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  1. I love this song, Paddy. Top work by Evan! I also loved the piano ballad version of “Get Luhukay”
  2. Short highlights

    Hot take on the disallowed goal: Hernandez was offside also
  3. Four at the back - why oh why?

    I saw the team sheet which was presented as the usual 5-3-2 with Palmer and Reach as wing backs, so I thought that was the formation? I do agree that four at the back has been terrible under Jos. If it was four again I hope he has learned after the Bristol game. I would like to add that the forward line in this formation is a small nightmare, it is one of those where you look at it as a fan and think “how the fizz would that work?”. To paraphrase Carlos, too many fish and not enough potatoes... or summat.
  4. If he is fit and not carrying any niggles then he may as well play. I think we need him for one or two more games to be 100% safe.
  5. Butterfield

    He had two moments in the first half which I felt were the best of his Wednesday career. Obviously that is highlighting just how terrible he has been, but the point to make was he was okay today. I think with our squad, anyone on for Bannan would be a tough role to fill. Though I agree that I would have preferred Jones on instead of Butterfield.
  6. New song for Dave

    Do people ever sing the Mrs Robinson Nuhiu song? I liked that one
  7. #DareToNuihui

  8. Nuhiu was okay. At least he was still miles better than Rhodes. Palmer offers negative going forward, the amount of poor decisions he made tonight was baffling. And yet people on here still prefer him over Hunt. Loovens needs to be put down. That backpass was beyond woeful. Miracle he didn't cost us a second goal with that play.
  9. Interesting you bring those names, I was thinking about whether Peter Gilbert was better. Or even Wiggins?
  10. Moreso for us... or at least under CC during the better times. Reading play some real dinosaur route-one stuff.
  11. No Strikers

    It's weird, I didn't like it. Didn't like Reach being on the bench either. I can only think that with only Joao and Nuhiu available right now (with Hooper, FF, Fletcher and Matias injured), he was trying to manage things during a hectic period. We only have two fit strikers and we have no other options right now, so I can see the argument for being conservative and this being an area where we manage things. Like others have said, I will reserve judgement until we have a fitter squad and more options.
  12. Venancio

    That’s good to hear. I think that is one of the worst defensive howlers I have seen for Wednesday. Maybe the Beevers own goal also (but at least it was a decent finish!)
  13. Booth to Tottenham

    I still think of Ashley Barnes as the nasty poo and just regular poo striker at Brighton. And now he is a Premier League footballer linked with Chelsea... Strange