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  1. It’s more the mentality issue, he refers to winners and character. As a club we struggle with this and I can’t get my head around why. Is it something the player just has or can a manager instil it. We take winners and turn them into wimps. We did that with Dave Jones for example. He played lots of games in a successful Burnley side under a very competitive manager and we turned him into a girls blouse. I just think within half a dozen games he will see the issue , probably already knows it. We have a ridiculous foul and card count ye
  2. I just feel that if he had any hair he would pull it out trying to sort this lot out. He will struggle to find the type of characters and winners he likes at the club. Will have to bring in two or three he knows in January
  3. Presumably he will be watching the videos from our games this season to help form a view on players. Imagine having to do that.......
  4. Irrespective of anything else, he’s not very good
  5. Because I think he decides whether he likes/ respects a manager and behaves differently depending on his view. I absolutely don’t believe that Bruce or Pulis will let him get away with certain behaviour that Jos and Monk found unacceptable. Simple answer is he behaves differently. Then of course there’s the Christmas shoulder which I can’t find on the NHS website
  6. Westwood has a big responsibility here. I don’t buy in to this proper managers don’t have a problem with him. He obviously responded in a negative way to Jos and Monk and Pulis won’t put up with any messing about from anybody so I suspect Westwood will behave differently because it’s Pulis as he probably behaved differently with Bruce .
  7. Bolton played Salford on Friday. 12 years ago they were 9 levels apart with Bolton in the Premier League.
  8. I think the interesting bit in those videos is that there are a lot of Boro players in and around the penalty box in open play. This has been a massive weakness for us for a while , under several managers, and one of the main reasons we don’t score many goals . Will be very interesting to see if he can fix that
  9. And also reducing risk. The more you pass the ball about in your own half the more chance you have of giving it away. A lot of goals are conceded by giving the ball away as we are seeing with the current fad of playing the ball out from the keeper.
  10. It seems to me from watching games that there are a lot more teams playing 3 at the back now then there were 2 years ago. Some top clubs play 343 , Arsenal, Chelsea, Wolves and it’s very entertaining with the players they have . England played it midweek. Lots of others play 352 for the same reasons we tried it. Gives you 3 in midfield, and 2 strikers . Pulis might well stick with it.
  11. This is the madness of it all. The assumption that just because we had a good week, helped by the halving of the points deduction, then we could appoint any inexperienced, tom , ******** or harry and breeze up the table is just daft. We don’t have a great squad, we have just lost valuable points to the smaller clubs and struggle to score goals. We have a tough set of 9 fixtures in a month and could well be in a worse position after them than we are now. Hopefully Pulis with his experience will stop this happening but it is a tough ask and it would
  12. Sunk costs are gone , can’t do owt about them. If he uses any sale to try and get everything back it will never happen It’s not Homes under the Hammer
  13. This is where the EFL need to be a bit smarter. If sky start losing the Premier games they will be more dependent on the Championship and we need to make them pay more for it
  14. It will be interesting to see how it goes with Iorfa up front
  15. Bannan won’t play for them again. They have plenty of options. Armstrong, Fleck, McGinn all playing in the Premier League. Players like Christie , Jack look decent players, typical Scottish ball players like Bannan. McTominay playing in defence but would do well in the midfield All a better age than Bannan.
  16. I don’t like Pulis but to be fair I haven’t seen anybody on here suggest anything substantially better as a way forward. None of the others struck the right balance between risk and progressive football with the exception of probably Cook
  17. That win will probably get Bullen the top job now
  18. He won’t get Howe unless he kidnapped him. Howe wouldn’t touch us and to be honest I am happy with that
  19. I would feel sorry for the interpreter in any interview or discussion between DC and Cook
  20. This “ we need a proven, experienced manager “ is up there with “ we need a 20 goal striker “ So easy to say, so difficult to achieve. The good ones tend to be unattainable for lots of reasons
  21. Cook achieved 59 pts on the pitch last season, enough to finish 13th despite the admin stuff hanging over the club. However not to worry, have heard through a credible route that he is not in the running. But who knows I suppose, probably not even chansiri
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