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  1. A bit too dry for the dampness of the morning's intellectual capacity, perhaps... Keep reeling, hugeowl....
  2. Only a couple of days ago (before the Barnsley game) I predicted automatic promotion with 88 points. Game on! Come on you blue & white wizards!!!!
  3. OS has odds of 20-1 for Owls to win 0-2. A frenzied little tempter, that one! UTO!
  4. Just what I thought. Scary. The Good Lord help Burnley if true, but it's all in the past now, and I'm beginning to feel mighty relieved BL's gone. The future's bright, the future's Blue & White! Off to watch the FL Show...
  5. I've never "attended a turnstile" in my life.... A couple weddings, maybe, funerals and the like; even the Small Claims Court once, but a turnstile, no, I can't say I ever attended one of those... But it's sure to be an excellent Sporting Event anyway.
  6. I've said it elsewhere on Owlstalk, but the departure of Russ Willcox is a Good Thing. It might help to make training fun rather than brutal.
  7. A close escape for us! AI or NW? No contest.
  8. I understand it's good therapy for anyone suffering from TUOS, and who is a little bit hyper as well. Totally Unfounded Optimism Syndrome is bad for you, Alan, and I hope you, Billy and Rob get well soon.
  9. The departure of RW from Hillsborough might be one of the best things about this business. It's hearsay from ex-players on my part, but it just might be that he wasn't universally liked, as it were.... Conversely, on their WW interview from the Middlewood Rd tent, I thought Rob Kelly and Billy Barr came across pretty well.
  10. If we win all our remaining games we'll finish on 88 points... Two fat ladies say Wednesday get promoted!
  11. Nor am I. I feel less bothered about relegation this time round (Leicester are a good example of a club making the best of it). So no black balloons from me. I'm pretty confident we'll turn the season round, though, and black balloons won't be an issue.Great post Kivo, and I'm with you.On the topic of BL's sacking, I think he did so much for the club under the old regime that hasn't been acknowledged well enough. Laws was the sh*tfilter between "them" and "us". I reckon he'd had enough, burned out, and couldn't keep up with LS. He was the right man at the time, but eventually started short-circuiting. He was never a great tactician, nor a great transfer dealer, but he was a fantastic container for all the crap that was flying around at the end of the last regime, something he undertook with dignity. He's one of the best we've had in recent times, for that reason alone. And, by the way, until this season, he took a team over massive over-achievers to within an ace of the play-offs, and did the double over United.But it was time for him to go, and let LS put together his own team.Stick with it Lee, you've done wonders: thanks Brian for your dignity and diplomacy, and good luck Alan. It might be that you just don't need it, though!Most of all, UTO, whatever division we're in.
  12. Fantastic. Wish I was 20 again.Good luck to him and come home safe.UTO!
  13. Which bit of "I'm clicking like fury on the button" is it that you don't understand?
  14. It's currently nowhere near good enough, IMHO. The old one was much better, which is something I wouldn't say about the rest of the good work being done. NO WONDER S/T SALES NUMBERS AREN'T GOOD ENOUGH. If 13,169 people have managed to buy one, HOW MANY, LIKE ME, FRIGGING WELL CAN'T???? Yours faithfully, Mr. Very Angry Owl. PS Sort out the billing address testicles above, whilst you're at it, Ms/Mr Onlineticketperson, pretty please.
  15. Can this get any more infuriating????? Can anyone out there tell me what to do once I'm logged in to the online ticket page on the OS, I've been welcomed, and I'm clicking like fury on the tix I want to buy? Because absolutely nothing happens!!! I HATE WASTING MY TIME FRIGGING ABOUT ON CRAP ONLINE TICKETING WEBSITES!!!!
  16. Congratulations Wakefield! I'll have one as soon as it's on the shelves. Is the Owls Megastore going to stock it?
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