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  1. Is that why Chansiri banned him because he wouldn't sell the company to him to get D Taxi's off the ground???
  2. quite like this, wouldn't have the silhouette owl personally but still looks really good
  3. I’m bricking myself right now hate not being able to watch games. C’Mon Lads!!!!
  4. reading the rest of this forum isn't it obvious??? Wigan 7 - 0 SWFC Got to be that way seeing as we haven't brought anyone in, all the players are injured still we have the wrong manager in, the owner is making millions of pounds of us fans(customers people now think) and isn't investing any of his own money into the club and now he's turned down money from the BBC to get more money out of fans for the coverage of around 7-10 away games over a season! I don't post often here but all this negativity at the moment with regards to everything off the field I really hope the
  5. How does this work with VPN's??? Is it if you have a UK bank account then you are automatically routed to the UK version of things? I'm looking into getting the away games and would be willing to pay the £110 for the season pass if it works well with a foreign VPN or even potentially getting the game by game option.
  6. I hear this all the time and thought I would do a bit of digging into if there was anything in this and seemingly even though usually the teams put up a good fight only 5 teams in the last 5 years have won on opening day of a season where they have just been promoted (to the championship). If we go by the last 3 seasons, this is where I was going to stop, there was only 2 that won and 1 team drew on opening day. Another one of those things where it seems like it happens a lot but it doesn't.
  7. So the only information I can find on the clubs Stadium tours is from 2014 and it states that the stadium tours can only be booked on a home matchday is this still the case? I can't help but think they might be missing out on a revenue stream if they were to open this up like the majority of other clubs around the country. Thoughts?
  8. about time really and agree with others it has been a bit of a fiasco getting this together. One thing that seems to have been forgotten is that third kit that the design for was released ages ago, am I right to be thinking that we won't be getting that kit now?
  9. So when I saw the title of this I thought it was a comment about the last time we had a good start to the season in the Championship would have been under David Jones! Onto the actual topic I think he's a 50/50 player some will like him some won't I haven't seen anything of great deal of importance that he has done but I think that is just his style of play.
  10. Thanks didn't read the whole thing probably should have before making a comment!
  11. Finally the shirts have been announced and they are alright need to see them in person as I don't think the photo's really make them look great. One thing for me though is no mention of the third shirt that had the design finalized months ago are we now not having this?
  12. On a 1 Year Contract, he's looking at wages of £3,120,000 now to sign him to cover the cost of his wages only it would require 42,887 shirts with his name and number and the sleeve patches to cover these wages. (adult shirts) An extra 1,578 paying fans per game (average ticket price £43) or obviously a mixture of the 2. I've seen someone has said that it is nothing more than a publicity signing, this might be true but if it pulls in a few extra people each game and sells a few extra shirts for the fact we have Terry the numbers could make financial sense. Al
  13. Tracksuit unless it's cup final then Full suit with my wednesday tie! no in all seriousness, this game is great and a big improvement on the last couple where they have felt very much the same game but with an updated squad list and kits. I would like to add I don't buy the game every year I am an EA access member so when Fifa goes in the vault I play the game from there, but I got caught up in the hype on this game wanting to play through the journey (***Spoiler Alert*** disappointing its only a year!) so ended up pre-ordering the game.
  14. Looking at this bit it looks like it's just the way he has them folded over
  15. Quick get a picture this fish has been tango'd!
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