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  1. And for the young'un Oh Sazay, oh, oh Urho-ghi-day, oh, oh, oh, oh
  2. Didn’t see a man on the pitch for us today, let alone a man of the match
  3. Think disclosures in private arbitration proceedings are confidential so unless it goes to legal appeal it’s unlikely
  4. Imagine we’ll be first. On 27 Dec the club said they were appointing arbitrators, so the procedure has already started, whereas the charges against Derby are recent
  5. In our case they said the misconduct charges were brought after information in documents ‘some seen for the first time’ came to light. Whether they hadn’t been seen because of their own negligence/incompetence or we hadn’t submitted them remains to be seen.
  6. They’ve already just lost one arbitration case where they appealed against what they thought was an over lenient punishment decided by a disciplinary commission against Bolton https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51020339
  7. The parliamentary select committee also savaged the EFL following the Bury debacle https://www.parliament.uk/documents/commons-committees/culture-media-and-sport/191104 Chair to Debbie Jevans EFL re football inquiry.pdf Looks like after that they lost it and tried to retrospectively clamp down on things they’d already agreed to
  8. The club statement on 27 December said the process of appointing arbitrators was underway. The EFL rules say that must be done within 14 days. There's no indication of how long arbitration proceedings are likely to last. An article I came across on FA Rule K4 arbitration cases says that the Standard Directions under FA Rule K4 envisage that the hearing (the final bit of the arbitration proceedings) should take place within 119 days (17 weeks) following the appointment of a Tribunal chairman. So even if the arbitration ruling goes against us it looks likely to be a while before the EFL will be able to even start the disciplinary proceedings on the misconduct charges. It could drags on well into the summer, after the the play-offs and even maybe after the start of the 2020-21 season.
  9. Under old FFP rules profits from ground sales couldn't be included in the FFP calculation. With the introduction of P&S they were allowed for the first time in the 2017-18 season
  10. Yep, you're right, 8.1 FFP replaced by 5.1 P&S 5.1 If a Club is promoted or relegated out of the Championship Division that Club shall, notwithstanding promotion or relegation, remain bound by these as if it were still a Championship Club, until such time as it has complied with all of its obligations relating to its last Season as a Championship Club. Really not sure what happens in regard to promoted teams carrying forward points deductions into the Prem. As far as I can see the Premier League rules only allow points deductions in cases of insolvency but not FFP breaches. They are looking at it though: https://www.90min.com/posts/6521970-premier-league-consider-introducing-points-deduction-as-punishment-for-ffp-breaches
  11. Looks like embongoes are ruled out. Rule 6 deals with registration embargoes and Rule 8.1 states: 8.1 If a Championship Club is promoted to the Premier League (a Promoted Championship Club) the Promoted Championship Club shall, notwithstanding promotion, remain bound by these Rules following promotion as if it were still a Championship Club, until such time as it has complied with all of its obligations in respect of the Reporting Period covering its last Season as a Championship Club. Until such time as the Promoted Championship Club has so complied, each of these Rules shall be deemed to apply to that Promoted Championship Club (other than Rule 6).
  12. Not sure about that but we’ve got the arbitration case to get through, then if that goes against us the disciplinary commission hearings, then if that goes against us a possible appeal. Hard pressed to get through all that before the end of the season.
  13. .....which is now headed by trained accountant Rick Parry, whose previous position was in the Investigatory Chamber of UEFA's Club Financial Control Board. Good luck with that one.
  14. P&S rules were agrred by Championship clubs at an EGM at Derby County in November 2014. The gareed changes came into effect from the beginning of the 2016/17 season
  15. Profits on the disposal of tangible fixed assets were disallowed under the FFP rules but that clause was removed in the P&S rules in 2016. So 2017-218 was the first year that ground sale and leaseback option became available. Not saying it’s a good idea but that dictated the timing
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