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  1. I was upset about Hirsty turning 25....I turned 40 on Boxing Day at the Newcastle game 2 years ago. I'd never actually met him in the flesh and we booked for a load of us to have lunch before at the ground. Mr H was there and kindly presented me with a bottle of port (it was wrapped, he couldnt get to it!) and was funny and humble somehow...He said give us a kiss, so I did. And yes that moment made my christmas. A charming man at 42 who understood that he was loved.....

    I had the great good fortune to spend a day with Hirsty & Phil King on the Wednesdayite C2C Bike Ride a couple of summers ago. There was no stopping Hirsty with the donations bucket - Leyburn Market Place had never seen the like!

  2. Incredible ambassador for the club, great club captain and genuine great guy. Sad to see him leave.

    Good luck in the future, Darren.

    This. And, as a good mate of Gareth Thomas, he had the courage to go public in The Guardian about the levels of homophobia in football. That takes courage, big time, and he'll always have my respect for what he's done for Sheffield Wednesday both on and off the field.

    For those who haven't seen it : http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2010/sep/25/darren-purse-openly-gay-footballers

    The booing was absolutely shameful. Dreadful treatment.

    Good luck and thanks Darren, and I hope Millwall treats you better than a number Wednesday fans did.

  3. Darren Purse is far away from being the 'worst' Sheffield Wednesday defender ever; he hasn't even been the worst defender for us this season (I'll let Spurr and Beevers fight that award out). However, I'm sure he is the first to admit, that he doesn't do 'average' games, he is either solid as a rock, or drops a proper clanger (Lee Bullen anyone... but he didn't get this much stick I here you say). Most fans seemingly won't forgive him for his start of his Wednesday career, despite the fact that when he got himself sorted, he was our best player from about November onwards in our last season in the Championship, and he started this season pretty well too. Wednesday fans seem to be a stubborn lot, once the mind is made up about a player, most are loathed to change. For example I even remember some saying 'good riddance' when we sold Chris Brunt, many seemingly unable to alter their judgement of the player as they had made their mind up he was a lazy so and so who was better off out of our team, despite the fact he was one of the only true talents we had had in years, who looks destined to play for one of the top teams in the country soon. I'm not comparing Brunt and Purse's abilility, just illustrating the point that a lot of our fans will never forgive a player, no matter how good, once their mind is made up on them.

    Expectation has been Purse's biggest problem, and as someone said we all thought he was going to come in and solve our defensive problems overnight. Many felt let down I am sure after the start he had, and rightly so, he was abysmal at first. However, Purse had the stones to stick at it, and he did turn the corner and look a rock for us, until of late when the errors are starting to creep back in (like his first few months here). However, I find it sickening to see a player with the commitment of Purse be given the abuse he has. Lets not forget, Purse has never once complained about having to play most of this season injured (the rib injury that was so visible), or complained about the fans constantly abusing him for every little error. He has always given 100%, and while this isn't enough to qualify you for a place in the team (yes - I do believe Purse should be dropped if he stays), it is enough to exempt you from the abuse he has had.

    The move to Milwall would probably suit us well all round. Purse would get to move back home, play for his boyhood club, and get to play a role in the development of young players at Milwall no doubt on a long-term basis. We would free up some more wages in a position we are currently over-subscribed in. It just saddens me when I see things like 'worst defender ever' when he clearly isn't. OK he may not have lived up to your expectations of what he was going to be, but he is far, far away from being worthy of such words. I think Purse knows he probably has to get out now though, and a final point was in the second half last week, when Purse made that sliding interception (crucial to prevent the attacker behind touching the ball in), and for a moment it looked as if it was going to trickle over the line. Well, some of the abuse he got from around where I sit was staggering; he had just saved a certain goal, but because it was Purse, the fact he had nearly put it in his own net in the process (despite their being no other direction he could go in) was enough for the abuse to start up again. If a player hasn't given 100% etc then I can stomach it a bit, but when a player is clearly giving his all every week, I find it saddening the levels of abuse they can get at the games. If he does leave, he leaves with my best wishes and thanks for his efforts here.

    Rant over, I'll let you all continue with the 'Darren Purse is the worst defender ever to play for SWFC, and is worse than Ashley Westwood/Dean Smith/Craig Armstrong/John Beswetherwick/Ian Hendon' posts.

    Well said. And in addition, he's been an excellent ambassador for the club, a good club captain, and has handled himself with enormous dignity. He may not be the best defender in the world, but he's thoughtful, honest, and intelligent.

  4. I know it doesn't answer your question but I would prefer a Rugby Union style of timekeeping by the ref and his officials, would effectively wipe out most timewasting offences - it wouldn't matter how long the keeper decided to take a goal kick as the ref would just say "time off"

    Also allowing the end of a sequence of play once time is up as in Rugby would be a good idea IMO


  5. Holding their annual mega draw thingy on Saturday, top prize of £18000. Is anyone else in the same boat as me though - been a member for nearly three years now and not won a sausage. No £500 wins, no £10 wins, not even tickets to matches against Walsall... Just a reminder to the Foundation staff like, I am here. Ta x

    Nor me.

    I would be grateful for a sausage.

  6. Not my cup of tea

    not even getting to do jacobs ladder or whatever it was... the one event up there i wouldve enjoyed...

    and having my testicles crushed by harnesses as people stand on crates... really not something im interested in

    Nor me, but it paid well, I'm sorry to say.

    Gave it up in '05 and I've barely been outside since, other than freezing my nuts off at football matches.

    Which is arguably a better thing to do with them than crush them in a harness.

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