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  1. https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/derby-county-gave-new-contracts-2937197 I can’t see the value in new contracts for Blackman and Butterfield... they are both poo and Derby should just relinquish the fact that they were both poor signings and their value has decreased somewhat
  2. I get a bit tired of the whole Scottish players debate and our bad dealings in those areas and why we should not go there again, however... remember Stevie May?
  3. I’d love this to be true... or I would like to state that I’m sure Wilder likes him, but them paying the inflated fee we want will be the stumbling block. I know the pigs are promoted to the land of milk and honey, but with the ownership issue and a big name striker required, I really can’t see their marquee signing being FF. I think they would spunk a wedge on someone like Maupay at Brentford and then a few more modest signings. If he doesn’t go, I really hope as he is in the last year of his contract he can pull his finger out and remember the player he used to be.
  4. I’d love it if we could somehow get the 3 mill we paid for him back. On his day he is incredible, but it was probably this time last year when we last saw some form from him and he hasn’t been worth the hassle that he has put upon us through his antics and tantrums. I can only hope he starts playing next season and we can get shut of him in the next January transfer window.
  5. You thought it was thriving under Jos?
  6. I’ve completely forgotten about Pudil. Is he injured? Or just terrible?
  7. I've heard its a bit better than Barnsley
  8. Fellow Canadian Owls! Anyone know of anywhere showing the game in Saskatoon?
  9. Also thought it was hilarious that he was silent for the rest of it, like he was completely pissed off with what he was seeing
  10. Favourite bit, the colour commentator: "Corner... that's a corner... THAT'S A COR-NAH!"
  11. Nixon was asked on this and he replied with “Is he fit?” I am not saying or doubting you, but I would be staggered if he is signed in any window prior to his contract expiring since he is injured. Maybe Whitecaps or DC United in July on a free?
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