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  1. SWFC Chairman

    Try Google mate. Heard you can learn a lot from there
  2. SWFC Chairman

    We deserve to know more about our DC. It’s just naive to think that an individual can gamble 150m of his own cash. Only multi-billionaire oligarchs can dream of such things. Remember when the takeover broke it was all talk of a consortium. Remember that in the early press conferences it was all TUF on the backboard, until they trashed the idea. Remember that the takeover took place simultaneously with the Reading takeover. Remember that the same personnel were involved in both - not just ‘cousin’ Narin but also the Piempongsants. Remember that there is no trace of any independent business activity from DC that would provide him with funds to finance a loss making championship club and transform into a Premiership outfit. So is it a hedge fund, a consortium, a Chansiri family trust, or is he leveraged to some other source of finance? None of our business? I think it is.
  3. SWFC Chairman

    Which companies would these be.
  4. Is our season over already?

    We need to average 1.88 points per game - close to automatic promotion form- over the rest of the season just to be in with shout of scrapping for 6th spot. Not impossible but it would need a huge turnaround. Just can’t see it
  5. just shurrup and let your boots do the talking
  6. Updated Graphs

    Not sure I'd say averaging over 1.8 points per game as 'very doable', especially from our starting point of low confidence, lack of momentum and consistent inconsistency.
  7. FFP question.

    That's my understanding too. Anything over and above going rate would be treated like other allowed owner investment
  8. Not the way the club's "trusted global advisors" are supposed to behave is it? Trust'em as far as you can throw em
  9. FFP question.

    Both incorporated here
  10. FFP question.

    Don’t think that helps either. They would be classed as related parties
  11. Carlos will set up to contain their collapse

    Nice clear description of the new system here: http://www.financialfairplay.co.uk/latest-news/-profit-and-sustainability-ffp-tests-in-championship-2016-17