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  1. Pigs draw both, 2 points = 90pts, +41 GD. We lose to Brentford (87pts, GD +30), then beat Wycombe 12-0 and go up on a goal difference of +1. 12-0. Sounds familiar. Did you see what I did there?
  2. Nasty, brutish, and short also describes a number of footballers....
  3. Same age, same season! 1st December 1956: beat Villa at home, 2-1; old Div. 1, 17th with 16 points (2 for a win in the olden days...).
  4. 1968: I was 11, and went with two 11-year old mates, no dads present! Walked to Hillsborough and back from Dore. Life changing!
  5. "Isn't", not "ain't". Should do better.
  6. I woke up 3am this morning in a sweat after dreaming about a midfield that contained Kenny Lunt. True, that. Think I'd rather be beaten 11-1 by Udders.
  7. I'll have some of whatever's in your tea, mate! After Chezzie losing, I was heading off down the other track, getting all geared up for a Wembley trip... I said somewhere on OT earlier in the season how good a play-off final against Utd would be, but as the season draws to an end, the less and less I fancy the stress! Automatic will do nicely, ta; not bothered about winning the league (would be nice, tho'), and if it was 2 Sheffield clubs first and second, so much the better.
  8. DJ doesn't strike me as a Running-Through-Greno-Woods type, mainly because I doubt he knows where Greno Woods are, and it's unlikely any of the players will care to enlighten him... "Greno Woods, boss? Just across the bridge and through that gate. Used to be loads of trees, but the council cut 'em down because of health and safety..."
  9. Thanks for the summary WW, nicely put. In the absence of any Tuesday night football at Hillsborough last week, I spent £20 on a ticket to the Stadium of Light to watch Sunderland - Everton in the FA Cup. Crowd: 43,000 (7,000 from Everton = 36,000 Mackems) Atmosphere: Absolutely cracking. Deafening. Quality of football: Everton excellent, Sunderland, no better than Sheffield Wednesday. I'd have Madine over Bendtner any day. O'Neill's substitutions were witless. Stadium: New, but ace. The Roker Roar Remains. Hillsborough on a couple of steroids, maybe. Their PG Tips is cheaper, mind... What's the relevance of this? Well, it got me thinking that as an aim, we should be able to match much of what Sunderland have achieved; stadium, history, fans, community links. The question of whether "we're as big as..." is interesting but irrelevant, but I thought as I left, with MM in charge, a decent manager, and a few more goals.... I'm really encouraged by the FF, particularly the relationship that exists between Chairman and Manager. It might or might not happen for us this season; 60-40 in our favour, maybe. But in my opinion, next season's looking very good indeed, whichever division we're in. It's pretty good being a Wednesdayite right now!
  10. That's that sorted, then. Best get off on me summer hols.... Never thought Preston had much of a chance mind, but it's surprising the turnaround in just 7 games...
  11. Well rescued, James. 48k-50k?! I thought I was getting on a bit, but this bloke's clearly in a parallel universe. No waffling there mate, and a great accent!
  12. Thanks Trev, much appreciated. There's a lot of goodwill and true support for the forces on Owlstalk, and that makes me proud.
  13. If I don't get tickets to see him, will there be a bream-back at Hillsborough?
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