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  1. 5-4-1 transitioning to 4-2-3-1 - apart from swapping out a couple of the kids for experience on the bench I don't see what people are expecting
  2. Like the team sheet or not - we will win tonight - believe
  3. The earlier whisper was correct then
  4. Caicos Owl

    Fessi today

    Both done their hamstring trying to get on the first step of the bus
  5. Caicos Owl

    Am I wrong?

    As in “couldn’t give 2hoots”
  6. Caicos Owl

    Am I wrong?

    OP - you should give some consideration to your user name
  7. Caicos Owl

    New player??

    Comes from da official site innit
  8. Caicos Owl

    New player??

    Marco André Silva Lopes Matias
  9. Caicos Owl

    Bristol City Away.

    Got my ticket - in the away end for this.
  10. Caicos Owl


    Yes - one of the first questions
  11. Caicos Owl


    .... injured again!!!!
  12. Thought this was an away fixture? Or have we re-arranged in order for the young man to be "finished off"?
  13. Caicos Owl

    Bannan nominated for August GOTM

    Just cast my vote - all 30 of them
  14. Caicos Owl


    Zac Clough to Rochdale - and some were wishing we had signed him