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  1. Very best case scenario is 21 points from them games.
  2. Hillsborough is only worth the land it's on. The stadium will always be insolvent due to age, condition and running costs. Some of my best memories at Hillsborough but it's a huge hindrance to the club now.
  3. If the EFL attacks clubs during the pandemic because of difficulties arising from said pandemic expect mass succession from the league at best and riots at worst and rightfully so.
  4. Get Pelupessy off he's our 5th best midfielder never been a footballer.
  5. Luongo, Harris and Windass walk into that team. Thompson has lost his mind.
  6. Good. Why the hell should he let our basket case of a club rob him of a career?
  7. He shouldn't be interviewing anybody. He barely speaks English and has no knowledge of football.
  8. We are going to build a big beautiful wall around Hillsborough, and what's more Sheffield United are going go pay for the wall.
  9. Every time i went for a night out down West ST he was floating around. Absolute party animal was Cecil back in the day.
  10. Any bookies offering odds can't find anywhere?
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