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  1. Definitely haven’t seen a greater collection of goals! While I was going through this thread, I did go and watch this again, which was a nice collection of goals:
  2. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/56606121 Not going to the pigs then?
  3. There was an article about how he would be cheaper to be sacked after they would get relegated? Probably waiting for that to happen.
  4. The Transport Ground in Meadowhead is the plan. I think that is dependent on them selling off the Coach and Horses though
  5. I get your point, but spelling out that there are 6 strikers who have scored 10 goals between them is damning. And he has signed five out of the six? Or did he also re-sign Billy Blunt? There could genuinely be a problem that he can’t recognize a decent striker. Still, what a nauseating article
  6. Glad we can get rid of that “well they’ve never been beaten comfortably” line in the media
  7. What happens if they lose by more than 2 goals? What’s a higher level than a massacre?
  8. Pen rich Such a heinous article by Biggs. Think you are grasping straws when you talk about the Premier League quality and name Chris Basham and then mention two players who are injured... one of which is Sander Berge who is cack. Also can’t believe the gall to suggest Ramsdale has a certain quality as he has flapped at many an attack in the Premier League. That’s like saying Cameron Dawson is a Championship quality keeper
  9. Dare someone to put a tenner on Roy Keane for the Bournemouth job. Go on, he'll be odds-on favourite and it will be pissfunny
  10. Isn't that due to censoring posts on here thanks to a past regime suing fans? Also hasn't Bluntsmad had to delete posts about the Ched Evans affair in the past? Litigation is a very real thing
  11. I’m just disappointed that this isn’t a pitch for a show where Paul Cook takes over a struggling ASDA
  12. Also think Cardiff could eventually slide into the mix in addition to Coventry and Brum.
  13. I was under the impression admin was coming if the takeover doesn't go through. I saw that they borrowed money again recently. Also curious what the Keogh affair will do to takeover proceedings
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