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  1. For some reason Palmer never busts a gut to get back when caught up field or out of position. It’s nothing to do with bad decision making, he just never does it. What I don’t understand is why successive managers have let him get away with it. Whether it’s a stamina thing I don’t know, but it wouldn’t be acceptable in a Sunday League team
  2. Yes. And what should happen is that instead of trying to replace the key players you change the way you play. Wenger was the biggest example here and Pep is doing the same. They both have a way of playing and won’t compromise on it so they end up playing the same way but not being as good because they have lost the key crucial players that made it all work
  3. It shows that at every level a great team is made up of great players. When you those key players it is very difficult to recruit and replace them and stay at the same level. City without Kompany, Silva and Aguero are not quite at the same level. Arsenal were the same when they lost Bergkamp, Vierra etc Barcelona without Xavi and Iniesta You can spend fortunes trying to get back to that level
  4. Fortunately I didn’t watch today. However it was fairly obvious that Rhodes should have started today. He is a box player. He is our best striker inside the box. He is more likely to get on the end of a cross than any of the others. We were always going to have a better chance of getting into the Wycombe final third than say we will against say, Bournemouth on Tuesday. Wouldn’t surprise me if Monk picks Rhodes on Tuesday and he spends 60 mins isolated on the half way line before being subbed.
  5. Monk’s decision making Harris starts on right with Reach on left against Brentford. Supplies great cross for goal Harris starts on left against Luton with Reach on right. Obviously wrong so changes it half time, puts Harris on right. However next game Harris still starts on left against Rotherham. As expected, awful. Today Harris starts on right with Reach on left ie same as Brentford, 3 games ago, in between we have had 2 disasters. Explain , including what the players must think of this. 20 marks
  6. Well Wycombe haven’t won yet this season and have never ever beaten us. Ain’t going to end well
  7. We are not currently paying Jones megabucks. If we start Rhodes he will score tomorrow, but I guess it’s not worth the gamble given how the other strikers are banging them in
  8. Rhodes has a good scoring record against Wycombe Scored 5 in one game for Huddersfield and a hat trick while at Norwich I would play him Don’t think Monk will
  9. Keith Stroud referee Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse. Wonder if he would let Aden Flint do star jumps for us. I just don’t think I have ever come away from a game where he has reffed us thinking we have had a fair performance from him. Ultimate little man syndrome. Akinfenwa could eat him without noticing
  10. I think people continually underestimate the importance of a settled team with players getting to know each other’s game. It makes a massive difference when teams come under pressure and at key times in games. It’s knowing what run or pass will be made before the opposition susses it. It has been absolute key to most successful teams , whether it is our neighbours recent success or even when Barca were at their peak. The last time we were close was in Carlos’s first season. I just don’t get the changes Monk continually makes , some for apparently no reaso
  11. I have to smile at the suggestions of leaving Bannan out. Sometimes it looks like he’s the only one in the team that has seen a football before. And he also has this habit which most of the players don’t have of staying fit. I have seen absolutely nothing to suggest we will be a better team by leaving Bannan out.
  12. Obviously his tenure depends on how interested DC is and whether he can be bothered to go through the process and sizeable expense of sacking him and presumably his coaches. I personally don’t think it’s imminent but it should be. As far as the interview goes he more or less says what any manager would say in answer to those questions. So it’s a non interview. He ain’t going to say it’s all my fault I am going to resign tomorrow. Managers don’t do that. While ever he is manager why don’t they ask questions about what is happening on the pitch. Why doe
  13. A predictable “ told you so thread” aimed at belittling some of our fans. Don’t think I will bother
  14. Of course on a generic level the owner and the way he ran the club to get a 12 point deduction and continues to run it without a proper structure is the overall problem. But there have been so many things wrong in the last few games that are down to the manager to get right then you have to say at the moment Monk is a big part of the problem
  15. 3 times at least in the first half ( switched it off then!) Harris was in a dangerous position to shoot or cross with his left foot and made an absolute mess of all of them. The argument is of course that Reach might not have got in those positions but in my view if he had just got into a couple of them we would have scored. Playing with 4 at the back there is argument for your wide midfielders to play on their weaker side so they can come inside while the full backs overlap. A lot of teams do this. If they are playing as wing backs it is absolute nonsense. As
  16. Yes . But if me and you can see he lacks a footballing brain why is our manager giving him such a complicated role. He’s not the answer at centre back and Palmer should have played. Monk is now panicking and making things too complicated. Whether it’s a back 4 or back 3 and the same in midfield and attack , at the moment just stick with trying to get the basics right.
  17. We are poor at it because we don’t have any, proper established roles or structure in the club nor experienced people doing these kind of jobs. Have we ever had a role in the club actually called Director of Football, who runs recruitment and is actually targeted and measured on getting best value out of players as assets. Having responsibility for renewing contracts or selling at the right time and identifying and signing replacements. We are run like a coffee club.
  18. You misunderstand me to some extent. I think Moses was asked to play as right sided centre back and then push up the wing when we had possession with Joey dropping between Flint and Van Aken. Watch the game and that’s what we tried to do. Trouble was that’s a big ask in a well drilled organised team, in ours with personnel changing every game it’s nearly impossible. We kept turning the ball over too quickly with Moses too wide and big holes were left in our defence. Joey is not the player Luongo is and couldn’t fill them. Monk should have fixed it from
  19. Reckon having no fans in the ground is helping Reading. They have had it for years
  20. I don’t think Moses had a clue what position he was supposed to be playing Saturday. He played too wide for a right sided centre back and if he was supposed to be playing in a back 4 then we didn’t play a left back. Totally manager’s fault. Palmer is far better defensively especially from set pieces, your heart is in your mouth every time Moses marks anybody from a set piece.
  21. We were rubbish but it was a cast iron penalty on Harris
  22. But why would a good manager come and stay when the club is being run so badly. A good manager can get a good job, this isn’t one.
  23. Luongo played 120 games in 3 seasons before we signed him. On the surface absolutely zero concern about his injury record. Then we signed him......... Where I am very surprised at Monk is I thought he was a pragmatic manager. Get a solid base to the team and start from there every game. It is nonsense to have so many average battlers like we have and by a mix of team selection and tactics leave ourselves so open like we did on Saturday. Palmer should have played at the back. Given we had nobody else I would have put Moses at the side of Joey wi
  24. Rotherham are a big physical side and we need to match that. Simple tactics, anybody over 6ft who is fit starts I don’t expect us to change from 433 , I just hope if we play 3 at the back we stick to it rigidly, no fancy moving around. Hopefully Iorfa or Lees will be fit, suspect Iorfa more likely. Dawson Iorfa, Flint, Borner Harris Reach Palmer, Bannan, Brown Windass Rhodes Paterson looked injured to me when he came off
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