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  1. folger

    Almen Abdi is BACK

    Abdi, a bigger insurance job than gatecrasher.
  2. folger

    Best boss?

    Statistically and in terms of building a team Megson, Id say the most tactically astute Stuart Gray and the most likable probably laws.
  3. The powers that be really hate us not even pretending not to at this point.
  4. Would have been great to re create the Heffernan fiasco and stick a big middle finger up at the club but it's not to be.
  5. folger

    Forestieri off to Leeds

    I have gotten to the point now where it's hard to really care.
  6. I wouldn't even be that surprised or upset at this point.
  7. folger

    Give Pelupessy a break

    I think the job he does is always going to mark him for more criticism. when the alternative is Jones id either stick with him or give youth a chance.
  8. Im not sure this would work in the championship.
  9. folger

    Last good transfer window

    The window where megson built our promotion team was exiting it was the last time we signed players to fit a style and build a team.
  10. Bought I follow yesterday and put the app on the droid box its a very bright good looking app. The whole commentary setup is very poor audio started 5 minutes from kick off and the game seemed to pass the commentators by somehwhat. With rs I got a much better feel for the momentum of the game and who was or wasn't performing. Half time came and it was quite frankly appalling no discussion or summary of the first half and no reviewing scores in other games just simply a throw recorded message over and over till the second half. Took me out of the mood entirely very very poor.
  11. We need to increase turnover and decrease costs elsewhere the only way I can think to do this is a new stadium.
  12. folger

    Fighting in the stands

    We're likely to see lots of it this season. When we're performing its all hunky dory when not chaos ensues.
  13. Absolute testicles. I believe Jos will get the best from the squad Pele whatever isn't the best but still twice the player Jones is.