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  1. Absolutely gutted about this. As usual, the club has completely failed to effectively advertise an event. Would be 10-15 k there if they had bothered.
  2. Playing 3 at the back whilst choosing which 3 using a lottery-based system each game is the dumbest thing a football manager can do.
  3. Dunkley is a donkey. But if anything it's a stonewall penalty.
  4. Dunkley is a bomb scare. That's Wycome scoring at least 2 goals.
  5. It's just part of it now. Goes hand it hand with the acne-ridden boys wearing £300 Child Pr0n company jackets. Full rate Saville enthusiasts.
  6. Can't hit a cows are with a shovel. He's a stereotypical tricky wide player that turns into JJ in front of goal
  7. So it's ok to dislike them, just don't share that opinion on a football forum I think that big egg of yours has took in too much UV over the years.
  8. Frannie Jeffers scored one or 2 goals. Was still a terrible footbaler.
  9. Heaven forbid a copper does owt but nick drivers or cover-up noncery.
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