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  1. He deserves a paid position anyway. Jeez, posting before breakfast. This will have to stop. Put t'kettle on, luv...
  2. Nice one. A true stroke of genius by LS. Hard to quantify the benefits to club, city, but most of all to kids in hospital.
  3. My thoughts exactly. Sorry to be environmentally improper, but get it printed and even at £2 (see above) on a matchday/Owls Megastore I'd buy it. A great start, and courageous too: what I love about fanzines is quirkiness, and peripheral stuff as well as current match and player focus: stories, personal experiences, history. Literate (?!) Owls fans probably age from 6-99 years old, so across the board impressions, stories and articles would be great too. What about a funky name, err, Blue Moon or something similar...? Nice one, and thanks! UTO!
  4. I've never criticised DP: there was something else clearly wrong, because his track record suggested he was good enough for what BL recruited him for. Possibly the Richard Wood affair unsettled the whole squad, and that was going on long before DP's arrival. It was an unenviable situation that he arrived into, particularly as BL's man-management was clearly failing. The captaincy was a poisoned chalice as long as Wood was still around, no matter how professional he might have tried to be. The steady pace of his turnaround and improvement demonstrates this, and it's great credit to DP for his perseverance, and to AI, RK, & BB for being the catalysts. And to LS for ensuring that BL left at just the right time (or a bit late). I like Darren Purse as a bloke (what little I know, anyway), as a player, and I really hope he continues to improve to become another Lee Bullen. Well done Darren, for seeing the boo-boys off. Keep it up. UTO!
  5. That's a lot of players who might feel the need to pull their fingers right out and work extra hard for the next 16 games, then.
  6. Thanks chez! He's got a brain and a half, has Alan. And maybe, as he's been heard to say before, the team are genuinely pretty bright lads, something he can work with. The turnaround has been so surprising, you can only think that they were gagging for someone to recognise the way that they would be best managed. Perhaps they'd got sick of BL's bollockings, and (as BL said) they were too 'nice' to respond well to that kind of treatment. It's been said before on here that BL comes from the Brian Clough stable. Marmite, in other words. Irvine's cleverer than that. Credit to him and to them. UTO!
  7. He's good entertainment, but I'm glad he's not our manager.
  8. A putting green compared with Bloomfield Rd which looks like my allotment.
  9. Good post. Football Heaven: amazing. Just heard it all on iPlayer. He lost it there, did Seth. People have ended up in court for slagging folks off, if my memory serves me.... Sounds like a bunch of miserable old blokes in't boozer wi' nowt better to winge abaht... The most sensible bits were the traffic reports.
  10. Top bloke. Out of the Lee Bullen/Steve Watson stable. Hope he stays fit forever. RIP Liam Riley, Wednesday Legend. Very happy to have won for Liam's dad and family last night. Up The Owls
  11. There was just too much sheepshit in the Yorkshire dales for my liking....
  12. The style is identical to many a club press release, but that's not to say it isn't genuine. Far more likely someone from PR asked JP what are the key points he wants to get across (or even suggested them to him, and he agreed) in this instance, and then went straight back to his/her own keyboard. The only thing I infer is that communication links might not be quite so close as suggested by media reports. I am blue and white through and through, but not from holding my breath. So 3 points tomorrow, please, and a re-structured debt as soon as you have the time, folks, but don't rush yourselves.... UTO!
  13. Me too. I was obviously had, hook, line & sinker. Spam is made of reject pork. How about Sound of Silence for goal music.
  14. ...and 3rd dec was my birthday... now that's spooksville, baby!
  15. :laugh: :laugh: I'll be so miserable once we get some investment....
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