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  1. I like the bike. Reminds me of the bedsit I had on Crookesmoor Rd when I was a student....
  2. I managed to get the programme from my first-ever Wednesday game at Hillsborough; Owls vs Chelsea, 2-2, Sat 6th April 1968. Cost me £2.75 from an online dealer (can't remember which), original price 9d. Value to me, priceless. Teams on that great day: Owls: Peter Springett, Wilf Smith, Don Megson, Gerry Young, Vic Mobley, Peter Eustace, Brian Usher, Jim McCalliog, John Ritchie, (Jack Whitham), David Ford. Sub. Brian Woodall. Actually, I think Johnny Fantham played in place of Jack Whitham. Scorers were Ritchie & Fantham. Chelsea: Peter Bonetti, Ron Harris, Eddie McCreadie, John Hollins, David Webb, Marvin Hinton, Charlie Cooke, Tommy Baldwin, Peter Osgood, Alan Birchenall, Bobby Tambling. Two good sides, with bundles of character.
  3. Cricket arrived at this point a while back, what with all the corruption scandals, and various 'alternatives' are discussed on and off; the IPL (corrupt), subcontinental bookmakers, even Pakistan's Test cricketers this summer (at least 2 corrupt) tell an identical story. What it takes to make a stand is courage, singularly lacking in cricket, and lamentably absent within the FA. Who might take up the challenge? I can guarantee there'd be support, and a split in either cricket or football would be no bad thing, especially given the vuvuzela-ridden borefest fiasco of South Africa. Hey Rob, an idea just came to me! Shall we meet at the Wig & Pen one evening just to talk a couple of possibilities through....?!
  4. The BBC's timing was spot on. I'm sad that the bid team was made to look dumb, but we're well off out of it, and you can hear more journalist's knives being sharpened as we speak. Blatter (bent) has coerced his cronies (bent) into voting for Russia (bent), and for Qatar (bent and worse). Time for an Alternative World Cup.
  5. An awareness of how profoundly dodgy FIFA is, and as such if anyone in the FA had an ounce of sense then they would have known that a) we never stood a chance, and b) we shouldn't be dealing with FIFA in the first place. Don't blame the BBC.
  6. I think it might transpire that it's FIFA that's the joke.... All in good time.
  7. This. I was listening to Brian Moore & Gabby Logan on 5Live at the William Hill Sports Book of the Year Awards and was struck by BM's outright condemnation of the FA for even considering a bid; his passion for his anti-FIFA stance was utterly convincing. We shouldn't be colluding. So, as well as a fans' buyout of the Owls, anyone fancy setting up a new world football governing body? I might have some time on my hands....
  8. ...or should that read "been persuaded"?
  9. If the next WC is as interesting as the last one, I'd rather watch us lose at Carlisle in the JPT. It was a fix long before the BBC issue, and let's hope it's a turning point for the corruption within FIFA. Open season for investigative journalists and Mr. WikiLeaks bloke. Russia & FIFA: a marriage made in, umm.... UTO!
  10. I don't know what the fuss is about. I've always enjoyed the rough-and-tumble of non-league football.
  11. That's a goal every 0.000004 of a minute, which is one every 0.00024 of a second. I think.
  12. I'd like to think quite a lot of nice things about our club... However, perhaps we might offer to pay their travel expenses?
  13. And we're averaging 2.5 points per game, meaning a total next May of 115. Woo hoo!
  14. He did a plumbing job for my Owls mate Charlie, in Harpenden a month or two back. I believe the conversation went something like... "Not THE Andy Lineghan?" " 'Fraid so." "The one who played in the Cup Final against Wednesday?" "Yup. The same. Follow football, do you?" "Yup." "Who d'you support, then?" etc etc. I'd like to think we can get over such things.....
  15. You might feel better but you're going to have to live with it, but I know an excellent therapist, specialises in Sheffield-based PTSD. BTW... Did you know that Andy Lineghan is now a plumber in St. Albans? I
  16. I'm currently working on contract at James Cook University Hospital, and my wife works there full time. I've made enquiries about Sid's condition but as I'm not family, I haven't been able to get info direct from the hospital, so thanks for the updates above. If we decide to get anything for Sid or for his wife (Jane?), I'll be able to have it delivered, or take it there myself. I believe that ITU does not allow flowers, but if there's anything that I can usefully do on site, pm me and I'll do what I can. Good luck Sid!
  17. No chance mate. Health & Safety. The club won't take responsibility for anyone dying of malnutrition due to lack of pies. Far too risky.
  18. Just think of all those new personalised number plates that would suddenly become so desirable...
  19. Today's Yorkshire Post, by Ian Appleyard: http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/sport/Fearn-looking-for-fans-to.6498390.jp
  20. Yes, and a quick glance and not bother. I like real books. The internet thing will never catch on.
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