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  1. Nope and my comment has little to do with Wednesday, ruined the high street, made every brand he touched turn into chavvy trash. Doesn't pay proper wages so employs an army of 15yr olds. Staff not allowed to go to the toilet and giving birth at work. Nobody was against Hitler blowing his brains out. Why is this gluttonous monster any different.
  2. Busts another players shin and crocks himself in a pre season "friendly" it may be a controversial view but I absolutely love him. Footballs a game for softlads these days.
  3. He's the biggest conker on Twitter and that's quite an achievement.
  4. IF Bruce leaves and we can't get Houghton id rather avoid a merry go round manager looking for another packet and go for Bullen. He's got all his qualifications, has worked under plenty of managers and knows the club. This tactic has worked for Barnsley in the past. Promote from within. If it doesn't work then there's likely 3 worse teams than us.
  5. I'd much rather everything on here be about Wednesday.
  6. We aren't all about to die of plauge or march head on into German bullets. They're comparatively good times.
  7. Are people really leaving owlstalk over the cover of a book by a former Breitbart writer? It's true what they say, good times create weak men.
  8. I wanted Bruce to stay but now I just hope Chansiri finds a new guy and the Newcastle deal falls though. No other employer outside of football would tolerate this nonsense.
  9. Because it's not right for a PL club particularly one in such a precarious position as Newcastle to just swan in and take the wee wee and the same goes for Bruce. That fat simpleton ashly needs to pay the price for something for once in his life.
  10. The only way I could see that happening is if the embargo is more serious and we can't tie these 3 players down due to rules.
  11. Not even selling. Giving away for free. Silly dingles.
  12. Like almost all institutions in our country now the FA is "progressive" This is a disciplinary procedure. FF will be able able to appeal but further to that he can bring in a lawyer. It's always best to be on the offensive even if your in the wrong. FF needs to take a scorched earth approach do some real damage and appeal, sue and tie up the FA in court for as long as humanly possible. Employment law defaults on the side of the individual. After all the FA can't sack him and the FA needs to be put on the defensive.
  13. A token gesture at best. They have no grounds to sue and even if they somehow felt they did the target is completely wrong.
  14. I have admired Scowen since his dingle days. Would be affordable surely?
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