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  1. Was enjoying an article in the BBC about Messi and it included a quote from Guillem Balague along the following lines about Barca wanting to keep him. It basically said they wanted to keep him, but need to shed roughly 200m Euros from the wage bill to able to do so...
  2. I think reckoning a player who played a handful of decent games for us is the “best our academy has produced in years” is a disservice to Liam Palmer personally
  3. I heard he came out to start doing the lawn, didn’t fancy it and then Dawson had to do it instead
  4. Unfortunate picture, McGoldrick's head looks like the Jules Rimet trophy
  5. Waghorn is getting on and I'm unsure if he is quite the player he used to be. I like Lawrence a fair bit, but unsure where he is at. I think Kazim-Richards was a good signing for them, but maybe has tones of Paterson to him in terms of his goal streak periods. I feel they are on a par with our striking options, but I do fear for our defence.
  6. He’s pretty terrible as a keeper. I don’t think you’re wrong, but I’ve never seen anything that suggests he is worth 18.5 million and anything mildly better than Cameron Dawson in anything I’ve seen so far.
  7. That's only before the 19th week of the season, so they'll be fine
  8. How come it’s not on in Sweden? Also do the Swedes share the Norwegian fascination with English football?
  9. Definitely haven’t seen a greater collection of goals! While I was going through this thread, I did go and watch this again, which was a nice collection of goals:
  10. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/56606121 Not going to the pigs then?
  11. There was an article about how he would be cheaper to be sacked after they would get relegated? Probably waiting for that to happen.
  12. The Transport Ground in Meadowhead is the plan. I think that is dependent on them selling off the Coach and Horses though
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