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  1. The commentary was an absolute joke. Neither of them knew what was going off.
  2. SYP are a embarrassment. The worst police force in the country by a mile.
  3. They are a town full of paedo's though.
  4. These things move in circles and the pig's current position is built on sand. Not that ours is on particularly sound foundations.
  5. I'm permanently banned from Twitter won't let me watch.
  6. Keep Fletcher, Winall, Joao get what we can for the rest.
  7. Came 3rd and looks great. A agree with Swansea as 1st the simplicity just works. Not sure about forest. I never gave it much thought but the pig's logo is awful. It's like looking at something on ms paint when the backlight on your monitor is on the way out.
  8. Morally not legally. How many players have a mandatory testimonial in their contract?
  9. You do realise its done different and better in all of those sports?
  10. VAR is BS. It's like all those impotent old men got in a room and said shall we hire decent referees? No, lets give our incompetent ones the ability to stop the game for 5 mins and ask a competent one that isn't actually present to decide. Only in football.
  11. The odds were always stacked, these billionaire London clubs are used to preferential treatment.
  12. Chelsea are a cancer on English football. I hope Hutch 2 foots their bent ruski chairman in the face.
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