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  1. Agree to a point but Moore had the cleanest of blank paper to build a side in the summer, and I suspect the biggest wage budget in the league. I’d argue that’s as important as a decent budget at this level. I’m not throwing the toys out yet, but I aired my concerns after the Shrewsbury game where I thought we were tactically very limited. I think we’ve got the spine of a very decent squad, and one that as an absolute minimum should reach the playoffs. I said last week Moore was 3 or 4 bad results away from a sticky wicket. Tuesday night is a huge game for him. We need a big win to kick start the season because at the minute it smells of getting very toxic, very soon.
  2. I’d like to see the stats from the last 20 years of which teams have conceded the most goals in the last 5 minutes of games. It’s simply got to be us that win that one. We are so predictable it’s frightening.
  3. Tell him to pet shop off back to Spain where 3 men and a dog watch 2nd tier football.
  4. I thought the idea of turning the shop into a bar was a great one. Turn the shop into a purely online operation. But improve it. Because at the minute it’s like trying to navigate the Star website after an afternoon sniffing glue.
  5. Shall we deal with bite chunks and get someone to mend the shirt printing machine first. It might only need a plug.
  6. No idea. Presume they are using the local sports shop like everyone else.
  7. You can’t do it in the shop either. The machine is broke.
  8. Bet the players are gutted at missing that tour.
  9. My take on today is that we were awful 2nd half. They worked very hard, but also had 2 playing up top. They hardly parked the bus. And we hardly threatened. One up front doesn’t work. Moore would argue it’s 3, but it isn’t. Berahino needs to play closer to Gregory. He was simply outnumbered. I also don’t see how Brown doesn’t get in this team. I’m not one that jumps on the Palmer bandwagon, but he was very poor 2nd half, distribution in particular. Hunt wasn’t much better either. I’m convinced we have the players to get out of this league, but the tactical stuff today really worries me. For the first time I’m doubting Moore. Great chap, and probably one the players love playing for. That however doesn’t always work. I do wonder if we are looking at a Dave Jones Red Adair type getting airlifted in at some point. Moore does deserve time, but he is 3 or 4 more bad results away from a very sticky wicket.
  10. It did kick off tbf. Hillsborough Corner before the match.
  11. Run ragged? I’d put the gin down sunshine.
  12. I don’t blame Sky. I blame stupid owners who have paid out ridiculous salaries to average players. Chasing the financial dream of the Premier League behaving like a pissshead in the casino. I’ve zero sympathy for any club who ends up in a mess like this.
  13. Time to pick a team and stick with it for 5 games. He should know his best side now. Time to make a judgement call.
  14. Made for Wilder that job. They’d be mad to go down the John Terry route.
  15. When buying a season ticket customer service isn’t even on my list of criteria. Settees, holidays, cinema, new shoes. Possibly. But not football.
  16. Staggers me how places like Frankie and Bennies survive. Damon’s at Crystal Peaks was the same. Basically, dog food.
  17. Tbh, I didn’t even think it was a foul. Didn’t think so at the time, and don’t think so on seei the replay.
  18. Agard once won me 12k on a bet. Love the bloke.
  19. Just got back. Luckily my expense was all business related but a joke of a decision. Thousands walking around Piccadilly this morning. Cricket needs to be careful. It’s not cheap and events like today stick in the memory. As does coming off for bad light with floodlights on. As does far too many competitions with a bewildering calendar. Test Match cricket is by far and away the best format, and it’s getting sold down the river.
  20. The next World Cup is a strange one both in terms of location and time of the year. It might throw up a really random winner.
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