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  1. If we'd sacked Jos sooner, Bruce wouldn't have been available.
  2. Quite complimentary if owt. Have you linked the wrong article?
  3. Asda car park in Harworth this afternoon...Just got me phone out in time!
  4. He was third choice keeper when Chansiri said he'd be leaving. I suspect Bruce will have other ideas.
  5. Tony Coleman. Not just hard, but also a psychopath.
  6. I actually bought that horrendous goalie shirt in honour of Big Kev!
  7. Good to hear. Just the type of loyalty you'd expect from the big guy.
  8. Carvalhal should have been fired straight after the Pigs debacle. Preferably out of a cannon.
  9. Says cut Jos some slack... Then goes on to slate his tactics, team selection, performances, and puts our recent good form down to Lady Luck and inept opposition. And if Leeds had scored some goals, the result might have been very different. Thanks Dom.
  10. Saw enough in his first game vs Pigs to know that Jos was the Man. In just three days, he turned a bunch of gutless, spineless whipping boys into a solid looking unit with some balls. Does anyone think we wouldn't have been absolutely battered if Carlos had still been in charge?
  11. Obviously just needed the right manager. Same with Joao. I think we'll see a lot more of our 'fringe players' flourish under Jos. Happy days.
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