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  1. Not sure he’d be my pick but I think Lampard will be the next England manager. Brendon Rogers will get a mention as well.
  2. The foreign manager thing hasn’t worked twice. Infact, it’s been a disaster both times. Capello had the best squad ever, and made a right ******** of it.
  3. Who would you have. Your standards seem incredibly demanding.
  4. Does he get any credit for winning all the others. Southgates win % is the best ever other than one manager. Bizarrely, that’s Capello.
  5. I think he’s done a great job. Who do people think would do a better job? And if anyone says Eddie Howe I’m logging off.
  6. Restraint got us to within a penalty of winning the Euros and 1 minute away from winning the first 6 in WC qualifying. I reckon tactically he’s more or less nailed it.
  7. England won’t be far away at the next World Cup. I think we’ve got a really good chance.
  8. This poor manager everyone is on about has just taken us to a major final. Maybe them calling him a poor manager haven’t say through years of bobbar watching teams put together by Taylor, Keegan, Sven, Capello et al. Some people have short memories. He’s done a really good job.
  9. Not sure what game people were watching. Poland did nothing. England are a top side and I’m not sure people can get their head around that after all the years of disappointment.
  10. No idea how England have not won that. By far and away the better team.
  11. I keep reading on here how good he is. He hardly ever plays. What’s the point.
  12. I’d be surprised if Hearts could afford Paterson. And I think he’s having a big house built in Sheffield, so I’d be surprised if he wanted to go anywhere.
  13. Big clubs in League 1 sign players like this. It’s a gamble. Can’t see any harm.
  14. I’d sign Fred West if he got us promoted.
  15. Coming from Chesterfield I’d be parking down that side road at the back of Montys Motors. Loads of space especially up by the cricket shop end. Straight out after. It’s a bit of a walk, but I’ve never had any issues.
  16. Might already have been mentioned but the only issue for me from yesterday is that we don’t have a league game now until 11th September to get going again. We could do with a league game this midweek.
  17. Best player ever. Done it over many years, across many different leagues, and on the international stage. No one in the history of the game is anywhere near him. Model pro, and a class act on and off the pitch. Brilliant signing for Man Utd. The commercial uplift alone will make the deal cost free.
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