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  1. I think it will be the worst considering the gap between when we last played them and the manner of our promotion. As long as families don’t get caught up in it I don’t really care but inevitably they always do.
  2. Increased capacity

    Should read 39,000, SAG what a bunch of free loading bell ends!
  3. Maybe we should be putting all of this anger into identifying and giving the rightful abuse to this company that has supplied Mercedes? just a thought.
  4. You only have to watch that mini documentary with the pigs to see what he's talking about.
  5. Good can't be tempted to play the lazy mardy arse.
  6. He plays bobbar football with good players there's no defending it its whats kept us down.
  7. Desperate for players in a certain position so we sign some then don't play them when were short in that area. Absolute comedy management.
  8. Why can nobody do a proper job of running this club?
  9. FFP - brilliant strategy

    Spend 30 million plus on over rated players we don't play suitably for then winge we can't afford to fill the positions we actually needed. Then that turns out to be a lie. Absolute genius got to hand it to the club.

    If winall goes out on loan heads should roll over our transfer activities.
  11. Ryan Kent

    Saw him play several times last season and the missus is a dingle. Hes talented far from the finished product and wildly inconsistent they wanted him in the team then out then in again. They're far more chuffed signing that fella we had on loan from Southampton tells me all I need to know. If hes on loan to the dev squad then fine.
  12. Darren Potter's one thousand attempts to beat the first man with a corner. Maybe Leon Clarke buggering his foot on an advertising board. Anything involving Francis Jeffers, Darren Purse or Slothroyd.
  13. Abdi

    Shoulder injury? You don't need shoulders to play outfield in a football match what A load of nonsense.
  14. I never thought id say this but I agree.
  15. Loans or nowt

    Our best run of results over the past few seasons have come with squads full of quality loan players. All I want to know is why haven't we been signing them all along.