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  1. Just a poo JJ and not half the player Berahino was.
  2. Yes. Clearly, my post was a statement of fact hence Charizard
  3. Christmas like every other ******** year since Charizard took over.
  4. Yeah because this isn't going to be abused by shithouse teams like Wycombe at all.
  5. Absolutely gutted about this. As usual, the club has completely failed to effectively advertise an event. Would be 10-15 k there if they had bothered.
  6. Playing 3 at the back whilst choosing which 3 using a lottery-based system each game is the dumbest thing a football manager can do.
  7. Dunkley is a donkey. But if anything it's a stonewall penalty.
  8. Dunkley is a bomb scare. That's Wycome scoring at least 2 goals.
  9. It's just part of it now. Goes hand it hand with the acne-ridden boys wearing £300 Child Pr0n company jackets. Full rate Saville enthusiasts.
  10. Can't hit a cows are with a shovel. He's a stereotypical tricky wide player that turns into JJ in front of goal
  11. So it's ok to dislike them, just don't share that opinion on a football forum I think that big egg of yours has took in too much UV over the years.
  12. Frannie Jeffers scored one or 2 goals. Was still a terrible footbaler.
  13. Heaven forbid a copper does owt but nick drivers or cover-up noncery.
  14. Brook. Both past it. The fights 7 years too late.
  15. I never said he helped. Im not defending him. But its unlikely hes bankrupting himself to spite the fans. Incompetence and maliciousness are aren't the same. Hence the lack of fan action. Also are fanbase is probably softer than Yeovil's.
  16. It's hard to be mad at DC. He's put his money where is mouth is but proved to be completely moronic with zero football knowledge or business acumen. He isn't the enemy but he has been both a help and a hindrance.
  17. Really harsh criticism. Put himself around a lot. He ain't a number 9 but he brings plenty else to the table.
  18. Top pisshead is old Cecil, bloke lived in players on West ST when he was at the club.
  19. The government locked everyone up and now we are somewhat free the 10 Stella's before 12 kickoff crew overdid their trip out. I'm neither surprised nor particularly bothered. It's happening up and down the EFL. They will be banned, rightly so, job done.
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