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  1. Owl Rly

    Sam Winnall at #SWFC

    Weren’t people wondering that maybe he might be on Stoke’s radar. I think they are in for some big names, but Rowett May think about him for a fourth or fifth choice striker
  2. I’m looking forward to Lampard doing fizz all at Derby with his Chelski kids in on loan.
  3. Owl Rly

    Henry Landsbury anyone??

    Agree with everyone else wanting Hourihane. Lansbury: now on big wages and he is incredibly overrated. Nope, nope, nope
  4. I’m staggered as to why people will think we will sell those players and for a pittance. I am confident that with Meire in charge we can get some decent fees for the first time, if any one or both of Wee Baz and FF
  5. Oh Penguin, you are just like if JTO66 had a modicum of likeability
  6. I've seen a few people confuse "top earner" with "player who is overpaid for what he produces"
  7. Owl Rly

    Liam Palmer

    I think he has been decent enough at times in that position, but this season he has been woeful in the RB/WB position and I believe we have had our mileage out of Liam. I hope he can get a move on for the sake of both us and his career, I think he can ply a trade in a similar vein to Beevers/Spurr only not here
  8. @Random Task I agree, three months is a long time in “Leeds years”
  9. Favourite loanee? flipping loved Ben10
  10. Wasn't the club Rotherham? I think that information was fairly common around the time when it was looking like he may sign a new contract before things went sideways.
  11. Excellent, Stoke can pass on a fraction of their multi millions for him. And Derby can also fizz off in the process with their fans going “yeah, he’s okay” and then estimating giving us two buttons for him.
  12. Question here: We would get a tribunal fee for Clare?
  13. I don’t believe us, Forest or Rangers have the money Peterborough want to spend on him. Someone will buy him, but not us.
  14. I would love Anya, a marked improvement on most of our full back/wing back options
  15. I don't agree with you on not fitting the system, I think he was playing through the middle as we were missing Bannan and/or FF and even then I think his industry and running from midfield was very much appreciated. Last few games he has been playing Wing Back and I think he has the abilities to be a very good player for us there.