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  1. We can have as many scouts as we want, refer all the players across the country, if Piaxo doesn’t benefit from the deal then the players name wouldn’t even get to the chairman. the recruitment team from junior through to senior level is horrendous at the club anyway. from the very top, to the bottom, and I mean down to the academy coaches need to go. the club is rotten to the core
  2. Dare say you wouldn’t get anywhere near him, classic keyboard warrior
  3. Dafty, name me some better who would come to us?
  4. We didn’t score against Luton, Wycombe or Rotherham fans moan & rightly so. we go away to Swansea and get a point. Fans moan. horrible people about let me tell ya
  5. Anyone who slates anyone of the players tonight for that performance needs to flush their heeeds down a toilet. nothing wrong with going to Swansea and getting a point.
  6. Your on a wind up surely with some of them ratings. thankless task for Rhodes up there on his own Paterson won his fair share of headers and didn’t do anything wrong yet you give him a 4! We’ve gone to a team who will be in the play offs after 46 games and got a point, under monk we lose that game. god I hate some of our fans. Thick!
  7. Paterson is a full back. if ya think Windass is bad as David Graham then your a div
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