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  1. Like someone stated ... Went to Derby on Saturday and could log onto their FREE stadium WiFi .. If they can do it for nothing .. Why can't we... . ?
  2. Nick Matthews - worlds number 1 squash player
  3. I'm friends with Freddie mum on Facebook... Search Bodde Ljungberg!
  4. when i phone the ticket phone line... get the standard message about call charges and then hangs up :(
  5. trying to buy tickets for the piggy match... looks like we are having problems... site crashed..
  6. Yes I'm an owl... Just tried... Can't buy tickets yet... Must align with the ticket office.
  7. What time can I buy on line? Is it when the ticket office opens? Or midnight? Thanks
  8. Getting a stream from BBC London but its Charlton Link please?
  9. Is the Upper South (Granstand) open tomorrow ? Thanks
  10. Will we be able to buy these tickets inadvance on line? The info on the website doesn't state when the tickets are available from. Thanks
  11. Hi Chris My birthday is in July and I can promise you I've never had an invite. Did invites go out for birthdays in July? Thanks Darren
  12. Because they won't have had time to run the new name through.. MI6, FBI, CIA etc...
  13. Home tie .. Another loss making night at S6! Best not to open any stand and we will all listen to the game on the radio!
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