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  1. Owl Rly

    Fantastic Away Performance

    Missed a lot of the first half, so can’t share the frustration that a lot have had over it. Second half was much better, I’m glad that FF came on in a positive substitution and he did enough to help out. I want to say that we were a lot better at limiting shots in the second half, very frustrating not to get that elusive clean sheet and invite a typically Wednesday-esque last fifteen minutes of panic but I do want to stress that that was because of what I felt was a very soft penalty. Also pissed off at the occasion of the Bristol CB going down, the red giving them advantage and then deciding to blow his whistle when Penney was about to race clear on the counter attack. In short, the referee was biased and was inexplicably Card happy to Wednesday at the end. Goung back to Wednesday, our game management was much better, it was nervy but really Bristol didn’t do a great deal to challenge us at the end. Joey P had a good performance off the bench and shut things down on a good few occasions with some decent tackles. I was surprised Reach didn’t take that throw in quickly when their keeper was hobbling around, would have felt fair for the sheer level of going up against 12 men.
  2. Owl Rly

    Bang Average League

    Bristol were impeccably average and yet we still gave them a token goal (albeit largely thanks to a soft decision from the referee). I expected a lot more from them as an opposition side who are looking to top six.
  3. Owl Rly

    Live stream

    Same situation, mate. Just pure garbage. Missed the goal as I was bickering with iFollow staff, the two hats
  4. Owl Rly

    Jordan Rhodes

    And only really scoring in the cup, I remember his brace he got against Bolton last season during a stellar 3-2 defeat...
  5. The same article gave Penney a 6... that’s right, our left back who has been consistently excellent and got into the WhoScored.com Championship team of the week a 6. Imagine if he ever said anything positive about Wednesday, instead of continually having wee wee on his cornflakes and taking it out on whatever small negative is happening this week. I see he did an article about Bannan possibly getting suspended for a game... if you are reading this, then please f.uck right off Dom!
  6. I would love some “She Said”
  7. Owl Rly

    Liam Palmer

    Completely, he was excellent defensively today. He’s looked a different player since we moved to the flat back four
  8. Respectful question, mate: how can you be sure that there is an agreement to play x player for all games?
  9. Joey P gets benched then?
  10. Well... if we are moving away from wing backs and sticking to a flat back four, it probably won't be an option. If we keep playing 4-3-3, then I would Reach as being one of the wing three in that or he could still stick to being CM, that is until Onomah is ready/fit/decent enough. Reach is seriously too good a player for our squad to play at LB, I think playing him there would do a huge disservice to our attacking game.
  11. Welcome Josh Onomah, our first signing of the transfer window
  12. Owl Rly

    Who else is up?

    It is indeed an almighty shame. Whether he comes back and regains fitness and form of yesteryear, who knows? For a player who was so loved and pivotal to Wednesday, it would be terrible to see him leave
  13. Wondering if we are a flat back four of: Baker (RB) Lee and Nielsen (CBs) Fox (LB) Hutch, Preston and Jones (CDMs/CMs) Boyd, FF and Fletch (front three) ??
  14. Only complaint: I hate seeing the line up listed by squad number bar the goalkeeper. I keep trying to decipher the formation and keep giving up as I think it is going to give me a stroke