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  1. Owl Rly

    Alan Nixon says....

    You thought it was thriving under Jos?
  2. Owl Rly

    Out of Contracts

    I’ve completely forgotten about Pudil. Is he injured? Or just terrible?
  3. Selling Stevie May for nigh a million was good going
  4. Owl Rly

    Attention Canadians

    I've heard its a bit better than Barnsley
  5. Owl Rly

    Attention Canadians

    Fellow Canadian Owls! Anyone know of anywhere showing the game in Saskatoon?
  6. Also thought it was hilarious that he was silent for the rest of it, like he was completely pissed off with what he was seeing
  7. Favourite bit, the colour commentator: "Corner... that's a corner... THAT'S A COR-NAH!"
  8. Nixon was asked on this and he replied with “Is he fit?” I am not saying or doubting you, but I would be staggered if he is signed in any window prior to his contract expiring since he is injured. Maybe Whitecaps or DC United in July on a free?
  9. Owl Rly

    Where’s your whelm at?

    Hmmmm... Moderately whelmed. I'm inspired and very happy by what Lee Bullen has done and I am a little cautious of whether Steve Bruce will rob any of that (not purposefully, but cautious of work being undone). It is funny that I was chatting to a Villa supporting mate who wasn't too pleased with what Bruce had done, but for us: will hopefully do better of what we felt was promised through Luhukay in getting us more organized, will get the best out of players, get some decent players in and for us is the biggest profile manager we have appointed in a while. Not that profile means that much, it is just refreshing to get a high level manager instead of seeing us get linked with managers such as the likes of Nigel Worthington and Steve Cotterill by the bookies after every sacking for the last x years.
  10. He’s alright in the position, like the thoughts of others he has never been a wing back (though to be fair, none of our full back options really are). I’m glad it is working for both him and Fox right now with a change of management and formation (a more conventional 4-4-2 offers them wing protection and an easier definition of their role?) but we still need a better player in both full back positions. Again I am glad he was better going forward recently though I’ve remembered countless times of a lack of cofndoence and ability further up the pitch including at home against Preston recently where he looked like he was freaking out down the flank. Outside of this I hope he sticks around as backup though it might be something that irks him and he leaves for Bolton or a similar club, but at least we would have got some impeccable mileage out of an academy graduate.
  11. Owl Rly

    Onomah ?

    He was decent today, no idea why he got hauled at half time. Felt from the first half that him and Fox were our best players (and I detest Fox with a passion).
  12. Owl Rly

    Sky live games

    Speaking of the pigs, I can see their honours board getting another entry: "On telly more than Wendies"
  13. Owl Rly

    Sky live games

    All four of them