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  1. That’s what it has looked like to me. Kachunga just isn’t a striker and doesn’t play like one. I like it because at least we don’t play as much hoofball and it seems to give us more decent possession. He needs to work on Brown to get him up to playing the Reach/ Kachunga position and Marriott, who has the pace , to run the channels like Windass . We haven’t seen it but Marriott has been a good goal scorer in the past and has pace. I want us to try and stick with a formation for a while to give the players a better chance .
  2. In our last two games we have not played a strike partnership. We have played Windass up top with Reach and Kachunga playing behind him in a 343. There is no position for Rhodes in that formation.
  3. I think there were some calls to be made and it’s a lot easier for us to make those calls with zero repercussions than the manager. Obviously JVA is not a right sided centre back. However, out of those available he is the best in the air and Monk wanted to play him because Millwall always go aerial. Borner was one of our best players against Bournemouth and Monk left him there and he likes Iorfa in the middle to cover the width of the defence. So he went for minimal disruption at the back but gaining height. He would have got serious stick on here if he had moved Borner an
  4. I am sure he would have loved to have paid 7m and have Toney in the side.
  5. Why turn it into a thread to have a go at monk There are loads of them to pick from
  6. In the Bannan interview clip Luongo is in the background doing exercises on his knee. I have been given exactly the same exercise to do and I am nearly 70. His return might not be imminent
  7. Well that makes it clear that the players didn’t know about the points deduction being reduced before the Bournemouth game
  8. The reason he had to use his pace to get us out of trouble several times was because he made the original error. It’s handy to have his pace but he is very erratic. Also his heading just isn’t good enough. I have never seen anybody misread the flight of the ball so much
  9. We played a slightly different style on Tuesday and it was better, played more football rather than just hoof. Similar to when we went to QPR last season, more mobility up front. Why did we do that? We left Paterson out so no target man so it was obvious we intended to try and play differently. Was it because Bournemouth are a footballing team who play 343 so it gave us more scope to play.? Anyway it worked. Will he stick with it or will he pick Paterson again.? Unless Millwall have changed they have two massive centre backs so we will win nothing in t
  10. I would bring Lees back, because Millwall are always strong in the air and Iorfa was not very good in the centre of the 3 last night.
  11. It was the reduction to 6 pts! It was because Bournemouth were crap! Why can’t some fans accept we played well and deserved to win instead of looking for negatives
  12. I don’t know whether we have any options but the official club statement says they will look at the details when they get them suggesting they have other thoughts
  13. Moses is a better RWB than Palmer
  14. I think Marriott would be more suited to the type of set up and we did last night. Windass played up top with Kachunga just off him and we were looking to play passes down the channels for Windass to run onto. Marriott can play the role Windass and is probably quicker. What has happened previously is that he has been stuck up their with Paterson and expected to feed on knock downs from long balls. Very difficult for that to work. Play him in that Windass role and he has the pace to hurt teams
  15. Groeneveld, Brooks, King, Solanki probably cost/worth north of £100m . Great clean sheet for a makeshift defence
  16. It’s not his fault he’s had to play centre back is it.
  17. My MOM He is very quick, when he got back to that player and drew a foul near the end, exceptional pace
  18. Could it be that Joey getting a run of games is turning him into a proper player. You never know it’s a strange game . I would give Moses man of match, from Bannan and Joey Iorfa missed 3 balls in the air that could have cost us and 3 times passed straight to their man.
  19. I don’t think I even want us to score first because it will just be kidding us. Absolutely no way are we capable of defending a lead , especially if it gets near the end. Don’t think I want another late winner from the opposition, it’s just horrible. One of the absolute tell tale signs of a good v bad side is that good sides don’t concede late goals, unfortunately if we were 3 up we wouldn’t be confident.
  20. Assuming we don’t play him at wing back ,which I think we might instead of Harris, then I would give Moses a go instead of Joey. I didn’t see yesterday’s game but assuming Joey was his usual self he doesn’t really give you anything. Doesn’t really help the defence, doesn’t break up play, doesn’t win headers, doesn’t do a job at either end for set pieces. At least Moses is athletic, stronger, likes a tackle, capable of making the odd forward run.... I realise it’s desperation but give it a go.
  21. The PFA gets millions of pounds every year from the tv deals, Gordon Taylor gets paid around 2 million a year yet what have they done in this area, not a lot
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