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  1. Owl Rly

    There’s 3 10mill bids on the table..

    How will we find out about the pretend move? Is it being rehearsed at Hillsborough? Will Chansiri do an improv scene at the fans forum?
  2. https://www.google.ca/amp/s/metro.co.uk/2018/08/01/manchester-united-transfer-chief-flies-spain-seal-35million-yerry-mina-deal-7787869/amp/ Looks like that one is done! I’m staggered if this is legitimate news, they need to look at different players if they have any hope of getting promoted.
  3. And let me be the first to wish you s Happy Birthday!
  4. My commisersions to Hull and congratulations to Derby for finding another idiot team to take him on
  5. Crazy, a few people were thinking that the Vydra money was supposedly the money needed for their other buys so far.
  6. Especially as Bamford is tug. Seriously, I’ve never seen a more overrated striker. What has he done in the last few years? Waghorn at least has something about him and has had a decent season last year.
  7. Owl Rly

    Matt Penney

    It’s weird, a lot of people on here and other places speak highly of him, but he hasn’t been given a chance. Even my Dad has seen him in a youth game last season and even he remarked that he looked decent (my Dad is pretty negative about Wednesday)
  8. Owl Rly


    Out of interest, where was this? Think I would rather believe Nixon then that tedious web of poo that is HITC.
  9. Owl Rly


    My estimations go down with the passing days and the slow realization that no new signings are coming in. I feel that with this league being in a weird transition state with many teams having a slow transfer window, it would be a great time to pick up 3 new critical signings and really push on from the form shown under the end of last season. I think I am going to say 13th, though I hope Jos and the team prove me wrong, we stay relatively injury free and we see more of the form near the end of the last season.
  10. Okay, I genuinely misunderstood your use of the term “nursing players”. Apologies. I’m sure Jos has seen videos of Fletcher, but the fact that he hasn’t been available to make an impression to him on the pitch or training ground could speak volumes.
  11. I don’t know how you can possibly comment on “nursing players”. I think we are looking at a situation where we are getting highly paid yet largely ineffective players off of our books, where possible, and even if Jos is purely a puppet to DC, what would make you think as a new manager coming in that Fletcher who has spent an incredible amount of time injured recently that he is a first name on the teamsheet? I’d also like to add that Jos has never seen Fletcher play in the flesh and coming off an end of season where Joao and Nuhiu were both in excellent form, I’m struggling to see if there would be much resistance to potentially getting Fletcher out of the club.
  12. The Swiss Ramble on Twitter was making out they should be okay... But he is a tart
  13. I'd loan him until January, have them pay full wages and he can't play against us. Then if he hits any remote form, we can flog for big bucks in the January window.
  14. Coming a bit late to the thread and I may well be fully echoing someone else's already made opinion, but I do want to say: He is our record transfer signing and he's been monumentally disappointing. I, along with a fair few others, wanted it to work, but seriously he looks done. I hope not as I don't want us to be saddled with him for another two seasons after this one.