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  1. Letter sent to the FA

    Surely though, if you were bent, and had been paid off, you'd be a bit more subtle about it. Not put in display that screams "Look at me! I'm blatantly bent, and I've taken a bung" You'd have to be as thick as mince.
  2. The funny gif

    You're welcome.
  3. Gary Madine

    No further action. Good story while it lasted though.
  4. On their match thread, quite a few of them were bleating that Hooper fouled Terry in the build up to Reach's scorcher. Watching it back, it's clear that Terry was pushing Hooper in the chest. Hooper being the immovable object that he is, Terry ended up on his arse. Comedy gold
  5. SWFC article - More than worth a read

    Classic Tonto
  6. Swfc world record cake

    Frankly Madeira, I don't give a damn.
  7. Tony Kay still fuming

    I read an article recently, where he spoke of his burning hatred for the reporter who ended his career, and effectively his life. The sad fact is, unlike Swanny and Bronco, he isn't accepting any responsibility for his own actions back then. Seems like everyone was to blame, apart from him. The poor bloke will never find peace.
  8. Well done CC. He got more points than Benitez and Stam, and as many as Alex Neil. So why not?
  9. Never said he was poor player. Just a very uninspiring attitude in the interview is all.
  10. He did. He said he was up there amongst our top earners, which proved how much we wanted him. Also that he'd contacted Ajax to let them know he was available, and it broke his heart when he didn't hear back from them. None of it gave me a warm glow inside.
  11. Might have been better if he'd said AT THE TIME that he didn't want to leave, instead of the club having to announce that they weren't going to sell him. Anyway, nowt to be gained by raking over it. Onward and upward,