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  1. I thought Joey was reasonable today but the job he was asked to do was utter stupidity from Monk. He tried to play the role Luongo played at Brum but obviously didn’t have the mobility, tackling nor reading of the game to do it. With the limited side we had out today we needed to keep it simple and do the basics right. Not try to get complicated like we did. It was 100% the manager’s fault today.
  2. Marriott has had one chance while he has been here, about two minutes after he came on at Birmingham. Since then he hasn’t had one chance, not even had a ball to his feet on the edge of the box nor a ball played down the channels. We don’t do approach play through the middle . We basically surrender centre midfield and any decent passing move has the sole intention of getting the ball wide and putting a cross in. When was the last time a striker like Marriott had the ball played to his feet in the box.
  3. I would have played Palmer but the biggest problem is the positions he is playing them in and the set up . It is nullifying our better players. It is too complicated When you are struggling you make sure you are set up to do the basics, like defending. We are completely the opposite
  4. I normally defend the manager because it’s not an easy gig but this team set up cannot be defended. He has completely nullified Reach and Harris, Moses hasn’t got a clue where he is playing so we are open at the back,Bannan is playing on his own in midfield and the front players are just chasing about without any decent ball. Have we created a chance for Marriott since he has been here
  5. Like to support the manager but can’t defend this team set up
  6. Yep and possibly Brown who doesn’t have a great injury record. Problem is the position with Dunkley has been emphasised because of injuries to so many other centre backs, normally we would have got away with it.
  7. Carlos gets stick and deservedly so because he definitely played players who were not fit and some had serious injuries . Players get injured. Lees got injured on the pitch against QPR . Palmer has a back spasm Shaw went over on his ankle What’s have they got to do with the manager?
  8. Well I didn’t expect Windass to start. Was poor on Wednesday and look shattered from the start I would have tried to find a way to beef up midfield but accept that’s not easy However Palmer is a better defender than Moses if he is fully fit
  9. How is Monk responsible for Iorfa being injured?
  10. Hope he is not messing about too much. Probably just Kachunga playing where Windass played on Wednesday, problem is I never really understood where that was
  11. Midfield is our problem and I don’t see which personnel Monk can pick to fix it . I think Joey, Bannan plus one of the youngsters is far too weak. If Brown is fit it would help but it’s still weak. We need some height and strength in there. It might be even more of a problem today if Luton play the the diamond in midfield they did in previous games against us.
  12. I agree he offers nothing going forward but also he is lightweight defensively. He’s ok at tackling and interceptions but gets outmuscled, offers nothing in the air and adds nothing on set pieces in either box. I would rather play an extra defender in there.
  13. We have to become more consistent and settled in our formation and the way we play. Without Luongo I expect this to be 3 at the back. Players need to be given the chance to perform at their best by being played in a consistent position unless we are absolutely desperate. Windass should be considered a striker, he didn’t do anything wherever he was playing Wednesday. Tomorrow I would start Paterson and Marriott with Windass on the bench. We have 4 possible wingbacks, play 2 , Harris and Reach tomorrow and don’t shoehorn any of the 4 elsewhere
  14. Normally the penalty box is a crowded mess for corners whIch makes it easier to block , hold or whatever to stop forwards getting a free run or jump. Brentford seemed to create space and get one on ones as they did with the goal. The trouble with man to man marking is that the attacking side can dictate who gets into the dangerous areas and on the ball. Flint was marking their centre half and the centre half stayed way beyond the far post and the ball never went anywhere near them. So Flint didn’t clear any corners. Meanwhile they isolated Toney on Od
  15. We need some of the injured players back to be getting many points. Last night’s midfield will struggle against most in this league
  16. We were not really causing their defence problems after first 20 mins of second half . Marriott was obviously very tired but I guess we could have left him on and let him pull a hamstring or something. Would have given folk something else to moan about.
  17. If we happened to have Lees, Iorfa back Saturday , and presumably Palmer as well seeing as he was on the bench, I would consider looking at trying to convert Palmer or Iorfa into a defensive midfielder. It’s either that or play Joey who to be fair did ok when he came on but I am not sure he would be up to it on a regular basis. I don’t think Palmer or Iorfa would necessarily be that good but just let sit and basically defend in front of the defence. It’s another defensive player on the pitch and the problem tonight was we didn’t have enough. Put it anot
  18. Ta Not good, I have the same problem. I am 40 years older than Luongo though!
  19. I agree , we did ok until we tired but too open really because of the missing players. We need to turn games into a scrap and we didn’t have the players to do that tonight
  20. Did monk say what is wrong with Luongo? We need him and some of our centre backs fit asap. You simply need to be tight defensively in this league. We need to concentrate on that and anything we get at the other end is bonus. We tried to take them on tonight, I assume because we simply didn’t have enough defensive players to do anything else .
  21. So is it 3 at the back with Moses in a back 3 or as Saturday with somebody, Hunt?, playing the Luongo role.? Same as Saturday I think, if it was 3 at the back he would have started Palmer. Could Palmer do the Luongo role?
  22. The results last night showed how tight every game is in this league. This season there doesn’t even seem to be a couple of standout relegated sides. Odd goal wins, goals being scored more down to mistakes. We just need to stay in every game, don’t concede , goals from set pieces whatever, who cares. No points for presentation in this game. Grind it out
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