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  1. Mcgugan

    Asda... Long Eaton ..the place he was brought up..coincidentally the same place I sore him the day we beat forest when Bannon got sent off..I asked him that day why he wasn't there and he said he'd not made the match day squad...odd seeing as it was about midday
  2. Mcgugan

    To be fair to him he looked in decent condition..(fall out with Chansiri and pay the price)
  3. Mcgugan

    Bumped into him today.. I'm sure he thinks I'm stalking him..asked if he will get a squad number..for which he said no..sounds like he had a deal on the pipeline..
  4. Forestieri

    In menorca on me holly bobs, was chatting to a Watford fan (he spotted my tattoo) and apparently they are set to bid £10million to take him back..don't shoot the messenger
  5. Danny Williams

    He is also German/American born in Karlsruhe ...but would he want to join a team that's caused so much heartbreak..
  6. Danny Williams

    Pretty much bossed the game yesterday..kept Hogg and Mooy quite..always pressed the ball,solid in the tackle, distrubuted the ball well both short and long..could see a Lee williams combination being very strong..sell bannan to burnley and get this guy snapped up asap..would the heartache in the loss yesterday be enough to tempt him to move up north though..that's my only fear that Sheffield, isn't 'darn saath
  7. Beagrie on Forestieri

    Exactly the right decision..was having a poor game..had a like for like replacement who could offer more cover...(love foresteiri when he fights and battles)(not so keen on the strops,dives and paddys)reach was dropped and showed exactly what we have bought him for..made one and scored another...the fact we brought reach, abdi and mcmanaman off the bench just shows you where we are at..UTO ...don't sweat watching Wednesday as much now as for all there presure and a little bit of look they didn't look like scoring....wasn't it about 8yrs ago we absolutely battered brum at home and somehow lost 3-0
  8. 2 TEAMS

    We got hammered by Brighton at home...
  9. I heard that Lewis Mcgugan had fallen out with Mr Chansiri and this is the reason he has been frozen out...
  10. Derby Tickets

    Thank you spondon owl..
  11. Derby Tickets

    In sandiacre be with you in 30 mins..for me and my 7yr old son
  12. Derby Tickets

    Have sent you a message..
  13. Derby tickets

    Also looking for a ticket..I live 6 miles from the ipro...can be with you in 15mins with cash in hand
  14. Spare Derby Tickets?

    Me too, 10 mins from ground
  15. I am also in needing a ticket..pretty please with a blue coloured cherry on the top