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  1. I have read through the entire document now. That was an hour I wont get back! A few points for me: 1. Charge 2 that was dismissed is regarding that the management of Sheffield Wednesday did try to mislead the management of the EFL that the heads of terms had already been signed. This charge was thrown out given that there is written correspondence that demonstrates that the management of the EFL must have known it was not in place, and therefore also must have known that the heads of terms were pre-dated when signed. 2. The EFL say that our non submission o
  2. Not sure why Katrien Miere left but as CEO you would have expected her to be all over this. We know the EFL only want to apply a points deduction when it relegates a team. Some say we are lucky that it has not been applied in 19/20. For me the bigger question is why did it take from August 2018 to November 2019 to get round to looking at our accounts and finding the problem? Is it just that they were being a bit slow? Or was it that they realised that a points deduction in the correct year (18/19) would have no effect?
  3. That is correct. They dismissed it saying that the EFL had done no thorough investigation on the charges but charged anyway!
  4. We did not win charge 2, they dropped all charges, when it became apparent there was no case to answer. It appears that it is correct that we made a mess of the date of the transaction of the ground sale. What does get to me though is that it appears that they have waited a long time to begin proceedings. It would appear that they were waiting for a season when a 12 point deduction would relegate us, and have made mess of it because the independent panel objected to this approach.
  5. But I think we should both have had a deduction in 1819, if we were found to be guilty.
  6. The EFL want to impose the sanctions, but they want to impose the sanctions when it has the biggest detrimental effect on the club in question. Surely the EFL would want the clubs within the league and under their guidance to be as successful as possible???? One way or another they have managed to damage, or indeed destroy, Bury, Bolton, Macclesfield and Wigan. If the premier league acted in this way then it would be back page news and there would be an outcry. Anything below the premier league nobody is really bothered, especially for little clubs like Macclesfield.
  7. I have just read through the documents on the EFL website, and for me their is a startling admittance of a desire for them to relegate us contained within it. It says: Clearly they are not charging Derby this season because the maximum 12 point deduction would not relegate them. Does this then read they did not charge us in the 1819 season as it would not relegate us. I think it clearly does. It would seem that the EFL do not want to adhere to their own rules when it does not relegate the club charged. It says the club should be charged and penalties imposed in the sub
  8. Surely we would need to know if they are going to deduct points this season before we vote. Under this system anymore than 9 and we would be down. it would be so Wednesday to vote end it and the next day the EFL dock us 10 points!
  9. I think you replied to the person I quoted!!!!! my bit was underneath saying that the crush outside was inevitable!
  10. The more ludicrous thing about that day was that 10,200 tickets had to enter through just 7 of the Leppings Lane turnstiles. When tested the assumed rate at which those turnstiles could operate was 750 per hour. The turnstiles opened 2 hours before kick off, so if everyone had started to queue from 1pm in an orderly fashion then everyone would have got in. Unfortunately very few football fans turn up 2 hours before kick off. The 10200 standing tickets were never going to get in. The HSE report is available for all to see and can be found with an easy google. I do think that since t
  11. Yesterday we should have won, we were 1 up with 10 minutes to play. We made a couple of errors. For the first Iorfa gets beaten at the back post, and it loops over Westwood who is too near to the front post. For the second Borner miss kicked a clearance. Problem with yesterday for some was that the errors did not come from the usual whipping boys who could have been blamed.
  12. One of the reasons used to implement this restriction is that there was trouble at the Sheffield derby in March. Not sure how chief Superintendent Morley can say about the policing operation: “Tonight saw the city come together to cheer on their teams and overall the behaviour from fans was positive and there was an exciting atmosphere for everybody to enjoy". Surely if that was his view on the 4th March, what has happened since to change the perception? Or does it suit SYP to change this opinion to form a different narrative, which supports whatever difficulties they are forcing o
  13. So looking at the star report it appears that SAG employed an expert from Manchester Met to observe the crowd after the Villa match. The Star quotes: ‘The prohibition notice comes after a report by Ben Cowcill, a crowd expert at Manchester Metropolitan University, who visited Hillsborough during Wednesday’s game with Aston Villa on April 6 – just a month after trouble flared at the Steel City derby.’ I came out onto the Lep concourse after the Villa match, just before the full time whistle was blown. There were 3 very drunk Villa fans on the Leppings lane bridge shoutin
  14. It beggars belief what is happening. There are limited incidents on Leppings Lane, as there are at any ground. When you look at statistics and not someone’s subjective opinion, Sheffield United has twice as many arrests at Bramall Lane as we did Hillsborough in 17/18 season. They also had away fans being assaulted and hospitalised after the game outside the away end. Since SYP lies were uncovered and they were given the blame for 1989, they have done everything they can to make it seem like the stadium was the issue. They are now saying that the concourse is unsafe, leading to people not in th
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