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  1. I have admired Scowen since his dingle days. Would be affordable surely?
  2. Happy with 9th all things considered. Bruce from the start and we would have been challenging Norwich and the pigs.
  3. Just goes to show we are the class act of the city. They are the dregs, pretenders and impostors.
  4. Would love to keep Westwood he's still the best in the league. BUT I'll tell you what, I trust Bruce more than any other manager we've had to replace him if needs be.
  5. Why don't we just spunk 50m on players then take the 9 points?
  6. Giles Coke looked like a world beater when he signed. Darren Potter was like a budget Gerrard on loan and we all know what happened with him. Stevie May was a waste chased the ball like a schoolboy. Darren Purse had a stormer for Cardiff when we beat them but to this day he's the worst defensive player I have seen in a Wednesday shirt.
  7. The commentary was an absolute joke. Neither of them knew what was going off.
  8. SYP are a embarrassment. The worst police force in the country by a mile.
  9. They are a town full of paedo's though.
  10. These things move in circles and the pig's current position is built on sand. Not that ours is on particularly sound foundations.
  11. I'm permanently banned from Twitter won't let me watch.
  12. Keep Fletcher, Winall, Joao get what we can for the rest.
  13. Came 3rd and looks great. A agree with Swansea as 1st the simplicity just works. Not sure about forest. I never gave it much thought but the pig's logo is awful. It's like looking at something on ms paint when the backlight on your monitor is on the way out.
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