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  1. Well we were absolutely dynamite at home when he didn’t play
  2. Even last season our best footballing displays were when Lee was in the team. He was very good when we won at Leeds and also when we deserved to win at West Brom. When he was at his peak it was like playing with 12.
  3. Those salaries are a bit strange. Craig Pawson has been in the Select Group for 7 years. Referees top games, did Liverpool v Man Utd not long back and refs in Europe. Gets only 25% of some of the others.
  4. I can’t believe people are queuing up to have a go at Lee . Some people wouldn’t know a footballer if he bit them in the backside. Absolutely clueless.
  5. Not surprising, he was top tackler in the League last couple of seasons at qpr. He has loads of energy and I think using it mainly to cover the defence and win tackles in midfield is the best way to use it. His mobility is great in front of the defence
  6. You cannot discuss the quality of a player without including his fitness. It is obviously key because unless a player is on the pitch it is irrelevant how good he his. We had too many good players on big money not playing games. Hence they were very little use to us and not good players for us. Nice to watch when they were on the pitch, but overall didn’t give us value for money. The best two players in the world for a very long period, possibly ever but who knows, have been Ronaldo and Messi. Unbelievable ability but what really sets them apart alongsi
  7. Lees looked to me like a bad thigh or groin injury. Could be a while, say 2 months Iorfa , hamstring, hopefully a couple of weeks. Dunkley , who knows, but won’t be 100% match fit for say 6 weeks Can’t play Van Aken and Borner in same back 3 Shaw, ankle ligaments, who knows. All of a sudden we are struggling to put 3 on the pitch and might be for a while. Monk did say tactics for Saturday were for one game but I expect to see against Brentford
  8. Is was a horrible challenge, mainly because Van Dyke had absolutely no opportunity to protect himself. The fact it has led to such a serious injury makes it worse but Sky is full of outraged ex Liverpool players going mental. Souness , one of the dirtiest players ever to walk on the pitch, a player who didn’t care who he injured, complaining. Not having that.
  9. Thought they always play a 433. Which is why I would try the formation again . It’s wasn’t a great deal different formation wise from how Carlos used to play. When we had the ball he used to pull Bannan and Wallace more central, try and get the full backs into the space they left and drop Hutch into the back to cover. Exactly what we were doing yesterday. Carlos however was obviously more about possession and we need to improve that aspect
  10. Trouble was the so called quality players were seldom actually on the pitch.
  11. Manager brings in coaches he actually wants to work with and the team organisation improves. That’s shocking.
  12. Refs have gone the full circle in the Premier League. They used to be scared to give a pen, now they are scared not to.
  13. Reach is one of our better footballers. What I want him to do is get on the ball. Take responsibility, don’t expect somebody else ie Bannan to always make things happen. If I were the manager this is what I would be telling him all the time. Just get on the ball. Show some confidence. First 60 mins he was involved in the game, last 20 less so. Why did he stand 5 yards away when we had a throw but not show for the ball . Don’t know. We have stats galore these days. I would measure Reach on a simple one. How many times he touched the ba
  14. The thing that is certain is that if either Nuhiu or FF had been involved in exactly the same incident, done exactly the same thing we would have been very unlikely to get the penalty
  15. The club are not allowed to announce it. Any announcement has to come from the EFL
  16. I thought it worked because it gave us more security out wide when we dropped into the 442 to defend , no big holes behind wingbacks. Also we had more fluidity going forward and the formation certainly confused Brum Think we might see it again against Brentford
  17. Interesting that he says that they spent a lot of the international break working on tactics for this one game. Obviously a lot less time between games from now. Wonder what he will go with against Brentford. Will he give this another run?
  18. I think Luongo’s performances this season show how unfit/ carrying an injury/ missed a preseason or whatever the problem was affected him last season. This is what I expected from him. Cover the ground, make tackles, give an easy ball...
  19. Well somebody needs to ask Monk in one of the post match interviews. See if he knows.......
  20. Bought the pen as well If he played for anybody else he would be a cheating you know what. But it’s about time we had one
  21. I thought Luongo had a great game. No idea what position he played
  22. The players get as tense and desperate as the fans, win a few more like that and it will all change
  23. I am a Luddite How do I find audio settings
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