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  1. What I don’t understand is how somebody who was symptomatic got the all clear to return to work
  2. Hope he’s not fronting for this lot https://www.irishtimes.com/sport/soccer/kinahan-founded-boxing-management-firm-to-move-into-football-1.4493294
  3. There will be no nails, no coffin. Paupers grave for this sorry bunch
  4. Only lost 75m on that venture, making it twice as successful as his foray into football
  5. Tha says his father was a fan of the Club Deportivo Logroñés, not owner
  6. Aye, best not scrutinise and accept what we get eh?
  7. Depends what you’re comfortable I guess. A boxing promoter with neo-fascist leanings just doesn’t do it for me
  8. His old man had nothing to do with football. His Indonesian style ‘beach resort’ business venture in Logrones went bust in 2008 and he legged it (with family) to live in Bali
  9. Do they know he’s a member of the far-right Vox party?
  10. 5 low key professional bouts, 3 against debutants and 1 against a 34 year old who’d lost his last 9 Absolutely minted
  11. So we need a structure and a strategy (after 6 years of shambolic drift) - no sh*t Sherlock.
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