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  1. surely this is the best quote:

    It was quite clear the moment Alan walked in the door that we are dealing with the ultimate professional who leaves no stone unturned and nothing to chance. We go through absolutely everything and if it goes wrong in matches, we cannot blame the manager, we can only blame ourselves. We do have a lot to take in but it switches you on and gets you 100 per cent ready for the game.

    The inference being that this is a significant change from the previous regime: and so when we say that during BL's time the squad over-performed, maybe we're wrong and it's the other way about.

    Maybe BL was not "the ultimate professional", and who did leave stones unturned, and left things to chance.

    Maybe we still can see him as Wednesday's best manager for years, but under the unforgiving glare of "ultimate professionalism", the paintwork of the last three years begins to look decidedly cosmetic.

    You can't dismiss the opinions of as senior a pro as Michael Gray, and it's what he doesn't say that's deafening.

    I'll be there on Saturday alright.

    Nice one, Micky.


  2. I think eventually we will all realise we have a proper manager, not one that used to run his own pr company, says the right things on TV, but behind close doors may be not as clued up as we all thought.

    Just what I thought.


    The Good Lord help Burnley if true, but it's all in the past now, and I'm beginning to feel mighty relieved BL's gone.

    The future's bright, the future's Blue & White!

    Off to watch the FL Show...


  3. I bet Alex Ferguson is pooing himself now knowing that Russ wilcox is plotting his demise for the up and coming burnley/man u game.

    The departure of RW from Hillsborough might be one of the best things about this business. It's hearsay from ex-players on my part, but it just might be that he wasn't universally liked, as it were....

    Conversely, on their WW interview from the Middlewood Rd tent, I thought Rob Kelly and Billy Barr came across pretty well.

  4. It's currently nowhere near good enough, IMHO. The old one was much better, which is something I wouldn't say about the rest of the good work being done.


    If 13,169 people have managed to buy one, HOW MANY, LIKE ME, FRIGGING WELL CAN'T????

    Yours faithfully,

    Mr. Very Angry Owl.

    PS Sort out the billing address testicles above, whilst you're at it, Ms/Mr Onlineticketperson, pretty please.

  5. Can this get any more infuriating?????

    Can anyone out there tell me what to do once I'm logged in to the online ticket page on the OS, I've been welcomed, and I'm clicking like fury on the tix I want to buy?

    Because absolutely nothing happens!!!


  6. A Brilliant Idea! Well done Sir Devonshire Owl. I feel ashamed I didn't think of it the moment DA left. This is what SWFC is all about. I was 9 when I first went to Hillsborough, I'm 52 now and I remember it like it was yesterday.

    Can someone help me to understand how my donation will get to this specific initiative, and not just to the Smile tix, if I use W'ite PayPal?

    Old and a bit thick, u c.

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