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  1. Hope so, he's our 10th manager in 10 years. It's well boring changing them all the time.
  2. He's not really spreading anything. He's stating that there are issues (like others have) whilst simultaneously doing some PR for himself. Also, how's he deflecting the $hitshow he was in charge of? As much as DC is having a 'mare he wasn't the one who said Reach was a striker. Monk's gone, another in a long list. I'm just glad people in the media are highlighting issues, whether it's ex managers or Sheffield star journalists. Hopefully more will and increase the pressure on DC and the absolute horror show he's been running for the last 5 years.
  3. No doubt it's all part of his latest PR frenzy to get his face back in the mix. That's what they all do nowadays. I'm not fussed if he acknowledges any other mistakes and I don't know if he does because I haven't read the full article. He's just another name in a long list of managers we've had since we dropped out of the prem. My concern is that he hints at issues at the club and for me it's just another depressing return to continued mismanagement of the club as per the last couple of decades. We all thought DC was the start of a new era and the saviour and future of the clu
  4. Agreed. I don't think the thread is meant to about discussing his managerial prowess though or lack of it as we've had hundreds of them. It's to highlight that yet another professional within our domestic game is commenting publicly that we have massive issues behind the scenes.
  5. Everyone in this thread choosing to slate Monk is boring. Regardless of how poor he did, it's yet another person in the world of football that is highlighting how bad things are behind the scenes. Club is clearly dying behind the scenes. It's depressing.
  6. Good servant but let's move on. I want Moore to sell the club to a load of hungry players who really want to battle and fight and give themselves an opportunity to get noticed. You know full well in league 1 we'll be getting picked for loads of TV games. I want a progressive forward thinking club that does things with a plan in mind and suitably moves the playing squad around and on along the way. Wishful thinking I know.
  7. The shambles from the chairman is the worst part for me. Very closely followed by the players. We hear all the time about how players just crack on with it and not let off the field stuff affect them. Whatever it is that's affecting them, it's ridiculous. Barely any fight, mistake after mistake, no desire whatsoever. How hard would it be for the senior players like Bannan, Lees, Reach and even Palmer to rally around the rest of them? Off the field is one massive problem but on the pitch it's been the most gutless team i've watched in years.
  8. I just think that there has been a clear level of complacency reached with some players. When you've got the fans breathing down your neck I think it has an impact. I'm not saying that we would be much better off but take Rotherham the other week, someone in the front row is bound to be screaming at the players to crop their man when breaking away at the end. That shout or few shouts might have been the difference in not conceding and gaining a point. Repeat that theory across the whole of the last calendar year and who knows. To clarify though, I think
  9. If fans were in stadiums we would be fine in my opinion. Our voices would raise the level of performance. Unfortunately, they are weaker without us there.
  10. Are we really going to start questioning Moore when this is the 4th manager this season who has tried to get a tune out this spineless, sorry bunch of a squad we have?
  11. I had a fiver on Joao to score against us the other week. Softens the blow if I get a few quid when they inevitably come in.
  12. Did the same cautious approach the season before in the final when he played Hutchinson instead of Lopez. White shorts though in that final, that's what truly made us lose. WHITE SHORTS.
  13. I always used to pick them when I did a Spanish league on fifa because they had blue and white stripes!
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