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  1. Why do I feel optimistic? No idea. Maybe because the wheels are coming off the Blades efforts, maybe because we'll get some new ideas from DJ on how to score, maybe because we'll be in the play-offs barring a nightmare, maybe because we can still get automatic promotion. Bunching up a bit behind us though. Important game on Tuesday.
  2. Never watch it. Waste of good sleeping time.
  3. **** my old boot. That was one hell of a way to go. MASSIVE respect. The Megson Derby.
  4. The oracle has spoken, and I share his opinion. In terms of kicking up a fuss, however, where will that lead us? From his press statements yesterday it's clear that building value in the club at all costs is his motive, and the human/social costs are secondary. Sometimes actions necessary to achieve this will please supporters, sometimes not. SWFC's medium-term future is entirely predicated upon this. MM is 73, and he's had plenty of stuffing knocked out of him in recent times; he looked well knackered yesterday. He wants an extremely quick dividend on his investment, so he expects promotion this season, and next. Expect to see DJ gone before next season starts unless we get automatic promotion, and a ruthless drive for increased value. Whether or not he's a "football man" is entirely irrelevant. Hang on to your hats, boys.
  5. Appalling. Absolutely appalling. Very sad for Megson.
  6. Not exactly a wind-up, but I passed a Utd fan on Vere St after the game looking mighty bleak. "That's the worst Wednesday side I've seen in years," he said... I was tempted to answer, but didn't need to. Made me smile even more.
  7. Megson: "Gary, if you don't start putting yourself about a bit, I'll have to send you to Barnsley." Madine: "Noooooooooooooo!!! Pleeeeeeeeease nooooooooooo!! Just give me 15 minutes against the pigs, please boss, just 15 minutes....."
  8. The Wednesday Blues... I woke up this morning, turned on 5Live, and got instant PTSD. Distractedly, I wandered around Leyburn market buying veg and forgot to get any apples. I was followed in the thin cold Dales air by ghosts. Sheard, Grierson, Carson, Allen, the whole of Club 9 Sports. So many, in fact, I couldn't get near Carrick's fish stall. Leyburn Market Place became The Land of the Living Dead. Till I got home, made a coffee, and ate a chocolate bun, fearing my return to Owlstalk. And then, MASSIVE relief! Who cares about apples, fish or Geoff Sheard? Who cares about Rangers bleedin' Football Club? Who cares that we lost at home to Steve-er-nidge? Yippee! The much-feared WTID collection bucket can stay in the shed! MASSIVE win coming on Saturday, and even MASSIVER win on derby day!!! Have faith in M & M!!!
  9. Vs Palace, 09-10, though I'd prefer to forget it. 37,121 apparently. Moving swiftly on....
  10. Following on, after 30 games last season we had 37 points and were 16th.
  11. Not quite answering the question, but similar; yesterday I was thinking about defence - what's better: Simek Bullen Wood Spurr or Buxton Jones Batth Reda For me, it's a shame we can't have Simek, Bullen, Wood, Reda
  12. So Mick McCarthy's been sacked. If you were GM and were offered the job at Wolves, would you take it?
  13. Better still if it meant the whole of SYP on a reciprocal deal heading off to Manchester for the day.
  14. I really liked Danny Wilson as a player; as a manager I thought he was pretty hopeless; his "fancy dans" comment was pathetic. Equally pathetic, however, was Wednesday's treatment of Di Canio, and most pathetic of all was Alcock. I've often wondered what Danny Wilson's true feelings are about Wednesday. Perhaps, on derby day, 33,000 Wednesyites singing "There's Only One Danny Wilson" and meaning it, might go some way towards unmixing his undoubtedly mixed feelings.
  15. Maybe it's not such a bad thing. He might have regained some energy and equilibrium by 26th. Re the Guardian piece above by the ever-excellent David Conn; I thought it was a scandal on the day of the acquittal that HMRC had pursued this, but it becomes ever more scandalous as the days pass. Clearly Ken MacDonald (and probably the judge too) thought the whole thing was a waste of time and money, and that the outcome was never in doubt. It's outrageous that HR & MM and their families should have been put through this. The stress of it is just about unimaginable, even if you know you're not guilty. And yet I don't for a minute suppose anyone in HMRC will be held to account for it. The best thing would be a MASSIVE positive vibe, a good game, no trouble, and a MASSIVE win. The derby needs to be one MASSIVE celebration! UTO!
  16. Anyone see how little segregation there was between Boro & Sunderland fans on the telly last night? About 10 seats in the same stand, with a row of stewards down each side of the gap. Perfectly peaceful. Didn't stop some Mackems ripping a couple of trains to bits on the way home, though. Fortunate they won, I suppose...
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