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  1. Pessimists and optimists end up in the same place but the optimist has a far better journey.
  2. Moore has cleared out the losing mentality in the squad. The same thing needs to happen in the fanbase.
  3. If the US can land planes in Kabul I’m sure we could navigate 129 Fleetwood fans carrying blow up fishes.
  4. Embarrassing response. Wednesday fans have got fine tuned into failure. I’m convinced some are far more comfortable losing than winning. It’s suit their outlook on football, and life. Let’s grab this league by the balls and win the thing. Someone’s got to win it. Why not us.
  5. We are winning this league. 8/1.
  6. Cheer up. We might lose on Saturday and you can have a party.
  7. Hunts a decent player, especially at this level, and a good signing in my opinion. His best asset is his pace which gets him in and out of trouble. He does tend to make ‘bad decisions’ though.
  8. Be honest, the thought of us doing well, having a great season is killing you isn’t it? What a predicament you’ve backed yourself into. It’s only League 1, but we’ve potentially got a really good thing going on here, with some good players, and a solid manager. It’s just nice to walk out of the ground winning a few games, and the kids asking when the next match. The squad has been rid of the overpaid wasters, and it appears DC has changed his approach to quite a few things. Enjoy it for what it is. Or f k off to Meadowhall or something on a Saturday and leave the rest of us to it. Cheers
  9. I’ll stick my neck out. I think we will win this league. 15th April MK Dons away is the day.
  10. He was brilliant at that because no one ever noticed anything he did. Absolute genius at it.
  11. Reminds me of that German lad, Bastian long name beginning with S. Played for Bayern and had a spell at Man Utd.
  12. Sure it’s been mentioned but 10 bookings in a game without a bad foul must be a record.
  13. This squad needs time. Long way to go yet, but add the likes of Sow, Corbeanu, Windass and what was on the bench tonight into the mix and we won’t be far away. I fully expect us to kick on after Christmas and pull away. We just need to keep the core fit (Hutch, Iorfa, Bannan, Gregory) and add a couple in January for that final push.
  14. I’m lost with cricket. In the domestic game I’ve no idea who is playing who, for which team, in which format and when. They are overkilling it.
  15. This might come back to haunt us later when Fleetwood knock their 4th in.
  16. Simon Grayson grinds my gears for some reason.
  17. I think Root was taking the pressure off the team by taking the blame. He shouldn’t need to be telling Wood, Ali and Anderson where to bowl.
  18. Kohli is an absolute dog of a man. I’m sure Robinson called him a p k when he walked past him. As for England they’ve got to find some consistency at the top of the order. Sibley is a walking wicket. I’d bring back Pope and Denly, and Malan. Might be too early for Brook. I’d also attack India. As it stands they are going to bully us into a 3-0 defeat. England looked scared to death this afternoon in what was a very flat track.
  19. The game changed on Saturday when Byers came on. He sat deep and Bannan pushed on. We’ve got enough players, and Bannan is good enough, to allow him to roam, and play just behind the striker.
  20. BPF Hunt Iorfa Hutchinson Gibson Johnson Byers Wing Adeniran Bannan Gregory
  21. More chance of seeing the Queens tuppence.
  22. I think he will swap Kamberi and Gregory. Other than that, I’d keep the same team.
  23. I thought Doncaster were the better side, for the majority of the game. Played the better football, and far more controlled than us. That said, it’s about goals, and Wellens was bang on in his interview. Unless they get some quality up front, they will struggle. Bostock is clearly a good footballer. For Wednesday it’s about picking as many points up, whilst this squad bed in. They look like exactly what they are. A bunch of good players for this level, that have been put together at the last minute. As time goes on, we will get stronger, and the size and strength of the squad will tell. We just need to stay with the pack and kick on after Christmas. I think we will go very close, and the back 5, and in particular Hutchinson, hold the key. We won’t concede many goals and history tells you that sides that do that, more often than not get promoted. I’d protect Hutchinson. We need him to play 35/40 games, and if he does, we go up. Up front I think we lack an X factor player such as Marshall or Antonio. Hopefully Sow and Corbenau come through and fill that void.
  24. Kamberi was decent but he does too much of his work outside the box. He’s a centre forward. Has he had a shot yet?
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