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  1. for the moaners

    We should look at our last two end of season results which was a play-off final and a play off-semi final. People are moaning because it was expected that we'd progress to a position where we can achieve that extra step which would lead to our promotion. Finishing in any position within the playoffs is meaningless due to the nature of how it works - 6th can beat 3rd despite the points difference..Spending tonnes of money to end up in what is ultimately the same position of ending up in the play offs despite the team we lost to spending far less won't make people feel better. We can't just pointlessly bring up the results of the past to ridicule those who aren't happy with the end result. It's just ridiculous when we can bring up any past position in an attempt to claim that people can't criticise SWFC. "Oh we spent tonnes of money and finished 2 places higher without actually progressing our style of play and playing those who were meant to improve us? Better bring up the fact Alan Irvine was poor and Dave Jones didn't improve our league position."
  2. What does people struggling with food, safety and life have to do with people's reaction to our result? Adding on a "Winding up-petition" article from 7 years ago in an attempt to stop anyone who is disappointed about yesterday from being disappointed due to the past is ridiculous. If people want to be disappointed let them. From your perspective we might as just refrain from criticising anything to do with SWFC because other people are worse off. We should be allowed to weigh up what happened last night in the context of football. Not some strange guilt trip about what else is happening in the world.
  3. The fans...

    Yeah it's our fault that we kept pointlessly passing it back from an attacking position and subbed off our goalscorer. (Who scored an excellent header out of nothing) It's also our fault for the penalty takers (Who didn't make sense) because our players apparently can't get motivated for a play off semi-final unless we sing "we're on our way back" loud enough.