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  1. A thick person on twitter having a go at a thick football player who's stupid enough to respond.
  2. How is the EFL still a thing? Next season they're going to be sued even more. I hope they go under I really, really do.
  3. I don't doubt he's a good guy. I just don't think he should be running a football club.
  4. I can't believe he didn't make a good career at this level. We have players in our starting lineup now that are significantly poorer than him.
  5. What's the point? I can tell you now it will be half way through the season they become available.
  6. You honestly think he will be replaced with better? simple fools. Dave is literally the least of our problems.
  7. When Spring scored for Charlton in Gray and Potters debuts "think 4-1" the whole stadium clapped.
  8. Just playing him puts you 1-0 down before a ball is kicked.
  9. Needs to be a very strong personality and it's also a rebuild job. The last manager that actually built us a squad was Megson. Someone respected with good contacts that's been in the game a long time.
  10. He's a good 3rd choice striker and I doubt doubt he would be excellent of the worst was to happen and we go down.
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