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  1. Yep, Rearrange the following: The grass it kick long into
  2. We don’t know what happened with the first arbitration panel, only that the charges against the individuals were dropped. An appeal against a disciplinary penalty would require setting up a new arbitration panel with an independent chairman and 1 nominee each from the EFL and SWFC, making a 3 person panel. The nominees don’t act for the parties that nominate them but are meant to be impartial, though by virtue of the fact that they are nominated it ensures impartiality. The EFL and SWFC would then have their own legal counsel to represent them before the panel.
  3. No, disciplinary commissions don’t preside over appeals. Disciplinary appeals are heard by a League Arbitration Panel
  4. We don't know that the hearing was set to take place after May. In fact there may not have been any disciplinary proceedings, because the arbitration case was supposed to decide if disciplinary proceedings could proceed at all But we don't know what happened to that arbitration case. Personal misconduct charges were dropped on 20 March and the arbitration case seems to have morphed into disciplinary proceedings. A report said the Disciplinary Commission started work on April 10. https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/sport/football/news/sheffield-wednesday-efl-hearing-points-18076336
  5. IF its the case that points deductions can only happen in the curent season if the case is concluded before the end of the season then I don't blame the club for delaying. Despite the clamour from some on here to 'get it over with' to me starting next season on minus points is better than relagation this season. Never bought into the 'rebuild in League 1' argument, even less so now that nobody knows what Lg1 will even look like in 2020/2021
  6. 91.1 The chairperson of the Disciplinary Commission shall have the power to abridge the time period set out in Regulation 89.3, on application by the Claimant, if there is a compelling reason why the proceedings before the Disciplinary Commission need to be concluded expeditiously.
  7. Totally agree. Given the stakes for the EFL and SWFC are so high its almost certain that any decision will be appealed. Either party has 2 weeks to lodge an appeal, which takes things past the end of the season. Then what happens? The appeal iself will take time, leaving us not knowing if a possible points deduction will be applied retrospectively and relegated clubs not knowing where they stand. Absolute mess
  8. Originally the EFL referred us to a Disciplinary Commission, charged with misconduct by DC, JR and KM and breach of P&S rules. SWFC then launched an arbitration case against the EFL, before a League Arbitration Panel, disputing the right of the EFL to refer us to a Disciplinary Commission. God knows what happened to the arbitration case. We only heard that the misconduct charges agains DC, JR and KM had been dropped. Did SWFC agree to drop the arbitartion case in return for the EFL dropping the personal misconduct charges but accept to go before a Disciplinary Commission - who know? Both the league arbitration and displinary proceedings are arbitral (i.e. governed by the Arbitration Act), which is an alternative to litigation through the court system.
  9. Yes, the EFL has confirmed that it is Parry
  10. The Disciplinary Commission was appointed on 18 October 2018, the hearing itself was on 18 March 2019 and the decision was on 22 March 2019
  11. That was based on a garbled report from one journo who said the Disciplinary Commission 'hearing' started last Monday and was expected to last all week. But it depends what was meant by 'hearing'. The hearing is usually the final stage of more lengthy displinary proceedings. If he meant that proceedings only got underway last week then its unlikely they'll get to the final hearing and decision stage that quickly. It seems from other cases that there's a gap between the decision and the announcemnt of the outcome, possibly to give each party the chance to lodge an appeal within the 14 days allowed. So keep biting your nails
  12. Wasn't even allowing my mind to go there
  13. Admisstrator appointed by Wigan was just on the radio saying that another Championship club was on the brink of calling in administrators. Could be another lifeline for us if it pust another club into the bobar
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