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  1. This. Saw a LOT of positivity from Watford fans on twitter over him signing. Which some of which I get: free signing, previously excellent for them, large affection for the club and likewise from the fans for him. Not one of them brought up whether he has been any good since he left or wanted to keep in view how much he has milked this club for money and good will.
  2. So it’s a month and a week until the season starts and there have been barely any transfers for teams in the Championship. Granted the play off final just finished, but still given a very quick turn around, I am surprised that very little has been finalized for a bunch of teams. Obviously we have a big rebuild on the cards but I am surely thinking “haven’t other teams got players to sign also?”. I’m surprised that Fox and Fletcher haven’t moved on yet to new teams, but I am wondering if it is a case of them feeling devalued after decent seasons and probably lesser wages offered and then maybe finding out that there isn’t quite the market out there for bumper contracts at the moment. It’s all incredibly strange
  3. He’s never going to have time to make any more cherry pies at this rate
  4. That was a good game, at least. Glad Brentford did it! Was just reading ahead of the game that the front trio of Benrahma, Mbuemo and Watkins have 57 goals between them... insane
  5. Jansson is an absolute donkey, what was he thinking?
  6. I'd really rather hope we wouldn't get to their place and celebrate a 6 goal striker in such a trampy fashion.
  7. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/53486619 What can I say, I've got my priorities sorted
  8. Going to be heartbreaking for Brentford if they fail and don't go up, but it could well have the taste of Brighton that year they fooked it up. Can't stand any of the other teams also... probably wither Brentford or Fulham for me. Staggered Cardiff are there and Swansea irritate the crap out of me
  9. All the best. Also: yo-yo club is a compliment!
  10. What a staggering implosion! Those poor ********
  11. Probably down to Goals Scored then, Villa have scored more than Watford and Bournemouth.
  12. I’m staggered if Luton have enough in the tank. Stoke are looking awful and Udders too
  13. Jokes aside, I think they do a pretty good job with things in general. Just maybe the desire to constantly put out content is a bit much. But I guess they need ad revenue and me constantly acting like a sucker by falling for another click bait tweet on Twitter. I guess at least I don’t have that registration testicles for the same stuff on The Star website.
  14. A bit similar to Dom then. Dom goes on Twitter, says he is doing a Q and A. Someone asks a question. He then does a roundabout answer of how he doesn’t know. Rinse and repeat.
  15. I think Rodwell and Morrison were cheap gambles, to be fair. It all smacks of tests of Wilder’s management prowess which I think are being taken for his own egotistical means. By this, I think he wants to be doing a Clough-style signing to turn their careers around and get the best out of the players. Which going on how much mileage he has got from the current lot, isn’t too outlandish. I thought that their transfer dealings have been okay overall, I mean none of their Premier League signings have been much cop, have they? It all just speaks volumes about how good their players from the season before have done this season.
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