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  1. That's a very odd reply. She lived very locally and I'm sure at least a few posters on owlstalk will have encountered her behaviour either first or second hand. You seem to be under the impression she is blindly hated. I couldn't care less about her she isn't my liability but you can't discount what people know factually because you don't agree with the take.
  2. I know plenty about Vardys missus. Lived round the corner until she was forcefully removed dirty, nasty piece of work.
  3. He was fine. Reach was the worst player on the pitch I don't know how you can think Joey played any worse.
  4. They're not wrong, however, that criticism coming from them is just comical!
  5. The EFL need to throw themselves under the supertram before Alzheimer’s takes hold of their frail, moronic brains. They aren't needed, they aren’t wanted, and its no coincidence football has gone down the bottom since all of these groups formed to run things.
  6. Still living off his first season, not seen much promise since.
  7. The QR code idea and tickets on phones is completely unworkable using the current setup. Our scanners won't scan off phone screens. Tried, tested, failed and sent to the ticket office.
  8. Monk has told hutch to be aggressive? That's me sticking 20 on a broken opposition leg in the Fulham game.
  9. If it's Monk I'm done. Achieved nothing. "Alleged" fraudulent conduct by 3 former clubs. Just what we need, more cancer.
  10. Refuse them access to the ground. The sale has already been approved so what are they going to do about it really. The EFL have treated us like mugs for years. It's time to fire back.
  11. We are a poisonous club with a fanbase thats always 1 loss from rioting. No money to spend and a chairman that few would work for.
  12. Its absolutely appalling. Regardless of how you view him as manager it is completely undeniable that he is doing his best and always has done for our club. Without him its highly likely we could have started the season with an obscure foreign 3rd division coach or one of the academy coaches in charge.
  13. Any manager with promotion from the championship. What on earth are the calls for Rowett based on? He stopped Brum getting relegated. Well Done, bravo not even remotely qualified for us unless we are bottom 3 by Christmas.
  14. Needs a good kicking. And to think FF has a bad reputation.
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