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  1. Derby away, drawing 3-3 after being 3-1 up. Still not sure the football club has ever recovered. Losing 4-0 at Spurs, I think Linekar got 3. Convinced we never crossed the half way line. Losing 3-2 at Oldham, in the promotion season.
  2. People forgetting a few things here; 1. We are skint, and is no position to turn down any bid north of £2m 2. There are only a few people who really know if Grant is for sale. Brian Laws is one of them 3. Laws was in regular communication with Grant less than 6 weeks ago, and knows he would move. All this stuff Grant has come out with is the usual tripe fed to him by his agent. 4. Burnley will double his wages 5. A number of top Premier League teams have 2 or 3 top keepers, and we will just have to borrow one, like with Carson and Turner, who I would argue are both better keepers than Grant. 6. Even if Burnley go down, he's been in the 'Shop window', and a smart agent would insist on a Premier league release clause. Cash in, and use some of the money to buy/borrow a centre forward, because even after 2 wins I can't see this lot scoring enough goals to stop up.
  3. Bet him £50 he'll get it working by the start of the 2nd half !
  4. I always thought Jersey had quite strict entry requirements.
  5. http://www.owlstalk.co.uk/forums/public/style_emoticons/default/wink.gif
  6. Not quite. I would have done a deal with the bloke, offered him 3/4 of his contract, and got rid. Gets him off the wage bill, saves us a few quid, and allows Jeffers to negotiate with another club to try and get another contract. Furthermore, the bloke is probably costing us a few hundred quid a week in elasterplast, calpol and asprins, not to mention the space he takes up on the physio bench. The alternative is watching for another 6 months whilst this fella takes the best part of £8000 per week from the club, and after around 150 weeks of that, i've had enough, have you? To quantify that, my season ticket cost c£450, so if I bought one for the next 15 years it would just cover this fellas money for 7 days. I've had enough of unproductive crocks 'earning' a wage at this club, and in this particular situation, enough is enough. I'm sure the bloke doesn't get injured on purpose, but he has started 27 league games, and scored 5 goals in nearly 3 years, as a centre forward. It's called doing a deal, and allowing both parties to move on. Let me know if you need any further clarification.
  7. What would you do with him then? When he got sent off at Port Vale we fannied around with him, placing him on the transfer list. I'll wait for the replies which highlight this blokes fantastic firsty touch, and predatory abilities, but for the past 3 years we might as well have been paying flipping Rivelino as opposed to this lame cow.
  8. Glenn is another one that will go missing in action for 3 or 4 years. I'd be interested to see Miller's appearance record since he turned pro.
  9. A complete and utter waste of space since day 1. Should have been paid up, and got rid of months ago.
  10. Anyone else thinking Irvine may have taken us as far as he can?
  11. Easy to generate a big following, with a big city fanbase behind you, and a relatively successful side. Wednesday are definately up their, but pound for pound I've always though Plymouth deserve the accolade.
  12. Could be, but unless we find a goalscorer we'll be srabbling around in League 1, as opposed to the Championship.
  13. Flog Grant for as much as we can, and get a young Premier League keeper, like we did with Carson and Turner on loan for the rest of the season. Have a look in the summer then for another keeper on a Bosman. Spend the Grant money on 2 centre forwards, either loans or full transfers, because unless we find some goals from somewhere, and quick, we are going down.
  14. I learnt many years ago to expect the absolute worst with this football club, which makes any success we've had the more pleasing, and victories are like one big Christmas surprise. It's part of the morbid attraction of Sheffield Wednesday, and in a peverse kind of way I wouldn't want it any other way. I now don't expect any investment at all, havn't for a while, so if it does happen, I can have double the amount of beer. There is a logic to the this theory, trust me.
  15. Good player is Anderson, but I thought he'd been injured for a while. Expect us to sign him on a 12 year contract very soon.
  16. R Kes were reight caold this morning, the dirtie little twister.
  17. I for one would take a punt on any kind of investment, because i'm sick and tired of 15 years worth of drudge. Playing fair, being a right nice bunch and waiting for Robin Hood to come riding over the hill with some lovely pieces of silver has got us absolutely nowhere. Nice guys finish last, i'm afraid. Can't we hawk round the middle east and see if some rogue state wants a SWFC sponsored SuperGun?
  18. And yet the masses forced him out. When will we ever learn.
  19. "And this is the spot here where we think the oil is"
  20. All sorted, easy.Just got to spend 90 minutes explaining the rules to our lass now.Apparantly we have sold more tickets for this game already than any other this season.
  21. Want to take the missus on Boxing Day, but no spare seats near my season tickets.Can I change my seat, and buy 2 together in the South Stand, on t'interweb?And if so, how?
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