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  1. I hope Wednesday got paid by the BBC for his time... I was split between thinking, bloody hell does he care about a 5-0 thrashing at all, or is he just mouthing platitudes because he doesn't want to humiliate himself any further in public? His comment about his legs having gone was worrying too. Not something I'd expect him to admit to on the radio. I wasn't left feeling reassured on the 'mental strength' front.
  2. Love it. Me, I'm just tangled up in blue....
  3. Ben's got a sound bloke for a dad... I've always been a pay-on-the-day or match-by-match fan as I work on most Saturdays, but I might just buy a season ticket this month in any case. After all, it is my club.... UTO! WTID!
  4. Most of the players won't be a part of it next season, whatever division we're in. "I'm learning all the time," said AI at the weekend. I bet he is. Obviously it would be better to stay up, but relegation might be what is sadly to happen, and we're in a decent enough place to cope with it. It may just be that we get to watch some winning football, too.
  5. Nail on head. I was at the Forward Together meeting last Thursday, and it confirmed to me (if any confirmation was needed) that the club (if not the team) is in a far far better place than at any time in the last x years. 18 months ago the only place the fans and the chairman would have met was in a courtroom. I'd rather have a proper, decent, community-orientated club and be in a lower division than be part of one full of miserable, bitter, angry, money-grubbing shysters and be playing in the over-blown balloon that is currently the Premiership.
  6. Popped me cork a bit this afternoon. Never mind, and I appreciate your reasonableness (?) and the offer.... I guess all I'm saying is, whether you're right or wrong, we've got no choice but to back the current team, chairman, set-up, because if we don't we're sunk (but only in a footballing sense - the club's in decent shape at this stage, if it can be separated from the team). We can all be wise after the event, and that's the joy of forums like this, but at the end of the day, they're the only Sheffield Wednesday team on the park. No choice!
  7. How on earth do you really know that? Weird magic talk, if you ask me....
  8. Did you see that nature programme about penguins where they all jostle about on the edge of an ice floe, and then shove the unlucky one into the water, to see if there's any killer whales about? After you Claude! No, really, after you Cecil....
  9. I'm with you here Lee, unfashionable (here and there on the unfailingly psychopathological Owlstalk though it might be), 100%. I seem to have popped my little cork about this on other threads this afternoon, but I'm getting a bit bored of doom mongers and nay sayers now. I might have to go onto 606 instead. Come on people, we've got a tiny, thread-bare, knackered, injured, mentally-frail (in parts), old (in parts), too young (in parts) squad, who are our ticket out of this season's footballing hole. Slag them off and we guarantee failure. Back them and we'll survive. Simple. We've got a great club, a big chance, World Cup approval, and we're a million miles away from the misery of a year or so ago. Wingeing and moaning never solved anything. WTID!
  10. It won't help, Sam. It won't make them play any better. Getting behind them just might though.
  11. WHERE'S THE MONEY GOING TO COME FROM FFS?? HOW MANY TIMES DO WE NEED TO BE TOLD?? THERE IS NO MORE flippingMONEY!!!! GROW UP. MOVE ON. FOR CHRISSAKES. Cheesus! Yes, it's been poor these last two games, but how much longer do we have to read comments about 'go on, then, you first, then if you do, I will'. Jeez it's like a overgrown game of playground dare. Pathetic. It's not a club chairman's job to put money in; he or she's just the chairman, that's all. It's for others to do that, and maybe they never will. Who chuffing well cares? It's still Sheffield Wednesday Football Club, even if we're in the Unibond flippingLeague. I'm not going to go and watch anyone else, or buy a season ticket at Chesterfield of Barnsley. Even if we lose the next 14 games I won't stop being a Wednesday fan. Christ it makes my blood boil, the crap that gets talked on here about whose fault it is. IRRELEVANT. MOVE ON. How about a bit of positivity behind a thread-bare, knackered, injured, over-achieving squad who might just be the only route we've got to dig us out of this season's hole? And BTW Plato was a Greek philosopher, not a piece of recently-visited topography. FFS
  12. Feed me! Feed me now! I won't move until you feed me! Come on, get real.
  13. Are their parachute payments seen as assets? If so, and particularly if Portsmouth are still in admin come August, their creditors will be surely knocking their doors down to get them.
  14. ^^^^^ Transcending the temporal sphere Limitless, boundless, all-embracing "Out here in the perimeter there are no stars Out here we is stoned Immaculate...." Yes, he's alive, and living in a bedsit on Moorgate Ave., just off Crookesmoor Rd. Saw him in the rainy twilight, heading home...
  15. Empathy! Empathy! They've all got it emapthy! Admin is not a option. For those who don't get it, it's like having your house repossessed, and then being asked to pay twice as much to rent it back as you were paying for your mortgage. And the bailiffs have taken your car, TV, hi-fi, dart-board, favourite blue-and-white teddy-bear, and your SWFC duvet cover. Geddit??? FFS.
  16. Relegation is but a drop in the vast ocean of footballing time. We will be far out in the cosmos, a soccer star-child, a universal truth... Wednesday sublime, above and beyond the kinaesthetic barrier... Just like we've always been.
  17. I gotta say that handing over the asylum to the lunatics did cross my mind as a poor move, but, hey, how have we been run for years anyway? what the hell, the momentum is building! My cheque book is waiting... Cmon You Blue And White Finance Wizards!
  18. Sunshine on a Rainy Day... Given current times, I like the metaphor!
  19. In early December, I thought, "We are going down." At the end of January, I thought, "We are staying up." Last weekend, I thought, "We are going down." Then I remembered the first game of the season, when we chucked a 2 goal lead at home to Barnsley, when I remember thinking something along the lines of, "This season are prombles in my eyes. We are going down, in spite of all the hype." Now I'm thinking I'm tired of watching players who don't have backbone, for whatever reason. I take my hat off to Darren Purse, who's done his best, and JOC, average players, but fighters both. Maybe I just need to go back to how I felt in December and be thankful we're rid of BL, and look forward to watching a different group of players, in whatever division we end up, playing like they want to wear the shirt, and who believe they have a decent future at Hillsborough. When AI took the job, we were a basket case. Briefly, we weren't. Now we are once more, so nothing's changed IMO. Roll on a fresh start, and no headbutts. Relegation is a drop in the ocean of footballing time. UTO, bigger than all of them added together. Now can I have my pride back, please.
  20. I'm in. In fact, why don't we get 20,000 fans to all give £1000 each (or 10,000 to give £2000 etc etc) and call ourselves long sort-after investors? I'd be up for that too.
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