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  1. Position the foul was committed and where the free kick was taken from was an absolute joke - but he also didn’t see the handball. Evens it up I guess. Doesn’t distract from a superb Wednesday performance. What is really going to pee me off is the Sky pundits saying how Norwich will be aggrieved they haven’t got the 3 points
  2. Come on - to be fair to Jos, as your stats show, 2 wins in the last 6 - he was starting to turn things around.
  3. Thats just getting ridiculous now - everyone knows that pigs never wipe their arrisses
  4. If we don't win 16-0 tonight we can forget about automatic promotion
  5. I don’t get this lambasting of Fox every game. Our defence, which Fox is an integral part of, is playing well. He has done nothing wrong since we’ve had a settled back four. The problem is the 6 in front of them. And yes I am including BB in that - he has been poor all season
  6. It would appear you can record one and watch another So .... can you record two and watch another
  7. Going for just the one point then - ah forget that - didn’t see J wows name in there
  8. Sunderland sign young Spurs forward - is that the end of the Winnall deal? Beat me to it
  9. BEST, WORST... GO! ⚠️GET INVOLVED ⚠️ ✅The best deal of this window will be _______SWFC sell Atde Nuhiu to Huddersfield Town ❌The worst deal of this window will be _______Huddersfield Town sign Atde Nuhiu from SWFC
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