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  1. He did. That plate is still doing the rounds, on a blue Jag.
  2. Wouldn't have made much difference. Pete wasn't the problem, it was the cack in front of him.
  3. Bully has gone along with the ethos of every manager he's worked under. Can't see him being much of a hindrance, to be honest.
  4. How do we 'ship out' these players on massive contracts, who nobody will want?
  5. Far from eating me alive, the Blunts going up has had the opposite effect on me. They just don't seem relevant. Is it just me?
  6. Those stickers were impossible to get off. I went on a day trip to York years later, and there were still remnants on every lamp post.
  7. He's now been here under five (very) different managers, and none of them have even considered offloading him. You've got to go along with their judgement, I think.
  8. Question is, how did we manage to make Leeds look so good FFS.
  9. Obviously, he's at an age where the slightest injury could finish him. Not really a gamble we could afford to take. And if his name wasn't Glenn Whelan, would anyone even be considering it?
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