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  1. Wrong attitude. rhodes spat dummy out on deadline day when DC blocked Lon move to celtic asking for high loan fee Winnall is just rubbish and will not turn up for u23 when not in contention
  2. No been training with first team. Was in contention against city to make squad
  3. Monk gives list to club DC & Amadeu look at list Amadeu says we can’t get X player but can get Y player who isn’t as good but in a similar mould, take it or leave it.... Club signs player Amadeu makes money on the transfer as Y players agent is linked to Amadeu but X player doesn’t offer anything to Amadeu this is the process. It will not change.
  4. What’s VPN? I’m on my iPad so just looking for links for game
  5. Currently overseas, any links for the game?
  6. Honesty don’t know. I’ve worked at the club under the previous owner and under the DC ownership. doyen sports got Amadeu in and that’s DC’s advisor who deals with all transfers. Until DC goes it will be like this
  7. It’s the truth. Fans need to know what’s going off
  8. No scouting team as such, just agents that suggest players to Amadeu and from there he strikes up a deal line his own pocket. Shame really. DC and his Crew are dragging the club down. looking down the chain the academy recruitment policy is ran by a dinosaur In Ryder and under him all they want is ‘Athletes’ and the coaches are paid to make them into players. all of the above is facts and first hand experience
  9. Haha, was embarrassing to be fair about 8 grown blokes popping off after 2nd goal.
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