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  1. When something people have gotten used to having in their lives becomes unaffordable a way is always found to make such things acessable. It’s only the same as all the cheap Chinese cigarettes flooding social media.
  2. How Loovens and Wallace can get in our team escapes me.
  3. Hope he goes to them and I hope he does well for them.
  4. Great more nanny state or even football club interfering. Same as the rule where you can't bring a can into the stadium as it could be used as a weapon. So can someones fists shall we all remove our hands before entering? Hopefully if the terrorists do strike they fly the planes directly in to the hospitality boxes as there all fkin empty!.
  5. Dispatches

    We certainly don't have a racism problem and haven't for as long as other clubs.Its gone, Its died out, its dead. And one chav or old man after a couple of beers doesn't mean we have a "problem" Hes banned thats the best action the club could take. Enforce the ban hard for a few years then ignore him its impossible to keep him out just like that Leeds fan has showed. In a couple of years he can slip in unnoticed. Hes chanted some not very nice things. No one died but he needs to learn bloody fast the world has changed.
  6. Message from Jose Semedo

    Its almost tragic he would walk into our current squad.
  7. Reach’s Dad - Twitter

    His dad has a far better insight into whats going on behind the scenes than we do I find it hard to think any of his posts are untruthful.
  8. SWFC vs Barnsley 12:30 kick off

    Because the ranks of South Yorkshire's finest are populated with Oafs.
  9. Yeah just checked and realized. Collect mine Friday AM.
  10. Its times like this I wish I was morbidly obese so I could actually buy one of the sizes in stock.
  11. If not Carlos Carvalhal, Who?

    It would depend on what level of backing they are given.
  12. Penalties

    The refs are bent but they always have been good teams get promoted despite them.
  13. Stuart Gray sacked

    Gray should have been retained in an advisory capacity he’s a footballing man with a footballing brain and an incredible eye for a player.
  14. Bin all the wingers including FF and start again for that position. We cannot cross or beat a man as a team. We are the slowest team in the league.
  15. The Ultimate Forestieri Stat Thread

    Players like him need flogging so we can construct a more balanced team infact I think all the wingers should be replaced.