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  1. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/61500771 Absolute testicles
  2. Congratulations on him putting his foot through something successfully this season
  3. They are always proud. Constant failure and they are proud. Bizarre set of fans
  4. Well, we’ve been here before a few times in recent history… so by all means it’s not the newest experience. On this occasion I do want to say that I am staggered by the strength of the top seven. For Plymouth to get 80 points and miss out on the top six is pretty damn incredible for a point waterline. Considering we have the Championship hangover and mentality and hearing about it is always “the best league in the world” it is remarkably dire just how poor the standard of that league has been for the top six picture this season while we had a very fiercely contested league campaign and I feel Wednesday should have got automatic promotion (and fair to say that experience is shared by MK Dons and Sunderland fans… not sure Wycombe count). There’s always banana skins and poor performances against lesser sides so I guess none of that has surprised me in retrospect. I can’t recall the refereeing standard being this bad before, but then it was fairly bad during recent seasons in the Championship. As the EFL is very much it’s own beast and things are different at different tiers, I’m curious if the Championship and League Two this season had quite the same problems with time-wasting. Time-wasting has been endemic in this league and maybe showcased by the poster boys of this in the anti-footballing Wycombe. Teams generally run down the clock with gamesmanship and there are no repercussions: referees buy the killing of momentum and wasting of time and are apathetic/uninterested in addressing it. Curious if anything will be addressed with it at a bigger level as it seems especially ridiculous this year. Finally, I was really impressed with Sunderland and how they played against us. A lot of mobile and talented midfielders, commanding defenders (forgot how massive Batth was from his time with us), and a strike force that contains the massive and quick Stewart. I want to wish you good luck for the final, I think you deserve to go up following those performances, but oddly fear you’ll be shithoused by Wycombe. I know what their game is and why it works, I just can’t understand where the quality is there and staggered we lost twice to them this season. Best of luck.
  5. Anybody got a link to the Marriott goal at the Stain?
  6. Out of interest, where are those figures coming from?
  7. Hilarious. Remember when they were doing this at least 12 years ago and some pigs were going “dint happen”. And yet it did, a lot
  8. I can see them getting a good fee for “Rammers” and then getting a much better goalkeeper. The jammy buggers! Also imagine that a ridiculous fee will kickstart some of their much needed recruitment
  9. Was enjoying an article in the BBC about Messi and it included a quote from Guillem Balague along the following lines about Barca wanting to keep him. It basically said they wanted to keep him, but need to shed roughly 200m Euros from the wage bill to able to do so...
  10. I think reckoning a player who played a handful of decent games for us is the “best our academy has produced in years” is a disservice to Liam Palmer personally
  11. I heard he came out to start doing the lawn, didn’t fancy it and then Dawson had to do it instead
  12. Unfortunate picture, McGoldrick's head looks like the Jules Rimet trophy
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