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  1. He's now been here under five (very) different managers, and none of them have even considered offloading him. You've got to go along with their judgement, I think.
  2. Question is, how did we manage to make Leeds look so good FFS.
  3. Obviously, he's at an age where the slightest injury could finish him. Not really a gamble we could afford to take. And if his name wasn't Glenn Whelan, would anyone even be considering it?
  4. If we'd sacked Jos sooner, Bruce wouldn't have been available.
  5. Quite complimentary if owt. Have you linked the wrong article?
  6. Asda car park in Harworth this afternoon...Just got me phone out in time!
  7. He was third choice keeper when Chansiri said he'd be leaving. I suspect Bruce will have other ideas.
  8. Tony Coleman. Not just hard, but also a psychopath.
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