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  1. Any info on why he’s not in the squad?
  2. This post is the reason why your fans and not involved with the club. Fletcher has been Fantastic for the team and is one of the first names on the team sheet regardless of what he earns. He offers so much more than Joao & Nuhiu. Good bloody night
  3. Dawson should have taken everything. Ball man and his family. I believe dawson did shout but the defence don’t trust him. On a another note.... Nuhiu.... when he scored pointing to his ear like he’s top man, shouldn’t be doing that and at end of game walking towards tunnel and not clapping fans... Bruce got him told. Watch what fessi and bannan did... that’s how you get fans to love you. Thanks Nuhiu... time to move on
  4. Thought Bruce set up wrong with 451 and Fessi out wide. What is clear is the backline to not listen or trust Dawson in anyway shape or form. Westwood is in the net and that 2nd goal doesn’t happen. The same thing happened in the 2nd half but with Hector, luckily they didn’t score from it. The team showed fight fight and we could have nicked it with Joaos header. All in all a good point
  5. If anyone has one available would great in either home or away end.
  6. No just an opinion. Experienced, played top flight all his career, training with Man Utd. He will end up with a better club than us that’s for sure.
  7. Worth a risk? Shift out Hooper to MLS, Nuhiu abroad https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giuseppe_Rossi
  8. Inner city lads mainly go united. Having worked within the academy I have names of players that have been suggested to the club but the club didn’t take action, now these lads are at either United, Rotherham, Leeds etc. Missed the boat now and if they want them in years to come a fee will have to be paid. The club are very slow in getting players in when identified
  9. CAT 2 academy and the main issue now is that the local head of recruitment is only working in the Sheffield area. Other clubs are sending scouts out as far as Nottingham / Huddersfield / Lincoln where as Wednesday have pulled the plug on that at the younger ages. The only older ages 14+ from outside the city will come from CAT 1 academies who have released players. Example - Devante Rodney, was a City, got let go and came to us. I know we didn’t get a fee but I’m just explaing the process. The club are taking backwards steps by narrowing the areas
  10. Haha took me a while. Just a point that we don’t play with real width a proper wingers under Jos. He has saved himself for another game. For him must win at Blackburn. I don’t see this happening tho personally
  11. Two awful teams. No quality on show and couldn’t have complained if it finished 0-0. My ratings dawson 6 - didn’t have much to do penney 4 - awful, reason why he couldn’t get a game at Mansfield thorniley - 7 steady, likes a tackle, plays with passion hector - 6 better than Saturday Lees - 6.5 progression, good header baker - 5 struggle to see what he offers attacking wise in this formation. Reach - 6 quiet pessey - 5 went missing Bannan - 5 myth matias- 5 poor in possession fletcher - 6 looked busy nuhiu - 4 rubbish fessi - 6 added more going forward joao - 5 not enough time to impress jos - 4 got lucky, times up
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