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  1. TBF to Neil swarbrick

    To be fair to Neil Swarbrick Steve Bruce has a magic mouth.
  2. Hahahahaha we could appoint Gordon Ramsey and things are so far gone it would make bugger all difference.
  3. Out for the season with our medical staff.
  4. Helping his teammates with positivity. Yes he sounds like a right troublemaker
  5. BBC biased highlights.

    The BBC makes Russia Today look unbiased absolute wankstain with their SJW programming.
  6. Why is it black and white clearly isn’t that old.
  7. Jacob Butterfield

    Makes Darren Potter look like Stevie G
  8. Tinpot pre walkout music

    We have been playing that music since before the books game on thrones uses as source material was written. Yes it’s tinpot but we can hardly rely on the atmosphere for a match day experience.
  9. Gutted always looked like scoring when on the pitch for us.
  10. That’s the one I have they sent me an email saying there’s a new one haven’t seen it anywhere though.
  11. I have the Satsni app on my android box but apparently they’ve released a new alternate app.
  12. Same mate can't believe its so bloody cheap. Do you use the Sats Ni app instead of perfect player or Kodi?
  13. The dreaded 'R' word

    Not going up. Not going down. I’ve written this season off as a transitional period or something to that effect.
  14. Yes and the motorway is now ruined.90% of vehicles going at roughly the same speed way too close to each other. Can’t wait for all of the pileups, blood on the hands of highways England and the police.
  15. Shrek just confirmed on SSN both red cards wrong.