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  1. Why is DC still referring to the P&S £13m/pa loss limit when it doesn’t apply to us now? As far as I can make out (following the scrapping of the salary cap plans in Feb) under SCMP we can spend up to 75% of turnover ( as a newly relegated club) on player salaries with constraints on transfer fees. Owner cash and equity injections count in the turnover figure, provided they are not loans. So DC is free to put his hands in his pockets if he wants without blaming the fans or the EFL
  2. It’s the accounts to July 2020 that are still not filed, when we were still Championship. But the League 1 reporting rule says accounts to EFL are due in the year following, at the time they are due at Companies House - July 2021. So whats’s the promble?
  3. Hard to know exactly what the problem is with the accounts. The EFL rules seem clear enough: 16.2 Each Club shall submit a copy of its Annual Accounts (as defined in Regulation 16.3 below) to The League, but in any event: 16.2.1 by no later than 1 March following the end of the financial year to which those Annual Accounts relate (in the case of a Championship Club); or 16.2.2 by no later than the date on which the Club is required to file its accounts at Companies House (in case of League One and League Two Clubs). So as far as 16.2.2 is concerned we seem to be in the clear. The earlier requirement for Championship clubs is related to reporting requirements under the Championship P&S rules, which don’t apply to us any more. Or are there complex transitional rules for newly relegate clubs?
  4. Article says that Paixao has taken ‘a bit of a step back’, not gone just a big enough step to placate the gullible
  5. Head of Recruitment to be given more responsibility for recruitment. Whatever next?
  6. Not only HMRC. The EFL also require stringent guarantees that clubs have finances in place to make sure they can fulfill all fixtures in a season
  7. https://data.creden.co/company/general/จันศิริ-เรียล-เอสเตท-จำกัด?id=0105531064836
  8. I would be astonished if SWFC has anything to do with TUG. All their subsidiary/associated companies are listed in their annual statements. Big bro Thiraphong is on record as saying that TUG don’t invest in businesses outside their core competencies - fish. Also can’t see big TUG shareholders like Mitsubishi Corporation, Thai Stock Exchange and banks sanctioning a move into football.
  9. That was me. His individual shareholding came in at 0.6% and 1.8% with spouse and kids. But, as stated, that data was 2-3 years old. Since then I haven't found a breakdown of the Chansiri family share holding
  10. Thanks mate. Club stooge posts data showing Chansiri owns 0.6% of TUG shares. Still a bit confused
  11. What exactly is the total return? By the way TUG is not a family firm. Its a publicly listed corporation. The Chansiri's don't have a controlling interest, owning just above 20% of the total shares Here's a list of shareholders and a breakdown of share holding by the Chansiri family. DC and immediate family hold about 1.8%. Both are a bit out of date so may not be totally accurate as of today
  12. Have heard it’s off. Too big to get through’t tunnel
  13. Nope. Forbes has Kraisorn Chansiri & Family net worth at $ 575 million Daddy Kraisorn has been chirman of TUF/TUF for 32 years, a lifetime of work building up the family wealth. Kun Dej has p*ssed away £200m (roughly half the family fortune) in 5 years creating a league 1 club without any players and without a ground - and he's not done yet. Bet he's popular at family gatherings
  14. Soon to be rebranded as Releg8
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