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  1. I'm hoping transfers, man management and style of play. If he didn't have glaring weaknesses he would be managing a much better team.
  2. Moore's subs since coming here have been atrocious and always turned the tide against us. So I'm going to say DM. I went on the Donny forum when we appointed him and the consensus was his substitutions and tactics were his weaknesses.
  3. We sure as hell haven't season so I doubt that will change.
  4. I didn't blame Wildsmith till I saw it back. I'm not sure he's sufficient for HMS ******** the league L1 edition.
  5. Green & Kachunga found their level then.
  6. Im sorry, but if those 10 clubs decided to band together and undertake legal action against the EFL I absolutely guarantee said organisation wouldn't have a leg to stand on. Im willing to bet hardly any of the EFL's rules or petty judgments can be legally enforced.
  7. This is when football was still football. I'd rather watch that team in league 2 than our current bunch of pansies in the championship.
  8. Sorry that's nonsense. We matched Watford. The ref gave them everything and their goal came from Lees panicking because of an OFFSIDE player.
  9. So his attitude is as poor as his football.
  10. Not long. He's tactically illiterate. We know that from Donny fans and his first few games. It's all going to come down to recruitment.
  11. Club is rotten from the top down. However, Monk was a horrendous appointment I was against at the time. Alan Irvine but with better players.
  12. Genuine 9/10 performance for Rhodes would be 10 if he put it in the open net.
  13. 3 stupid subs leading to their goal. I know our problems don't stem from Moore but he's certainly tactically illiterate.
  14. Getting picked for Scotland is like winning the biggest ******** award... In Asia.
  15. I haven't seen anyone slagging him off. He is however a completely pointless non-entity. The problems at our club have little to do with coaching staff.
  16. We are a basket case and a free hit. Our fate is all but mathematically sealed. He's also dumb as a bag of rocks allegedly so that would explain it.
  17. Very best case scenario is 21 points from them games.
  18. Hillsborough is only worth the land it's on. The stadium will always be insolvent due to age, condition and running costs. Some of my best memories at Hillsborough but it's a huge hindrance to the club now.
  19. If the EFL attacks clubs during the pandemic because of difficulties arising from said pandemic expect mass succession from the league at best and riots at worst and rightfully so.
  20. Get Pelupessy off he's our 5th best midfielder never been a footballer.
  21. Luongo, Harris and Windass walk into that team. Thompson has lost his mind.
  22. Good. Why the hell should he let our basket case of a club rob him of a career?
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