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  1. You have obviously only seen the better games
  2. He hasn’t ousted Lees. He’s playing in the same position as he started onTuesday - on the bench. He only came on because of injury
  3. I recorded that 6- 0 win over L***s. It's still on my Sky box - I watch it after bad defeats it cheers me up a bit
  4. Feck me this is worse than Sunday league stuff
  5. Thought I’d watch Fulham game last night. Had to turn it off - I think the cameraman was pi**ed. Zooming in so close it was impossible to watch
  6. Well - the good news is we manage to get £61k for Joey at the end of this season!!!!
  7. Dont be fooled - it’s obviously been photoshopped
  8. Monk was my first choice to replace Carlos when he departed Boro, as he was when Jos was given the gooner. If he gets us playing the way he did with Swansea then I'll be more than happy.
  9. Yes - I seem to recall you mentioning this a couple of times before in this thread ......
  10. Eric Cantona behind him. And James Milner behind Eric!!
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