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  1. HarrowbyOwl

    Your Questions for the fans forun

    Bring back Lizzie. She were a proper elephant she were, not one of them golden Fancy Dans
  2. HarrowbyOwl

    Chansiri out !

    The Emirates Hiils crew then?
  3. HarrowbyOwl

    Level playing field

    No, the rules are very detailed and clear - just nothing to do with fairness
  4. HarrowbyOwl

    Level playing field

    UEFA introduced the first Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations in 2010, followed by other football governing bodies and leagues. It's a misconception that FFP is about creating a level playing field. On the first page of UEFA’s main FFP web site it says : "It is also important to recognise Financial Fair Play for what it is and is not, a financial control system designed to reduce the worst excesses, rather than an attempt to make clubs more equal or address other challenges faced by club football." The Championship renamed the rules to Profitability and Sustainability and the Prem call theirs Short Term Cost Control and Sustainability Provisions (STCC & SP), dropping all pretense that they have anything to do with 'fairness'.
  5. HarrowbyOwl

    Nothing for us to celebr8 here.....

    Sales are going to plummet
  6. HarrowbyOwl

    Wolves away following

    Green shield army
  7. HarrowbyOwl

    We need to know

    ...or as Bill Shankly said: "If Everton were playing in my back garden, I'd close the curtains."
  8. HarrowbyOwl


    According to this Link we're in for Fulham keeper Marcus Bettinelli Got to be a joke, hasn't it?
  9. Have all action points since the last one been actioned?
  10. Love the video. There’s nowhere quite like South Yorkshire
  11. HarrowbyOwl

    I just go

    To internalise your whinging in that way is bad for your health mate Just let it out
  12. And it's hi ho Seafood Wednesday Anywhere you go now baby I see your sun is shining But I won't make a fuss, though it's octopus
  13. But how did it get there in the first place one wonders? Surely DC wouldn't have splashed it in front of the world's cameras without clearing it first?
  14. Why not, everything else seems to be going t*ts up at the moment