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  1. This story about girls not getting to play football at school. Simply not the case.
  2. The other issue at grassroots is referees. No where near enough for the boys/mens game, so an influx of female teams will cause a real issue. It’s not a reason not to encourage, but it’s a big problem and one getting worse not better.
  3. Sunday was brilliant but I’m not convinced womens football will take off in the way they expect. Just an idea, but why don’t they play matches before the men on Saturdays. Fans would get 2 games for 1, crowds would be better and more commercial opportunities.
  4. If MK Dons score from a cross on Saturday I’m drop kicking an OAP on Fargate.
  5. It’s a good one but I’ve loads of 2-1’s we can review as well if we are playing that game.
  6. Wasn’t the game Crossley scored in a 3-3?
  7. I remember one of his first games at Walsall, on the TV. He was awful. Moore et al deserve a lot of credit for bringing him on the way they have.
  8. He was excellent but is still raw. Forget which one but one of their goals was his fault losing the ball in the middle. Potential wise, huge. Ticks every box but he now needs games. No point him going somewhere else to sit on the bench. Contact wise, we’ve got to gamble on this one. Throw the kitchen sink at it. Those 2 goals yesterday might prove very expensive.
  9. No player is immune from criticism. Players like Bothroyd absolutely deserve it. That said, the lad has played 1 game. In front of a new back 3 that were very suspect. And for at least 2 of those goals he had no chance. Cut him some slack. It’s a long season. He will play a major part. And before people start shouting for Dawson to come back, let’s not forget the abuse he got on here when he was playing.
  10. Incredibly but it’s not surprising. Some fans live for it.
  11. Cash won’t exist in 10 years so some of you lot need to get ready.
  12. Know a lad who was speaking to Bruce the night before he quit Wednesday. Bruce was adamant he was going no where and couldn’t speak highly enough of the club.
  13. He’s played 1 game. Step away from the cookie jar and let that sink in.
  14. Every season the fans pick on one player. Stockdale is a dead man walking. He may as well pack it in now. Palmer must be mighty relieved.
  15. We need a Glenn Loovens type. Talker at the back.
  16. Iorfa was a top class Championship centre half before that injury. He should be able to play this league in his slippers. He’s clearly struggling to get back to his previous form. Tough one.
  17. But lively on Leppings Lane after as well.
  18. Massive overreaction in my opinion. You could argue the 2nd goal but I thought his distribution was good, especially first half. No chance with the other 2 goals. He looked like a goalie playing in front of 3 defenders rather than a back 3. Had Loovens or Hutchinson played in the middle of that back 3 he’d have kept a clean sheet.
  19. Didn’t know that but how do they prove players are injured? Impossible. Players are clearly conning refs (not always) so the solution is a mandatory 5 minutes off the pitch after treatment.
  20. Disagree on the time wasting thing. He added 7 minutes on. If a player goes down injured his hands are tied. Game can’t carry on with a player on the floor.
  21. I’m not one to criticize refs, but he had a shocker. For both sides. Nailed on penalty at the Leppings Lane end for Pompey not given.
  22. Some people had made their mind up on Stockdale before he played. Give the bloke a chance ffs.
  23. Some really good signs especially first 20. We needed that 2nd goal. Defence needs time. But, play 3 at the back and you need 1 that can play football. And organize. We will be fine. Top 2. Keep players fit and we win it.
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