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  1. I’m just disappointed that this isn’t a pitch for a show where Paul Cook takes over a struggling ASDA
  2. Also think Cardiff could eventually slide into the mix in addition to Coventry and Brum.
  3. I was under the impression admin was coming if the takeover doesn't go through. I saw that they borrowed money again recently. Also curious what the Keogh affair will do to takeover proceedings
  4. Derby's winner scored by Bielik who should have got a second yellow against Rovrum:
  5. But they are so humble. Where is the money going? Is McBobbar on a miss bonus?
  6. Lowest survival total is 34 points. So they need at least 29 from the remaining 20 games... They are very much fooked
  7. I'll join in and go with Ballmouth, please. I mean all these other posters can't be wrong, right?
  8. I think they might do alright with their expensive strikers who are ready made for the Championship next season. The thing that will hurt them is they will probably lose their better players of the ilk of Lundstram, Egan and Fleck. The spine will go apart from the cack Ramsdale. There is also the question of how Wilder will do to recruit players in that scenario. Especially after such garbage recruitment in the Prem already
  9. Derby did have 4 points from the first 6 games though... their sixth game was the only win of that season
  10. Also extra hilarious as Eze was a player their fans thought they were after... before they spunked a fortune on cack like Brewster
  11. wow. I also genuinely had no idea it was for that purpose. I mean they are the pigs and they play in a pink shirt. It also is incredibly close to a red and white shirt anyway... it’s very strange and a bit of a kit fail from those reasons. Wouldn’t something rainbow-themed be better for that purpose? And I don’t mean “Rainbow” though they are known to “Bungle”
  12. I think her opinion is perfectly fine. To echo what cazzaswfc has put, it is unprofessional for a club’s Twitter account to put that out. There’s simply no need to be a c0ck about it all and I don’t get these people who run social media accounts for clubs trying to be funny or nasty to others. I’ve seen things like that from Yoonited’s Twitter account on the vile and rare occasion it comes into my feed, but I’m grateful whoever runs that side at Wednesday doesn’t do that. Now a bunch of tools have attacked her as a result of this. The chairman says sorry for the tweet but that it’s
  13. One comment from today: noticed Wilder was straight over after the Everton goal to watch his analyst’s tablet. Presumably for some VAR injustice he was hoping to find. Dire, dire stuff. Everything there is so devoid of confidence
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