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  1. Messi does a Fessi, must be a Argentinian thing.
  2. Rovrum started training about three weeks ago, we're playing catch up.
  3. I use to deliver The Star to his girlfriends house, he was always having a kickabout on the street.
  4. I guess it will be more of a gazebo signing rather than a marquee.
  5. Love the Wapentake pic. brought back happy memories. Anybody got any of the Buccaneer and Albert ?
  6. I'm sure there are enough owlstalkers out there with a few growing lamps (if you know what I mean) they could let the club have for a few weeks to give the grass a boost.
  7. What's the latest, has the Pope spoken ?
  8. We all live on a blue and white kop (repeat) ...... and our friends are all aboard Jim McCalliog and David Ford and the band begins to play (make a sound of a trumpet - to the tune of yellow submarine ). For our younger supporters yellow submarine was a song by a popular music combo of the time called the Beatles .
  9. Dutch men who have played for the Owls Esajas Blinker Trusfull Jonk Sibon Dutch men who have played for mini pigs None
  10. Just wish everyone would stop carping on about fish.
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