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  1. I just did it, and... We are safe!! On 49 points, with Palace above us, Watford below, and Scunny, Plymouth, and Peterborough down. BTW I fancy at least a draw for us at Middlesbrough. UTO!
  2. There's been many a comment on here about players playing out of position, our Tommy being the latest. This is my team selection of players playing where they really should play: GK Francis Jeffers RB Leon Clarke CH Marcus Tudgay CH Etienne Esajas LB Jermaine Johnson RM Darren Purse CM Frank Simek CM Lewis Buxton LM Richard Hinds S Michael Gray S Tommy Spurr Reading would never have put 5 past that!
  3. "Louisa" replied to his blog thus, on the BBC site: "Not a good week then ! I hope no-one gives you too much hassle in the comments this week on here ?! We were at Reading last Saturday and agree it was awful. We stayed til the end but loads of people disappeared around us just after half time. The journey back to Lincoln was long&drawn out, miserable and very quiet ( and that's saying something considering we had our two kids plus two extra in the car as well !) Still, we plan to be at every game now until the end of the season. Work has been rearranged and parents sorted to look after the kids on the night matches and hotels booked for far away games including next week at Swansea so the support is there from us and will be until the end... and hopefully we'll be happy come May :-/ I'm actually really looking forward to Saturday and hope that there are lots of positive thoughts and support for you all. I can't stand listening to negativity during a game , it can't do you lot on the pitch much good - I had someone next to me moaning and groaning about a player and yet they didn't even know that players name - I just listened and kept quiet. There are plenty of us there who believe in and support you all !! Lets hope this week proves successful - we couldn't be at the away game in December - we were at a wedding ( someone was receiving text updates from under the tablecloth during the reception and lots of groans passed around the table ) Lets hope it's not like that this week !!! You're all much better than that now ... GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU ON SATURDAY !!" Good on ya, Lou! UTO!
  4. http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/michaelgray/201...fter_readi.html
  5. Err... I'm afraid it's another case of parallel universe syndrome, doctor.
  6. Finally! He's the man to thread that killer pass through to Franny! What odds can you get on them both being fit at the same time? Could be my lottery win coming up... Could be good, too.
  7. Because to some people, money isn't everything.
  8. POTM, our Darren! After all that slagging off, to have come good shows he's got bottle. But now then, how about this? Jeffers, Miller, Purse, Grant: this is our status-saving spine! Just you watch this space, and get yourselves down the bookies! UTO!
  9. Alan Irvine putting together his own squad. Hope it happens anyway....
  10. The problem with the FA is it's gutless and largely powerless, and no-one wants government intervention. The football business is run by the Premier League and TV money (mainly Sky). As long as this persists, and fans remain as a lower priority, the money will be there to kep the staus quo, whereby players can get huge sums and have little contact with the realities of a normal fan's day-to-day life. See Fabio's recent comments in today's press. Even he's said it, and he has to work with them....
  11. Also see http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/8546656.stm
  12. I didn't say he wasn't dodgy, I just said he made a couple of good points, which, as far as I'm aware, is a right not denied even to dodgy geezers... Is he Alan Sugar's brother? Interesting argument about points deductions being the best penalties for fiscal transgressions too. I agree but the subsequent court nightmares would mean that results and tables wouldn't be finalised for months. For me, admin = automatic 2 division drop
  13. That was a point that was good to discover last Thursday! I'd still rather pay him off, though and say a fond farewell.
  14. Some good points in that debate, but it was only just getting proper angry when it finished. Prime hate object Dan Johnson. Premier League slimeball. Second: Gordon Taylor, loudmouthed, aggressive and rude. Mr. Angry. Wouldn't trust him as far as I can spit. David Gold did OK IMO, made some very good points, especially agreeing with LS about cheating. I'm really glad LS was there and got some air time. We will not be forgotten, and as the Scouser said, "the fans are coming, and the Premier League should watch out." Romantic, and somehow very appealing.
  15. Me too.... I was just off to Party Poppers to get a stash (of balloons, that is)... Quite looking forward to it, but must now re-orient myself and stuff my angry, cynical self back in the cupboard, and be happy once more. DJ1 OUT!
  16. This from a 606 poster, quoting SLP as a source: "CRYSTAL Palace will target an “impact manager” if Neil Warnock joins Queens Park Rangers - and are ready to include a hefty bonus payment for avoiding relegation. Warnock is expected to make the move to Loftus Road and Palace’s administrator Brendan Guilfoyle will look to fill the role quickly - with Iain Dowie a contender in what would be a sensational return to Selhurst Park. Steve Coppell, Gareth Southgate and Dougie Freedman - all big favourites with Eagles fans - are also being considered. A Selhurst Park source said: “All the likely candidates will be approached. They won’t be in a job but they won’t be out of work because they’ll probably have been on the TV punditry circuit. The administrator will look for someone who has a connection with Palace. They are going to need someone who can hit the ground running. Feelers are being put out everywhere. An impact manager is what they want."
  17. The club needs the money as soon as possible, that's why. Most transfer deals are done in principal well before the end of the season: the season ends, players clear off on holiday then return to dot i's and cross t's during the summer. The sooner the club has the money, the better the financial planning will be for next season, and the more clout the club will have in the transfer market. Most of the ST money needs preferably to be in by the end of March; mid-April at the latest. Otherwise we'll be feeding off transfer market scraps during the summer. Again. Cheque books out, folks!
  18. I hope Wednesday got paid by the BBC for his time... I was split between thinking, bloody hell does he care about a 5-0 thrashing at all, or is he just mouthing platitudes because he doesn't want to humiliate himself any further in public? His comment about his legs having gone was worrying too. Not something I'd expect him to admit to on the radio. I wasn't left feeling reassured on the 'mental strength' front.
  19. Love it. Me, I'm just tangled up in blue....
  20. Ben's got a sound bloke for a dad... I've always been a pay-on-the-day or match-by-match fan as I work on most Saturdays, but I might just buy a season ticket this month in any case. After all, it is my club.... UTO! WTID!
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