majority of the time at Gillingham. Maybe rid the need to sign another RB?
  4. At the back of the kop definitely
  5. Another pathetic hijack of a positive thread. I'm actually embarrassed if share a stadium with some of these fucktards at times like these.
  6. I won champions league with Harrogate. But I was been serious, might bang my cv in
  7. Any internal management positions? Would love to work at Wednesday
  8. GHS

    Joost Van Aken

    Excited for him. Looked superb against Leeds at start of season. Believe he will flourish in the middle of a back 3 as a sweeper.
  9. GHS

    Harrison Reed

    Looked pretty average the other week. Defensive midfielder he would be ok but Reach tore him the first 20 mins until they were forced into changes.
  10. Great news. Loving that they all know they will get their chance.
  11. Anyone shed any light on Clarke? What type of midfielder is he?
  12. Hopefully see a deal made for Fred. He has been superb under Jos.
  13. Right decision for me. Pudil deserved his extension. Rest have had their time.