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  1. HarrowbyOwl

    When did you fall in love with our club?

    1966 for me. FA cup final and World Cup games at Hillsborough. My dad bought me a booklet of tickets for the games. It was all too much for my young brain. The defeat to Everton, the international flags along Penistone Rd. I went into meltdown and have never been right since.
  2. HarrowbyOwl


    Leeds questioning legality of Wolves' links with Mendes: Link Lucky we're not tied up with any of those third-party ownership types
  3. HarrowbyOwl

    How not to run a Football Club

    I'll get you started: One upon a time in Bangkok a bloke with no interest or knowledge of football wakes up one morning and thinks, "You know what, I might buy a loss-making Championship football club on the other side of the world."
  4. We've got the right personnel in place to make it happen
  5. HarrowbyOwl

    Glenn Loovens takes a tumble

    Textbook defending there from Glenn
  6. HarrowbyOwl

    its the end

  7. HarrowbyOwl

    its the end

    ..and a few full stops
  8. Nobody else has got belief in the useless fannies either
  9. Birmingham on 30 points are 4 points below the 5 season average for a 22nd placed team at this stage. This suggests that the drop threshold could be around 4 points lower than the 5 season end of season average of 46, so about 42. Can we pick up six points from somewhere to get to 43? Over the past 20 games we've averaged 0.7 ppg. At that rate we'd finish on 44, 1 point above what's needed. Happy 150th folks! Lucky its not 2012-13 when Peterborough wend down on 54 and Wolves on 51
  10. Well put together piece from Matty there. He's been warning people off even mentioning Paixao's name on here, then comes up with a scoop
  11. HarrowbyOwl


    With all the digging a gouging that goes on on Owlstalk there'd be no Desso left
  12. Get away from that tuna - It'll have your eye out
  13. Oh yes, I'd forgotten about the mysterious Pan1
  14. Technically you're right mate. A shell company is just a non-trading company. But its come to take on other connotations. Often registered in tax havens they don’t ever hire employees or provide products or services. They are used as vehicles to own other companies while allowing the beneficial owners to remain anonymous. According to somebody on here D-Taxis is now gearing up to trade. Financial manoeuvres though
  15. So not really standing at all - sinking to our knees