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  1. With Topher McCockerson as Assistant?
  2. Not sure how to read into that. Be interesting to see what he has been told. Could obviously be complete bullshit, but I thought I would share and is a mild change from getting upset about something we, seemingly, have no say in.
  3. A struggling one that doesn't start games with the right approach
  4. This will make you smile

    Sedg! The Yorkshire Express
  5. I scrolled through the pictures and imagined it was a flickbook animation of Carlos singing “Don’t You Want Me”... Probably more entertaining and valuable than his views
  6. Watching on iFollow... can't work out what is worse: the ref, Hull's rolling around or Wednesday... Nah, it's Wednesday
  7. How do you feel right now?

    I teeter between apathy and anger most weeks, I feel more angry than I have about Wednesday for a while. So I guess my background as a Wednesdayite is I was into it when I was a kid and then around the mid teens I lost interest and found interest in other things. Got back into it in my mid twenties and I am 34 now, so my period of late Wednesday started with the season or two before we got relegated under Laws. Back then I enjoyed the football for what it was and I enjoyed the underdog nature of where we are and our budget and Laws’ largely great (considering) performances with a small budget. I’ve seen us under Laws, Irvine, Megson and Jones before I left for Canada after the promotion season. There have been some lows and relative highs considering and I miss going to matches and the atmosphere, watching games on online streams means I feel like I heavily lack seeing some of the quality players we have these days compared to the standard I remember seeing Wednesday play in the flesh. I guess I bring this up as I am now watching on iFollow and most of our best games have been on Sky or selected on other tv for the 3pm game (Forest, Leeds, Villa) so the money I am paying for the service (which is quite a good service) feels expensive being that the football offered has been utter tripe. Whilst I am mildly envious of those who still can logistically get to matches, I cannot imagine the expense they have paid to watch such turgid awful dogshit performances. Under Irvine it was negative but was negative under a tight budget and what more could we expect. I understand people disliked Megson, but he understood we needed pace, power and height to attack teams and do the damage. I understand you could say it was outdated but it had teeth in its attack. Now: what are we doing? Everything is about possession and stroking it around the back, but defensively we look frail. I said to a friend yesterday we looked at our best yesterday just lumping it forward as there is no movement in the middle and Bannan and Hooper just drop so deep. We look so wounded and damaged and unsure of ourselves and the Chairman doesn’t want to correct this and I now have zero faith in CC righting this. I feel like saying we don’t have a style of play, but we do, it is just terrible. As others have said, the goings on and running of the club are worrying. Chansiri has only been a shortish while now but I wish he would look at the history books and our decline in the late nineties and see how we became a club that paid dinosaur players a final retirement contract to see out their career on a nice wedge and a cozy spot on the treatment table. Now we are reflecting that again: Abdi, Pudil, Boyd, Wallace, Loovens etc. Initially I saw one or two transfers that reflected “this person has been here and done it before” and seemed like they could be shrewd deals, but we have had way too many of these deals. I feared we would become like Derby, but they seem to have an endless pot of money and seem to look to always improve performance, squad and management wise even if every season they fluff up another promotion. It feels like now we don’t have the money to improve and then when we do those funds, we buy another dinosaur CM to clog up the squad and treatment table. I wonder if and when the penny will drop for DC. In the meantime I will keep tuning in for the service I’ve paid for and the slow and ponderous drivel that is served up every week in the vague hopes I manage to catch a performance where we eke past another side and remember how to have a shot on target.
  8. Live on twitter now

    A thread about someone ITK that has diverted into Crisp flavours... Result: good thread and a good outcome! Also I really want some Roast Beef Monster Munch now
  9. Strangest bit from the highlights: the editing of following the goal with the pigs applauding and then we see their keeper being stretchered off... looks like the pigs are applauding the awful keeping.
  10. Neil Harris

    Neil “Talking Out Of His” Harris more like... amirite? I’ll get me coat
  11. I would upvote you twice if I could. There’s no reason for DC or CC to get uppity about it all
  12. Yes, but someone should be sticking the boot in. We are absolute dog bobbar right now and it is nowhere near good enough for the money spent by the fans and the money spent on the players’ wages
  13. Thought it was him! I haven't listened to FH for years, but seem to recall him ringing up after we lost at Exeter a few years back. I really enjoyed that dimension of the podcast.
  14. Looking forward to your hot takes on the Sheffield Wednesday Birdy Owls... Jk mate, enjoying it so far
  15. Which Ex-Wednesday player said this?

    The weirdest thing is I feel like I have read an interview with Beevers in the programme at some point. The thing that made me remember it was the fact that he had a huge dog!