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  1. Well at least their heads are well aligned in the play-off/automatic zone
  2. That’s gruesome. And if he keeps fiddling with it’ll gruesome more
  3. McNiel, McOwlstalk or McHargreaves? Whichever it is, if it's for ousting McPulis I'm in - kilt, sporran, bagpipes the lot
  4. Jon Smith was the guy that accompanied MM to Ukraine to flog SWFC to some dodgy gangsters
  5. 3. Covid has placed an unprecedented and unsustainable strain on cashflow - administration
  6. What do you mean IF we were winning games? We've had 6 wins (1 at home) in the 31 league games since last christmas
  7. Everything that could be wrong with a manager is wrong with Garry Monk: - Zero personality or charisma - Zero man management skills - Zero passion or inspiration - Zero clue how to set up a team - Zero tactical nouse - Zero clue in the transfer market - Zero rapport with supporters - Zero media communication skills - Zero evidence that he'll do any better with this jumble sale squad than last year's bunch of losers - Zero success - Zero points from last 3 games - Eyes like a poo house rat Looks like a dead man walking already. Can't see DC acting decisively to chan
  8. He always gives crap interviews. Then he goes and compounds it with today’s clueless drivel
  9. That'll get the old lady rocking. She loves Milk Tray
  10. I'd imagine that we will try to challenge the -12 on the grounds that the Sanctioning Guidelines, that put figures to the existing sweeping (but unquantified) sanctioning powers of an IDC, weren't in place at the time. Can't see it succeeding but fingers crossed.
  11. No idea either, especially as no new evidence is usually allowed. So it’s all down to the appellant (SWFC) to prove that the original decision was erroneous.
  12. Wonder if we asked for the points deduction to be suspended pending appeal as allowed for under rule 94.5? 94.5 Any party against whom penalties were imposed under Regulation 92 may apply, initially in writing, to the League Arbitration Tribunal for an order that such penalties be suspended pending the resolution of the Disciplinary Appeal. The League Arbitration Tribunal shall determine any such application having regard to the merits of the Disciplinary Appeal and the representations of the other parties. If we did and it was turned down it doesn’t say much about ‘th
  13. Parties have 2 weeks to lodge an appeal against a disciplinary commission sanction. The league then has 2 weeks to appoint the chair of a league arbitration panel that will hear the appeal. After that the conduct of the proceedings and timing of the final hearing are in the hands of the independent arbitrators
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