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  1. I've been many times to Slovenia, a thoroughly worthwhile trip. I've always flown to Venice with Jet2.com from Leeds, a really good service. About 3hrs drive, easy. Car rental across the border is fine, and you can always have a day in Venice at the start/end of your trip. Ryanair is absolute tosh. TaxiMark is right about Austria-Slovenia too. I've done it by train from Vienna, and it's great.
  2. Graham Poll. Owls vs United, the one where Steve Watson scored. 92mins, Poll decided the corner flag was defective, wanted it replaced and nobody could find the spare. 5 mins later, one arrived, it got stuck in the ground, and Poll promptly blew the whistle for full time. Couldn't even afford spare corner flags in those days. Nowt to do with Wednesday, but I once saw a cat fall into a bloke's dinner off a street lamp outside a restaurant in France. Went a good 15ft.
  3. My mate Charlie lived in Dore. For his 11th birthday his dad got him, his cousin Nick and me 3 tickets for the Owls vs Chelsea, April 1968, and told us 3 11-year-olds to find our own way there and back. Charlie cocked up the bus times, and we walked the whole way from Dore, passing the 3-sided Bramall Lane on the way. Wednesday drew 2-2, and we were so mesmerised that Charlie cocked up the bus times on the way back too, so we walked the whole way back as well. Hooked from then on. Had a girlfriend in Grindleford for a while in the 1970s-80s, and went to university in Sheffield because she was at PE College at what was Lady Mabel, Wentworth Woodhouse. That and the Owls seemed like 2 very good reasons to go to Sheffield University.... Hung around Sheffield and the Peak District for many years, then went back home to North Yorkshire; never left Hillsborough, though, not deep down...
  4. Not just that, but it's Palace's first home game of the season as well.
  5. ...also the two middle letters of aRSe, which is worrying. I think the porkers may actually have a point....
  6. Have you noticed that Rob Staton & Radio Sheffield have the same initials? Very suspicious.
  7. Got mine. Brilliant, Trev. You might be interested to look at this, 'cos fame is surely on the way: http://www.mackenziethorpe.net/events/game_of_life/limited_editions_overview.htm Mackenzie Thorpe is a Middlesbrough fan through & through, and a really good artist. Originally his prints were selling for £150 or so, now worth £500+. Originals are selling for £4000+. He's got a gallery in Richmond, N. Yorks (where I live). Point is, I don't think he's a whole lot better than you!!!
  8. 6' 5", 14 stone. Fits the Owls centre half policy. Make a good lock forward too.
  9. If we hadn't been relegated against Palace, none of this would have happened. Funny old game.
  10. Appalling news. I can support the idea of foreign investors to a point, but those motivated by greed and with no idea of the history and culture of English/British football are the true football vandals. Look no further than Blackburn Rovers. Clearly there are parts of the world where football is understood better than others, and perhaps investors coming from Asia and America are the worst offenders: different culture, different business models. Perhaps European investors are a bit more savvy, knowing something of a broader history, though even that's a generalisation. But, for instance, no matter how much you might hate Roman Abramovich, he kicks every ball. I'm profoundly thankful that we ended up with MM, from a country with a decent footballing history. America doesn't seem to have tainted him too much. Equally I can only hope that when the time comes to sell, he'll be as good as his word, and he'll sell to someone who speaks the football language and knows and feels its history: of football in general, and of Sheffield Wednesday in particular.
  11. They have also included hotel visitor numbers.
  12. If you go onto their page on the Justgiving website you can donate by credit card, which is what I did, and it'll tell you how it'll appear on your next c/c bill.
  13. Heard from a small bouncing child on the Kop, Derby day, middle of the bouncing song: "Dad, can I sing it all, please Dad?" "When you're old enough, son." "When's that?" "Now, if you don't tell your mother." True, that!
  14. We should have had at least a million pelanties this season.
  15. I learned that early on; been a fan since 1967/68 and that year we escaped relegation by 2 points, but guess who went down... Yep, you got it! And for a bit of additional symmetry, that season Man City won the league from Man U by 2 points.
  16. ...something about blues and pigs, I guess...!
  17. You'll have me digging out my Blodwyn Pig albums next.
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