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  1. Yes Harksie I remember you lot in the Hare and hounds and the dev with Gazza and Jimmy 5 bellies ... Waddle could sup but Shez was a monster....
  2. Carlos Out!!!

    So im not allowed my opinion on owls talk because you disagree with my opinion......if you don't like what i say don't read or comment on it....And i also have been following Wednesday since the 70s ...People in glass house and all that,,, And you call me an idiot. Hmmmm
  3. Carlos Out!!!

    That's down to DC if he pulls the trigger then so be it...But until then he is our manager and as a wednesday fan ill back him....Just fed up of reading every week all the childish negative nonsense ....from the i want it NOW mob.....GROW THE F#@K UP and support the club...
  4. Carlos Out!!!

    For a childish negative post
  5. Carlos Out!!!

    Go and watch pigs ....
  6. tonights fans forum

    BE HOLD .....THE BEAST....
  7. your 1st game you went to

    Aton Villa home 1970 or it could have been West Ham
  8. Rangers fans were brilliant a credit to their club and city ......Just because a few of them allegedly got involved in a bit of bother ..which frankly happens at many football grounds up and down the country is no reason to tar the 99.99999995% of them who did nothing more than support their footy club ...once again for the2nd time in the last few years it was great to mingle and share a drink with our Scotish Cussons.......I remember when our fans were like them....Then the middle class turned up and ruined it all...
  9. Owls v Rangers - OMDT

    If it was league match id agree with you.....
  10. Owls v Rangers - OMDT

    Its a friendly FFS
  11. Owls v Rangers - OMDT

    Herego.....NEGATIVE NEGATIVE NEGATIVE seasons not f@#king stated yet and off they go.......N E G A T I V E....
  12. Meeting Nuhiu

    Nigel Worthington he lived down lane near the old fleur-de-lys in Totley ...I had to walk past his cottage after kicking out time ..And he was always walking his great big nasty rottweilers when i walked past ..... He wer a reeet miserable bugger i once asked if he was playing at weekend and told me to mind mi own business..... Met waddle and hirsty loads o times ....Mel Sterland used to go in bookies In Bradway He wa a reet laugh...Mi old man talks to a couple of old pig players from 90s in ther now ...Brain Gayle and Jamie Hoyland ...
  13. leppings lane

    18 months at least....
  14. it will go out on you tube .. Not live but it will go out.