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  1. So looking at the star report it appears that SAG employed an expert from Manchester Met to observe the crowd after the Villa match. The Star quotes: ‘The prohibition notice comes after a report by Ben Cowcill, a crowd expert at Manchester Metropolitan University, who visited Hillsborough during Wednesday’s game with Aston Villa on April 6 – just a month after trouble flared at the Steel City derby.’ I came out onto the Lep concourse after the Villa match, just before the full time whistle was blown. There were 3 very drunk Villa fans on the Leppings lane bridge shouting at Wednesday fans. The police did nothing about them until there was a flashpoint. Surely moving them on, or even warning them about their behaviour would have been pro active. I for for one am not surprised that an expert commissioned by SAG/SYP/SCC to find if there is a problem at Leppings Lane finds there is a problem at Leppings Lane! I am pretty certain that this expert was not employed to see if there is an issue at Bramall Lane when Wednesday fans complained, Norwich fans were hospitalised, or they had twice as many arrests as SWFC. It suits SYP’s agenda to call Leppings Lane unsafe. They are still trying to dodge, and minimise, the blame for their incompetence that lead to the disaster of 1989.
  2. It beggars belief what is happening. There are limited incidents on Leppings Lane, as there are at any ground. When you look at statistics and not someone’s subjective opinion, Sheffield United has twice as many arrests at Bramall Lane as we did Hillsborough in 17/18 season. They also had away fans being assaulted and hospitalised after the game outside the away end. Since SYP lies were uncovered and they were given the blame for 1989, they have done everything they can to make it seem like the stadium was the issue. They are now saying that the concourse is unsafe, leading to people not in the know believing the ground is unsafe, thus taking the blame away from our incompetent police force and onto someone else. It is a complete joke, at every ground across the country home fans and away fans will always come across each other. If it does not happen on Leppings Lane it would happen at the tram stop. We are being treated differently to any other club in the league. However I do not see where our appeal goes, SYP will always back their decision as it suits their lies and smears agenda.
  3. What I don't get about the North Stand is that we cannot sell the whole block next to the leppings lane end. We are told that this is to do with evacuation if needed, and that at capacity it takes too long. If this were true then surely the removal of capacity would not be at one end of the stand but throughout the stand. If there was an evacuation everyone at the lep end would get out easy but the kop end not so?? To me me it seems there is one rule for swfc and different rules for others.
  4. Just PM'd you - would love the ticket. Can pick it up whenever and wherever.
  5. Hi Everyone I am after one ticket on the lower tier for my wife. There are 10 season ticket holders going and my wife is not a season ticket holder. She has been to few matched but I have always bought against my ID. I did not get lucky in the see tickets melt down this morning. My 2 lads will be pleased if their mum gets a ticket. Please PM I will gladly drive to pick up a ticket. Thanks
  6. How easy is it to move around concourses in Wembley? Reason I ask is that we have a block of 10 tickets in 127 all bought days ago by season ticket holders. I was going to book one anywhere in the lower tier today and with 10 seats (3 of which are kids) we would be able to get 11 in. Difficulty is it looks like the only ticket I'll get at 9am this morning is on the top tier, and I would think the turnstiles would lead to a different concourse. Any Wembley experts? Or any body want to swap a bottom tier ticket to the top tier?
  7. But people are blaming Taylor when it looks clear that JJ (not a full back) is at fault for the first 2.
  8. I did not go last night so cannot comment on any performance apart from what I see in the highlights. The first and second goal it appears that JJ gets in a good position at the far post then gets under the ball on both. It is OK saying that with two 6.5ft centre halfs they should not be able to head it in the box, but you do need the fullback to not let the ball drop over his head. The last Taylor gives the forward too much room hoping that the forward takes a touch that gives him a chance to get a foot in. In the event the forward takes a briliant touch and beats Taylor who is the last man. I think that Taylor is the latest in a long line of Wednesday boo boys. I hope he proves everyone wrong.
  9. Not enough turnstiles were used for the Lep terrace. 7 turnstiles to admit 10100 in 2 hours. The max a turnstile could take was 750 an hour therefore the crush outside was inevitable. Then the police made grave errors. They did not call to delay the kick off, then they opened the exit gate, then they did not block the central tunnel. From the CCTV footage and the turnstile logging system the report says that there were no more than 10100 on the terrace. If I had turned up at 2.30pm to watch Wednesday and could not get in I would have pushed and shoved witht he rest of them. If they opened an exit gate I would have run through it and to the nearest entrance to the terrace. People could have been drunk, some might not have had tickets. However this was normal behaviour of the football fan, and the police should have been able to deal with it.
  10. In the 80's I used to sit in the old South stand just to the right of the directors box. Before a game an old fella started to take poorly but he would not leave his seat. It was decided that he needed a stiff drink. Howard Wilkinson came running up the old uncovered seating jumped the gap between the uncovered and south stand with a bottle of scotch and glass in his hand! I wondered for years how this message had got to Howard, then recently I was telling this story to someone who knows of Howard and I was told his dad use to sit in that area of the ground!
  11. Always thought that the far end of the old sports hall could be used for a pre-match drink venue. This was the area used as the ticket office when the club shop/ticket office was being refurbed after the flood. Leeds Utd use a big permanent marque type building and it is absolutely rammed pre-match. It would not cost a fortune to set up either, as it does not have to be too posh.
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