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  1. Also after 2..one adult ,one child but would happily take two adult..thanks
  2. After one adult one child,but would happily take two adults..
  3. I’m after 2, one adult one child, happily take 2 adult ones though ..
  4. Can comment on this..he was at Forest..a friend of mine was his landlady (she has four U18/23's) mostly players from abroad who aren't local..who rent flats and she plays mum...they eat with her family and she generally looks out for them..he was released by Forest..and for what my opinions worth I think we will release him too..opposite end of the scale to van Akan ..didn't look comfortable when in possession of the ball with poor distribution..but good at heading and tackling..very slow ..turning circle of an oil tanker
  5. Desperate for a ticket so if you hear of anyone with one I can hop foot down and be there in 25mins...have a horrible feeling we will get beaten tonight ...
  6. My local game..desperate to do my bit for the team against 42years worth of teasing by those red dog tin hats...live 7 miles from the ground ..so can meet anywhere near the ground or surrounding areas...would take a child's ticket as well as my 9yr old son has also been gifted with wednesday
  7. May be the case although when the shits been down..which it has since Dec..without hooper and foresteiri..the big man had shown his worth..would you rather a bothroyd..or a booth....a Clarke ..because I for one would know I would like in my team..
  8. Anyone doubting the big man hasn't seen owusu be sick on the pitch wtf ?
  9. Having seen some of the dross we have put out over the last 10 years 100% effort is the starting blocks..we haven't seen that and I know regardless of ability he will always give everything for the team..
  10. Not read the thread..but the big man gives 100% every game ..that's all I require
  11. Honest opinion. The score line didn't reflect the whole game..sorry I bow down greatness
  12. Have watched him closely over the last few games and I'm impressed, is very good at setting his body into position..judges the ball and player well..will only improve and is certainly an upgrade on loovens...if we are to play with a 3..with lees and him thornily pudil and van aken we are pretty much set for the next 2-3 seasons
  13. Wildsmith -7 - steady game, made some important saves Hunt 7.5 - a real threat in the last 30 mins played the wing back role well Fox 6 - some good tackles and interceptions however his distribution is poor venachio 7.5 stood his ground and defended well lees 7.5 as above Pudil 7.5 as above Hutch 6 - typical early yellow (it was) hampered his tenacity for the next 44mins.also showed that even with an injury you don't need a stretcher or pampering to carry on Bannan 7.5 showed what we have missed,smart creative expansive passing Pellepessy 6 too slow on the ball and missed kicked it 2/3 times,however made some vital interceptions second half Reach 5.5 game passed him by..ex team..various positions..without to much expectation on his shoulders..will give him this one for the past two months of hard graft Atdhe 7.5. Worked hard for the team with no help for 45 mins,scored two vital goals and always gives 100% joao 7.5 like bambi on ice and the present day paolo wanchop..but his skill speed and unpredictability make him an asset.. palmer 5.. That shot, cannot deliver quality balls..makes poor decisions Forrestieri 7.. Worked hard..tried too hard at times..good skill..excellent finish should of scored 2...certainly gives us hope Jos 8...made us hard to beat..too defensive first half..the midfield was 20 yards to deep ..who knows if the injury forced his hand but was right to make a change..7points from 9,players returning..3 points and an improved goal difference crowd nearly 27k atmosphere 5/10 need to be more positive
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