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  1. You know what they say about talking to yourself...!
  2. I had the great good fortune to spend a day with Hirsty & Phil King on the Wednesdayite C2C Bike Ride a couple of summers ago. There was no stopping Hirsty with the donations bucket - Leyburn Market Place had never seen the like!
  3. A fantastic read. Spine tingling. Takes me back to an absolutely awful time in my life, when Wednesday was the only silver lining in a very dark cloud. Some silver lining!
  4. "There's more brains in a pork pie," said Geoffrey Boycott of Essex cricketer Darren Gough
  5. This. And, as a good mate of Gareth Thomas, he had the courage to go public in The Guardian about the levels of homophobia in football. That takes courage, big time, and he'll always have my respect for what he's done for Sheffield Wednesday both on and off the field. For those who haven't seen it : http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2010/sep/25/darren-purse-openly-gay-footballers The booing was absolutely shameful. Dreadful treatment. Good luck and thanks Darren, and I hope Millwall treats you better than a number Wednesday fans did.
  6. Well said. And in addition, he's been an excellent ambassador for the club, a good club captain, and has handled himself with enormous dignity. He may not be the best defender in the world, but he's thoughtful, honest, and intelligent.
  7. Nor me. I would be grateful for a sausage.
  8. Nor me, but it paid well, I'm sorry to say. Gave it up in '05 and I've barely been outside since, other than freezing my nuts off at football matches. Which is arguably a better thing to do with them than crush them in a harness.
  9. I hate the place too. Cold, windy and wet. I used to run team building events there.
  10. ... and it left the club in a state of flux.
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