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  1. The German FA has rules against commercial entities being part of a club's name so RB Leipzig, are NOT called Red Bull Leipzig, they are called 'RasenBallsport Leipzig'. "In contrast with previous clubs, RB Leipzig did not bear the corporate name. The statutes of the DFB would not permit the corporate name to be included in the club name. Instead, the club adopted the unusual name "RasenBallsport", literally meaning "Lawn Ball Sports"." It wouldn't be right for us to have the word 'Red' associated with the club so what could we use as the RB instead of Red Bull? Reyt Big?
  2. Don't forget Sow, Mendez-Laing, Brown, and Johnson.
  3. Solid. As he has been most of the season.
  4. Can you not book it online and choose the seats you want?
  5. It's a poisoned chalice. The pressure would have been enormous on him. Glad he's finding his own way without our weight of expectation.
  6. Can't help but smile watching that. Lovely.
  7. I know it’s a long shot but if anyone can’t make it please let me know.
  8. That one season we got out of him was fantastic. Moped about and wasn't nearly as arsed after that first season. Even Adam Reach scores spectacular goals every now and then.
  9. This is a common thing on the continent. Not sure I'd welcome it over here and I love a pint or two on match day. Beer festivals with thousands of people attending in a single night are also common on the continent. You don't get them over here because it'd be carnage. SOME of us are a different breed unfortunately.
  10. How good would it be if SWFC bought up one of the units for a fans area/bar/new shop/or summat.
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