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  1. Yep. I can't imagine many of our players are looking forward to Satday whereas if they had the bottle they should be looking forward to a chance to put things right.
  2. Ask any fan who has watched us regularly for the last god knows how many years and as a team we have been short of pace, strength and bottle, especially in midfield. Everybody else, when the team is struggling ,decide to get some big bruisers in to fight all day and make themselves difficult to play against. Not us, successive managers , especially Laws , seem to think we should be able to play like Barca with players with no quality . (I exclude KPS from this) While trying to be positive in the summer,cos at least we brought in some experience, I was worried we had missed the chance again
  3. When was the last time Leon was given a run of games . All players play crap , just some less than others, but Leon is always dropped. I still think that in our predicament we should be starting Leon and Tudgay with Varney coming on later when Leon inevitably runs out of steam. Anybody at the Peterboro game saw a great game from Leon, a crap 15 mins from Varney and Leon has not been given a chance to start since. No wonder he has had enough, all players need regular starts to gain confidence and there are a lot of players who have performed worse than Leon this season and are still getting
  4. I think a lot of it comes back to what AI said in his interview. It takes brave players to get the ball down and pass it and we don't have players with the required bottle . It is far easier just to get rid of it as quick and as far as you can. I would play Leon and Tudgay up front as I think they try and play football together and if they want the ball to feet and hold it up it gives the midfield something to play off. But it will not work if we just hoof it. However the midfield have got to show more bottle and more physical strength if we are going to stay up.
  5. But there is a point that says presumably all the fans who go to games want us to avoid relegation. What is the one thing a fan can do to help the team in this quest. Pay your money and support the team. It is absolutely certain that booing the players and providing the kind of atmosphere where young lads are poo poo scared to get the ball down is not helping the team. You can see the confidence drain out of Beevers as the atmosphere changes within the stadium. Of course you can argue that the players should be big enough for this not to effect them but the evidence is plain, we have play
  6. I really do think it is gonads to say that Tudgay has lost something because he is always picked. Lets face it, probably 75% of players in most sides in the country are normally picked and have to be really bad for a long period to be dropped. He is not playing as an out and out striker presumably at the request of the manager not because he wants to be tracking back all the time. Perhaps these people who want to drop him can say who is going to do this when he is not there, who is going to win the headers in both boxes and who is going to put in the work that Tudgay does for us or are we ju
  7. I don't think AI is the type of manager to change a formation that had been working reasonably well on the basis of one game on Tuesday. What we saw on Tuesday was a team who have had the same manager and style of play for 3 years? against a side who have been playing a certain way for 8 games with inherited players. I think AI will discount that performance and will be working on making sure the players don't dwell on it and lose confidence. It is not easy to suddenly change a formation and expect to function so we will play 4411 as usual. Only change I would consider is Clarke for Var
  8. Good question for what is a very big match. I have always been suspicious of JOC and Potter as a middle two but to be fair to the manager they have played better under him , til tuesday, than under Laws as he has changed the team to help them. So I think midfield will be same 4. I would give Clarke a start ahead of Varney as he gives us more of a focal point up front. Don't think AI will tho. A lot depends for me on the formation Ipswich play. If they play 5 in midfield like Blackpool and Donny I can see us struggling.
  9. Because to start a game we need a good shape and the ball sticking up front. Tudgay is not only our best header of the ball but also the only striker we have who can play the role as a second striker dropping back to help the midfield . He has being doing this all the time under AI and I can't see who else would carry out that role if you put him on the right and I ain't going to argue with manager given his results. JJ and Varney like the ball over the top to run onto and if you have two like that it just doesn't stick up front. If you are chasing a game late on then needs must and no prob
  10. Soares should not be allowed to sit on the bench because he is a proper midfielder doing a decent job Tudgay should be in the side because he wins more ball than anybody across the whole team, front ,back , middle and works his socks off, and keeps us in most games, and is involved in most of our goals. Yep when everybody is fit it will be between Varney and JJ but how often is evrybody fit. And if Miller is getting back to fitness he will be in front of JJ for a starting place in midfield because he, also, is a proper midfielder. I do think JJ can be great for us as a striker, especially a
  11. Do people actually watch the game . Tudgay plays as a second striker with Varney or Clarke playing up front. Tudders works his balls off tracking back and helping midfield . This was especially the case on Tuesday when they played with 3 central midfielders against our 2. He wins more headers than anybody else in the team . He is not the most skilful player we have, nor the quickest, but is one of the hardest workers and I dread to think how we would get by without him. As to suggest we leave him out like somebody in this thread did, absolute nonsense. He is extremely important to the wh
  12. Agree with this. Like Morgan at the sty, if the midfield works hard then the other side is restricted to knocking high balls up front and they will head them away all night but get somebody running at him with the ball and owt can happen. The better organisation of the team has helped the back 4 without doubt.
  13. It was pretty obvious from AI's post match interview that he saw the danger was if the wide players got inside the full backs to support the loan striker and he was very happy that Frankie and Tommy prevented this. I am not too worried when players go outside Simek he has a bit of pace, it is when they cut inside him onto his left foot that he looks dodgy. Career wise this is probably the most important spell Frankie has had. Perform well and a new contract beckons, perform badly and he will be looking for a club lower down the leagues next season. I just hope he stays fit enough to try and
  14. Given the nature of the two goals we scored last night that is harsh. We are not playing long ball we are playing an effective high tempo game , very well organised and will get more so, no mucking about at the back just get rid of it, but when we get the ball in the right areas we still try and play. Irvine is a very good coach who organises the team and individuals are now a lot more aware of what they need to do. Also it is pretty apparent he is far from a soft touch and I think there is that bit of fear (respect) from the players which has to be good.
  15. Could well end up at the sty. They mislaid a right back on deadline day. Suppose they could always get jags! back to get him fit after injury.
  16. And the basis for this statement is what. We kept Tudgay when he was 6 months from going on a free so I am sure we would rebuff a move for Beevers who has at least 2 years left unless the bid was silly money (and not only half decent). We are trying to move on , you don't move forward on the pitch by selling your best players and you don't encourage investors that way either.
  17. I think , given the way Irvine wants to play, that we only have Tudgay capable of playing the second striker effectively. Simek might be an option at right midfield but it is an unknown. I presume if we are trying to get Soares back then we have some money available , but it might not be enough to pay our contribution for Soares. I reckon if we don't get him then we need to use the money to get a cheaper wide midfielder as it is obvious we need someone.
  18. It was like a bloody creche round the back of kop at half time on Satday. Had to watch where you put your feet in case you squashed one .
  19. I reckon they are very loathe to give Akpo too much time on the pitch at the moment as they don't want him to get injured in advance of trying to move him on. If Soares ain't back for Wednesday then I expect Macca to start as it is obvious AI likes a solid midfield. If so it might be interesting to see him perform as ,although it never suited him to play wide under Laws, AI will ask him to play the role differently I am sure.
  20. The regional football programme starts on BBC tonight. I have not seen anything about presenters but can imagine it might involve a certain Mr Walker and we can all see which team would then turn into the stars of the show.
  21. JJ did not really play up front at the start of this season, he scored his goals mainly from the left hand side where he could cut inside and shoot. Thing was the team was playing well and we were going forward so he had a lot more of the ball in the opposition half. Recently the team and JJ have been playing very deep and defending ain't his strength. I think there are two reasons to play him up front. His pace will scare some defences to death and we ain't got anybody else with that kind of pace but also it means we can play a proper midfielder out wide which should make us better de
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