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  1. Bannan's shouldn't be contradicting CC. He should be holding his hands up and saying that he and his team mates haven't matched the standards they set themselves last season. Simple as that.
  2. I wish it was just open in the summer. Sack off January one and close when season starts. Whole thing is a shambles.
  3. Frightening how amazing our turn around has been under DC with CC making it happen in terms of the team. Few bad games and it's like being back in the days of Irvine etc on here with all the drama and baying for blood.
  4. So many fake offended people. Euuurgh. Some Wednesday fans.
  5. We seem to have a bit more game IQ this season and able to soak up pressure and be patient. Really impressed today.
  6. On honeymoon in USA, how do I watch on iPad? sky go doesn't work.
  7. I wish someone with a load of time on their hands would compile a report with examples of the inconsistency of the FA. Refs are one thing as it's a live situation but when they overturn decisions when watching back and not others it baffles me. Prime example above. How has that been overturned and Bannan's not?!!
  8. Guediora sat in front of back 4. That's what's missing for me.
  9. I never get the obsession with clapping or not clapping ex players. Unless they have been a really good time served player for the club, I just view ex players as another bloke on the conveyor belt who pass through the club over the years. Just let them get on with it and show them nothing unless they really, really deserve it.
  10. Can't be bothered reading all the thread as the first 7 pages seemed to be ranting. I assume someone has noticed that the prices are not the early bird ones and they are still to come? “It is a tradition of many football clubs to offer early bird season tickets but I want to offer our supporters an even better incentive before that period later this year." That's my interpretation, or am I wrong there?
  11. He was awful. Really wound me up how not arsed he was at trying to block Downing's cross for their goal.
  12. He wasn't biased, he just blew his whistle at everything. Didn't allow the game to flow.
  13. Only on a one year deal isn't he? Relax.
  14. Happy to stay under the radar in 7th for the time being.
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