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  1. Reckon loads of games will start dropping off now and we'll have a forced Xmas break.
  2. I get it, football is about opinions, we're all entitled to one etc. But feck me, after 20 years of the manager merry go round, are people not bored of calling for managers heads after really short periods of time? It's like groundhog day. 11 games in and we're well placed. Football has been pretty naff but getting rid now is very hasty in my opinion.
  3. It's just another example of rich people doing what they want as they live in a different universe to the rest of us; with no regard as to how it impacts regular people and the communities they live in.
  4. Nope. They'll be too many injuries. Also, league 1 is better than people give it credit for and we've got a culture of failure. Moore has a reyt job on his hands.
  5. Absolutely need a new keeper. JW and CD have proven over the last couple of seasons that they just aren't up to scratch yet.
  6. The Bad. Anyone who genuinely thinks Good is an option needs to lay of the spice.
  7. Oreyt pal, Adedoyin. I can't not say that every time I read his name, read it on either here or twitter. Genius!
  8. Made his decisions about retained list so that's good to know. Even if we don't know yet, at least he's made his mind up.
  9. Fans stuck in the 90's, chairman stuck in 2016. Great
  10. Christ, I can see it starting already. Moore hasn't won the first 5 games straight and fans calling for his head because it's league 1 and therefore we're "too big for this league". Meanwhile in the boardroom......
  11. The EFL is a shambles. Why is the governing body of 3 of the top 4 leagues in our country so out of touch with the clubs and what is going on?! The fact that season after season we are seeing disputes going to court between clubs and the EFL is ridiculous. Yet the only thing the EFL can think to do is to dish out points deductions and skew the competition even more than it already is against the backdrop of parachute payments.
  12. Until DC monumentally changes his approach I can't see that we're going to be without money troubles. So for me, may as well keep BB if we can and have a good player whilst our money troubles are still there. If DC sells up or completely changes his approach and vision for the club then I could see some merit in freeing up wages and bringing on the future.
  13. He has a weird Steve McClaren vibe. It's never sat well with me if i'm honest.
  14. It will be players and situations like this that will be the true test as to whether DC has learnt or not. The easy thing to do is think, he'll smash them in, get promoted and we're sorted. To me, if he's learnt, he should be thinking - I paid £500k for him. Sell him for £2m pocket the profit, look for the next £500k player. That in a nutshell is what we have repeatedly failed to do for years (Reach, Forestieri etc) and part of the reason why we're in the current mess.
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