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  1. alfonso123

    thanks from westwood

    He was third choice keeper when Chansiri said he'd be leaving. I suspect Bruce will have other ideas.
  2. alfonso123

    Who's the second toughest

    Tony Coleman. Not just hard, but also a psychopath.
  3. Love TC, but sadly, he's thick as mince.
  4. I actually bought that horrendous goalie shirt in honour of Big Kev!
  5. Good to hear. Just the type of loyalty you'd expect from the big guy.
  6. alfonso123

    Jos Luhukay vs Carlos Carvalhal

    Carvalhal should have been fired straight after the Pigs debacle. Preferably out of a cannon.
  7. Says cut Jos some slack... Then goes on to slate his tactics, team selection, performances, and puts our recent good form down to Lady Luck and inept opposition. And if Leeds had scored some goals, the result might have been very different. Thanks Dom.
  8. Saw enough in his first game vs Pigs to know that Jos was the Man. In just three days, he turned a bunch of gutless, spineless whipping boys into a solid looking unit with some balls. Does anyone think we wouldn't have been absolutely battered if Carlos had still been in charge?
  9. alfonso123

    Sorry Nuhiu I was wrong

    Obviously just needed the right manager. Same with Joao. I think we'll see a lot more of our 'fringe players' flourish under Jos. Happy days.
  10. alfonso123

    Happy Birthday TC.

    Haha. The Wednesday Chant. Still got my copy somewhere.
  11. alfonso123

    Letter sent to the FA

    Surely though, if you were bent, and had been paid off, you'd be a bit more subtle about it. Not put in display that screams "Look at me! I'm blatantly bent, and I've taken a bung" You'd have to be as thick as mince.
  12. alfonso123

    The funny gif

    You're welcome.
  13. alfonso123

    Gary Madine

    No further action. Good story while it lasted though.
  14. On their match thread, quite a few of them were bleating that Hooper fouled Terry in the build up to Reach's scorcher. Watching it back, it's clear that Terry was pushing Hooper in the chest. Hooper being the immovable object that he is, Terry ended up on his arse. Comedy gold
  15. alfonso123

    SWFC article - More than worth a read

    Classic Tonto