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  1. Neil called for

    What footsy under the table already. Have they no shame?
  2. Something not normal about Neil recently
  3. Relegation battle

    Yes, if we can continue our dismal form we should be just about OK. Can't take anything for granted though. A loss of 'form', more players to injury or confidence could see it getting too close for comfort There also always seems to be one or two that look dead and buried that find a bit of fight from somewhere and climb out of it
  4. Relegation battle

    COULD be a low drop threshold this season. Here's the position of the bottom 10, with projections based on ppg over the season so far. That flatters us though because of our awful form since October (4 wins in 5 months). Continuation of form over last 15 games would see us finish on 48 points. Continuation of form under Jos (7 from 7) would see us finish on 50. A slump from us or a late surge from those below us could still see us dragged into it. There's still a way to go.
  5. Katiren Meire

    Shouldn't this thread be in the Boardroom? Oops
  6. But it’s allright now Cos we’ve got The Tache It’s allright Its jumping Jos Tache It’s a gas gas gas
  7. He did say himself he'd been approached by PL clubs, but didn't name them: Link Souhampton was one name mentioned by others: Link Pretty sure it was all posted at the time, wasn't it?
  8. Stewards on Bridge

    I said show me your ticket..
  9. Rowett and Carlos in agreement then - unplayable
  10. Jos is doing enough to keep us up

    46 points is the average for the past 5 seasons required to avoid the drop. Jos has presided over 5 league games, taking 4 points, or 0.8 ppg. With 15 games to go, 0.8 ppg would see us finishing on exactly 46 points. That is waaaaaay too close for comfort. 1 ppg would see us finishing with 49, which would be better but still in squeaky bum territory
  11. Hope they're wearing good wrist protection
  12. Stop the blame game

    It's injured mate. Out for the season apparently
  13. He's apparently walked out of three clubs each time reportedly because of disputes over recruitment. He left Paderborn 48 hours before the opening fixture of 2006-7 because of a breakdown of trust with President Wilfried Finke. He left Augsburg in May 2012 because of a strained relationship with boss Walther Seinsch. At the end of the 2015-16 season Stuttgart appointed Jan Schindelmeiser as sporting director, two months before Jos was appointed. Schindelmeiser had been out of football management since 2010 working as consultant to sponsors and investors. Jos stayed for just 5 games of the 2016-17 season. Not sure he wants 'full autonomy' or just to work in a set up he trusts and delivers players he wants.
  14. Well he's left us with peach of a squad here alright
  15. Are we being naive in our understanding of recruitment in modern football? With managers here today and gone tomorrow clubs who are serious about success can't rely on a 'gaffer' to do everything. Carlos was the longest serving manager in the Championship having been here 2 and half seasons. Like it or not the tenure of managers is getting shorter and shorter, so clubs have to have a longer-term strategy and continuity planning in place that outlives the comings and goings of managers. Clubs with a developed infrastructure have a DOF, Head of Recruitment, Scouting Co-ordinator, scouts, Analytics Department as well as head Coach/Manager. Then there's players coming up through the academies and development squads. Without those or similar arrangements in place recruitment risks being piecemeal, ad-hoc, short-term and incoherent. Getting all the parts to function well together is obviously not easy. The old adage that managers live and die by the quality of their signings is still true. The Chairman and/or CEO and/or Board obviously have to sanction the spending. But it’s about getting the best recruitment within a well-structures professional set up that they trust rather than having 'full autonomy' that matters. Despite all the Q&A discussions about it I still have no idea about how recruitment really works at Hillsborough.