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  1. Crazy stat from Dom Howson this morning on Rhodes. Had 6 touches of the ball in his 50 odd minutes on the pitch. No wonder he can't score.
  2. Odubajo for me. Positive every time he got on the ball.
  3. He's usually a fairly reliable journo on twitter
  4. Just a general comment on the Wednesday managerial situation. We've had 15 in 20 years now. I just want someone to be given some time to build something. We're stuck in this cycle of managers clearing out other managers signings and constantly treading water. It's boring.
  5. “He decided to go for something more strategic in terms of formations. Being hard to beat, giving the ball more to the opposition and playing more counter-attacking football. “It did work, but, in my opinion, that’s a way of playing where you will succeed in a short space of time, but you will become a surviving team in the Premier League. You need to have a clear identity, like we had before, to be able to establish yourself.” I find that an interesting comment. Leicester won the league by playing a lot of counter attacking football and it continues to serve them well to
  6. Adrenaline gets going just watching that! C'mon Wednesday!!
  7. Maybe we're not the only club that's not great at selling players. Butland valued at £30m by Stoke last year apparently and might be going Palace for £500k
  8. Sounds like a copy and paste EFL statement to me. All the games from every club will be getting rinsed on IPTV whilst fans aren't allowed in grounds.
  9. Yep, me nan had it. Soul destroying watching it happen.
  10. He's a $hithouse, get him in and Wildsmith loaned out.
  11. I'm sure that was the picture on his Pro-Set card. Remember them?
  12. I'd just like any Wednesday manager to be given some time and give us some identity back and a team to be proud of. It's been crap for years apart from CC's first season.
  13. I hope it implodes. Premier league has been slowly ruining football in this country for years and mugging the fans off.
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