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  1. I'd rather watch 6 hours of ******** and ball torture. Still, it's a great excuse for all the arty-farty tv types to backslap each other, and it gives the scousers more gratification.
  2. Steady, 7/10 performer that cost peanuts. We haven't replaced him sadly.
  3. Rather stay at home nice and warm. Our club couldn't organise a ******** up in a brewery. I predict queues of over an hour, we already don't have enough turn style operators.
  4. Terrible attitude. Basically through the door then.
  5. Was a serviceable player, but a exceptional air traffic controller.
  6. So are we saying football clubs should be mini authoritarian states? Or perhaps cults like Scientology? I missed the memo where we can see and predict covid 19. Wimbledon need to shut up and realise they are one of the smallest and most insignificant of about a million London football clubs. Absolute bedwetters.
  7. Lots of points here but they're all not particularly relevant. I have a responsibility to my family, but not children in Africa. It's impossible to make billions of people all responsible for each other especially those they haven't met. The entire setup is based on money. If you generate wealth then you likely see more than someone who doesn't. Doctors and nurses don't generate wealth. Saying those treating Messi or his parents conceiving him should be worth more because how far back do you go with that argument? The Ford Escort is worth more than the focus because one led to the other.... It simply doesn't work. We know footballers are overpaid but we do not decide, not directly. Society isn't to blame and you can have any failed political or economic system it the world but it wouldn't make society any more moral or just.
  8. People that argue nurses, soldiers etc pay isn't fair because x athlete gets x amount of money are always thick as pig muck, just like those who compare male and female sport. It's not the same. Why must everything always be considered the same? You have a value to your employer. Add in a global media market and fanbase zeros appear on that value.
  9. Going to be a disaster. It's not private companies job the foot the bill and consequences for whatever random garbage the government wants to spew out.
  10. He's was absolutely throw. Unless his game changes completely or he's the next Jamie Vardy he will have no future in league football.
  11. Told a scrap broke out. one of them was a bit soft and got sparked clean out. Nobody who's genuinely "hard" fights at football games.
  12. I know Chansiri is a complete incompetent nutter but credit to him, He hasn't put one of his lawyers in place as a puppet chairman. Pigs are finished.
  13. The most entertaining part of the England game was watching the Mets finest run away from some drunken blokes.
  14. Jos, Irvine and perhaps even some of Meggo's games. But yes it Turgid.
  15. All young and healthy athletes. Their risk of death from Covid related complications are a tiny fraction above 0. I have had both vaccines and have no reservations about the jabs but these are professional sports people. Every medical action upon their body could end their careers. Let people have personal choice. We are a nation founded on choice.
  16. When I was a kid I snuck the first resident evil game for the PS1. You go round the corner at the start and there's Steve Cooper munching on some poor soul.
  17. It's time to dust of the Semedo song. One last time.
  18. Play high press with fast wide players. Smash it long and wide when it gets near our box. Promotion guaranteed.
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