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  1. Needs a lot of working on but any potential in this? Bored at work and thought this fit decently to 'Call me Al' - Paul Simon Chansiri said 'Oi Wednesday I've found a gem from Portugal' We said we'd never heard him Now Wednesday can't stop singing Carlos Carvalhal
  2. Pretty sure it was pre-season 2008 when Wigan beat us 3-2. Remember he scored that day as well before Amir Zakhi bagged a 90th minute winner.
  3. Think a good example of what the OP is trying to get at was Birmingham at home last season, got a couple in the first half and carried it into the second bagging another two along the way. Don't know if it actually makes a major difference though, not like the Kop is a source of great noise
  4. They have signed for the Pigs for those who were unaware
  5. Lavery, Lavery, Caolan Lavery He gets the ball and scores a goal Caolan Lavery
  6. Sorry folks, looks like we'll be dipping into the loan market again unfortunately
  7. Striker 17 games and 7 goals for Coventry, however some people are saying wednesday have had a bid accepted and others are saying united so sorry if I'm horribly wrong here
  8. Don't k now how many threads there are about this but apparently we've had a bid accepted for him Source: twitter
  9. I'll pay whatever you want for it pal, was gonna go for my birthday but only had 480 priority points, pretty desperate for one tbh
  10. That header he scored at Villa in UEFA Cup was brilliant forward play
  11. Jacques Maghoma baby Jacques Maghoma ohhhhhh Tune don't you want me baby Like that one Oldham have for Jose Baxter
  12. Take a picture of game maybe? Just anything to have an idea of if its a decent view
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