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  1. SWFC article - More than worth a read

    Anybody know who the 2 guys are on the left of the photo in the article?
  2. Our kit suppliers are Onthego Sports

    Money from the Shark Tank Link
  3. Our kit suppliers are Onthego Sports

    See: https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/10918930
  4. Our kit suppliers are Onthego Sports

    "Both strips are designed and manufactured by kit partner Elev8", the official announcement said - Link Now it looks like they're supplied by On The Go Sports, manufactured by a supplier in China and sponsored by ELEV8 - simples
  5. Comparison Charts Game 4

    Last 2 seasons we've taken 5 points from the 5 August games. Still a chance to better that and recover from a disappointing start
  6. Elev8

    As a company name, yes. If you have branded goods or services it would depend on the classes claimed in the Coca-Cola mark. I wouldn't advise DC to change ELEV8 to Coca Cola though!
  7. Elev8

    Unlikely to be an issue. Trade mark infringement only applies on competing or related goods and services
  8. Elev8

    They've ploughed in loads over the years
  9. Elev8

    You have to LEVIT8 to reach it
  10. Elev8

    One of the ELEV8 shareholders already has a drinks business. Arnon Satayaprakorb runs a company that makes a fizzy pop caffeine drink TKO - Black Power http://tkoenergyworld.com/ Seems a weird move to try to break into a market with Red Bull and Carrabao as established brands Oops - should have read the thread first. Apologies for dead pope post
  11. Elev8

    Corrected it for you
  12. Elev8

    2 new companies registered at Companies House yesterday ELEV8 CLOTHING LIMITED ELEV8 ENERGY DRINK LIMITED DC is sole director of both but shares are owned by Pan 1, Hong Kong
  13. Hypothetical scenario

    We lost more games last season (13) under Option 1) than the season before (10) under Option 2). We did win more last season, with fewer drawn matches.
  14. Elev8

    That's a relief. I was thinking that Owlstalk standards were slipping