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  1. Hypnotiseme

    Sky red button

    Forgive my ignorance if incorrect but as it's a midweek game, won't it be broadcast on ifollow?
  2. Hypnotiseme


    I thought he was rather Un-Luhukay
  3. Hypnotiseme

    New manager odds

    José Mourinho?
  4. I'm at the game and I think they're playing well. They're playing a top team away from home and they're playing intelligently; calm and considered on the ball, nothing like the last 5 months. I think Luhukay has got them much better organised. Here's hoping it'll all come together and they start scoring some goals!
  5. Playing well so far. Good save by Wildsmith and generally the rest of them have played well. Good shape and good pressure. I had my doubts when I saw the line-up but so far, so good. Keep it up lads!
  6. Hypnotiseme

    Streams for tomorrow

    No idea then mate but it's definitely working for me. You know you have to be viewing it from a country outside of the U.K right?
  7. Hypnotiseme

    Streams for tomorrow

    ifollow has replays now too! Great start!
  8. Hypnotiseme

    Streams for tomorrow

    And there's commentary!!!! A first for ifollow!
  9. Hypnotiseme

    Streams for tomorrow

    ifollow is working for me, despite their site saying it wouldn't be broadcasted. . .
  10. Hypnotiseme


    So for those wondering what will and won't be shown live on ifollow see: https://www.efl.com/broadcast-schedule/ It does unfortunately state that no cup games will be on there but we might still get audio. Apart from the lack of commentary, my ifollow experience was pretty spot on. 9/10