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  1. Talk about re-writing history! The slippery toad had already lined up the Swansea job and had every intention of jumping ship.
  2. A young, up and coming manager still learning the ropes...our chairman...our squad of players...'Career Suicide' springs to mind
  3. Not the ones who blatantly just came here for a final pay day, but the ones with illustrious careers, who's best days were probably behind them, but who came and gave it everything, and did a proper job for us. I can hark back to Willie Henderson, Kenny Knighton, Mick Lyons, more recently Viv Anderson. Those blokes would have run through a brick wall for us, and achieved legendary status. Who else made you think, I wish we'd signed them sooner, and had them longer?
  4. Situation's fecking ridiculous. Monk looks totally isolated and cuts a solitary figure. It's obvious he needs his own coaching team as back up with this shower. I can't imagine Bullen cutting up rough with any of his old pals on the playing side. Who's to say if Bruce, or anyone else, would have done any better in Monk's situation?
  5. And we'd all be better off WATCHING a team like Brentford, but thanks to Bazza and his mates there's no danger of that, is there?
  6. Are we the only club with players out of contract this summer then?
  7. Yeah, Brian Cox was in the year below me at City school.
  8. Apart from Lyons, Ken Knighton would swat them all like flies.
  9. Monk's not doing Dawson any favours. The kid needs taking out of the line of fire, for his own good as well as ours.
  10. Don't feel like defending Monk, but the bloke never had a prayer. Dropped in on his own, amongst this bolshie shower of Shi'ite, with none of his own backroom team, and an owner/chairman who promptly disappeared. It was only ever gonna end one way.
  11. Whether or not they're refusing to turn up for Monk isn't the issue for me. They're refusing to turn up for the fans, which in my book is unforgivable. Sooner they all feck off, the better.
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