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  1. No Strikers

    It's weird, I didn't like it. Didn't like Reach being on the bench either. I can only think that with only Joao and Nuhiu available right now (with Hooper, FF, Fletcher and Matias injured), he was trying to manage things during a hectic period. We only have two fit strikers and we have no other options right now, so I can see the argument for being conservative and this being an area where we manage things. Like others have said, I will reserve judgement until we have a fitter squad and more options.
  2. Venancio

    That’s good to hear. I think that is one of the worst defensive howlers I have seen for Wednesday. Maybe the Beevers own goal also (but at least it was a decent finish!)
  3. Booth to Tottenham

    I still think of Ashley Barnes as the nasty poo and just regular poo striker at Brighton. And now he is a Premier League footballer linked with Chelsea... Strange
  4. I just had a vision of Irvine lining us up against them and the inevitable presser where he compares them to the "Dutch Total Football side on crack"
  5. Is it pronounced Jos or Yos btw?
  6. Jos Luhukay

    Wonder if we will announce him tonight following the usual time standards for the club to release information... and it makes sense for DC to “be up all night to Get Luhukay”
  7. Nuhiu to sign for Kukesi?

    I’d be happy with this if our forward line wasn’t so bobbar right now. With Hoops injured, Rhodes looking miles out of form, Joao not being picked enough, Winnall frozen out and Fletch being either injured or not so good, Atdhe seems the least of our problems... A cult hero and he will be missed and remembered for his good times. Also with numbers being low right now, it doesn’t feel the right time.
  8. Forestieri

    It's good but it's not right
  9. Why change back to 4-4-2?

    You could well be right. I remember seeing the front three line up against the Brentford keeper’s goal kicks as such. I feel we can conclude from Bullen’s two games in charge that we have definitely not been orthodox in terms of formations.
  10. Why change back to 4-4-2?

    To start the game we played 4-3-3. The front three was Nuhiu on the left and Reach on the right of the front prong with Rhodes the lone striker. Wallace was also on the left wing for the first half. After the double substitution, I have no idea what the hell was going on.
  11. Anyone who went?

    I think your perspective is pretty harsh. I do accept the opinion that he is a little limited as a player, but I think to look at those things overlooks the talents that he does have. And let’s be honest, we haven’t seen enough of those talents and so much of that has been down to service and style of play. The thing that most excited me about someone new looking at the team, even Bullen in a new and authoritative role, is that he can look at these players and think about how we can play to their strengths (Bullen even said this in his post match interview that he wanted Wallace to provide crosses for Rhodes). I felt we have over the last few months of Carlos not seen anywhere near enough of our strengths and it even looked like the players had forgotten what those were. Like what I felt we have seen from Joao today, we do have players that have almost been forgotten for how good they can be for us. Rhodes is a damn sight better than what he has overall shown for Wednesday so far and it is rash to cast him aside going on how we have been for the last year.
  12. Anyone who went?

    Believe it is Lee Bullen with Neil Thompson and Andy Rhodes alongside him