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  1. I think you might be missing the point....
  2. If we succeed in staying up, can you get Alan to do this at the end of the Palace game?
  3. Yes they will, and I expect that yes, you are. UTO!
  4. In a programme I have from 1968, ticket prices are stated as being between 8/- and 12/6 (about 40p-60p), and we were getting crowds of around 22,000. I don't know what proportion of a working wage this equates to, but the 1968 "Matchday Experience" would have been a whole lot different (!), and obviously the players were earning a nano-proportion of their wages today. Football struggles to re-position itself away from its grass-roots support (something in which it will never succeed - it isn't rugby or tennis, and doesn't happen in Public Schools), whilst still being clearly the principal attraction of the lowly-paid. You're right, Kivo, it ain't fair, though £16 for Wednesday night's entertainment (I use the term loosely - perhaps "experience' would be better) seemed very decent!
  5. James, it doesn't say on the question "How did you find out about the survey" that Owlstalk was an option, so I put "Word of mouth". I wouldn't want to think that Wednesday fans' most influential mouthpiece wasn't getting a look-in, particularly given your perennial presence thereon... Am I the first to complete it? Do I get a free season ticket?
  6. Would he want a broken jaw, though? It makes me wish I knew what happened with him under BL, and what AI has done so suddenly and so differently. Credit to DP, he took so much stick for what might have been down to BL's style or competence, and now he's come back so strongly. Takes some backbone, that. He looked great last night, and picked a couple of good passes too.
  7. Unrestrained Kop-joy in the 89th minute and flashes of the atmosphere of old. You can't get better fun for the money! ...can you?! What a first half, tho.
  8. You know your priorities! Yoof of today can wait, whilst Wednesday needs you now! I'm cutting short a curry at the Kashmir on Spital Hill tonight, just to be at sodden desperate Hillsborough for another gut-wrenching evening of high (or low) drama. You're right, Wednesday fans don't need substances, just substance! See you on the Kop, keeping out of the rain, vits to hand!
  9. I begin to sound middle-aged when I talk of backbone and such stuff, and I'm tempted to go off on a "in my day..." rant about modern youth (assuming Aaron is somewhat younger than my grizzled 53 years), but the tragedy is you're right.
  10. We gravitate towards a source of pleasure and are repulsed by a source of pain. It's what keeps animals alive. But we're alone as a species in being able to think long term and bear the pain to turn it into a source of pleasure at some future stage. That means misery in the interim, and doing the one thing that is counter-intuitive: getting even more closely involved with, and committed to the source of pain: our club. No-one can say this season has been fun, but the pain's mitigated by a whole host of other stuff that's gone on in the bigger SWFC picture, and whilst there may yet be more disappointment to come in the form of relegation, it's just a part of the club's rehabilitation and recuperation. It's time for us all to get close. Wednesday needs us.
  11. lmc, You've been having a pretty rough time of it in the last couple of days! Dr. Shabby recommends a high daily dose of Vitamin D, as it's clear you've got a really bad case of Seasonally Affected Disorder, brought on by this long winter and its associated discontent. Come to think of it, Seasonally Affected Disorder sounds like something Wednesday have had for a number of years.... No more beer on the Kop, and free Vitamin D for all!
  12. Jeez. The weather forecast's poo , we're in the poo , the team's playing poo , and I feel poo . So I paid my paltry £16 and I'll do my best to change it. Come on people, get a grip.
  13. I guess there might be a spare seat somewhere on the Kop that's a long, long way from The Banned.... I'll see you there.
  14. I called the TO earlier today and was told that there would be a staffed turnstile for each stand UNTIL HALF-TIME ONLY. I'm in the same boat, got commitments till mid-evening, but I'll get a ticket anyway and if I can't make it, I'll view the £16 as a donation to a deserving charity... Do I get counted, even if I don't make it?
  15. Did you read David Conn's book "The Beautiful Game?"? I didn't care for him during his tenure at S6, and after reading the book (which has quite a lot on the Owls' misfortunes), I began to really hate him. A two-bit failed businessman. Allegedly. If we stay up this season, it'll feel like the sun's come out after a 15-year nuclear winter. If we get relegated, it'll feel like the sun's come up after a 15-year nuclear winter. Dave Richards. Dave Allen. No more Daves please. UTNewEraOwls!
  16. Wasn't it against Watford that Mark Beevers scored that ghastly own goal last season? And where the goal-that-never-was got scored? Odd things happen when Watford play. Me, I'm going for the oddest of all... 5-0: An FJ hat-trick, Mark Beevers righting the wrongs of last season, and a Leon Clarke solo effort from his own half. UTO!
  17. LS has said (most recently at the Wednesdayite "Forward Together 1 Year On" evening) that he's open to any initiatives that will bring in the cash, not just big-bucks investment. Why don't you PM him and get his own views? Me, I'm up for any fund-raising exercise. Particularly if it gets us a striker before Wednesday 7.45pm. Good luck & UTO!
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