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  1. Thought it was him! I haven't listened to FH for years, but seem to recall him ringing up after we lost at Exeter a few years back. I really enjoyed that dimension of the podcast.
  2. Looking forward to your hot takes on the Sheffield Wednesday Birdy Owls... Jk mate, enjoying it so far
  3. Which Ex-Wednesday player said this?

    The weirdest thing is I feel like I have read an interview with Beevers in the programme at some point. The thing that made me remember it was the fact that he had a huge dog!
  4. Which Ex-Wednesday player said this?

    Mark Beevers
  5. Will it tell me if there is a new Owlstalk podcast episode coming?
  6. Crazy. I always associate The Globe with students and not lairy fuckwits... but then I haven't been in nigh 5 years
  7. As a boy my eldest brother bought me a t shirt which was black with the Oasis style logo on in orange only it read "owls" instead. I loved it so much.

    I guess previously CC has said that he isn't interested in dealing with the financials of prospective deals (someone please correct me if I am wrong). That must certainly imply he has some say in who is signed, just not the details.
  9. Well, yes, that's my point, but CC may stick with Lees and Pudil for the timebeing.
  10. I get that they may need some time to bed in and adapt to a different style of football, however: a) they are professional and well-regarded footballers b) we'll probably get to the position where injuries dictate that they have to play anyway
  11. Positives Thread

    Maybe the players will remember that pre season has finished. Only one game in. I thin k the players and CC will recognise the performance was no way near good enough and improve on that next time around.
  12. As long as BeIN Sports crawl off and die somewhere, I'm happy
  13. Danny batth

    You sure? Could be JTO
  14. Danny batth

    Where the hell has this rumour come from?
  15. No, that was the last relegation year. JOC and Jimmy Smith were the year before