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  1. Difficult to criticize Famewo. After all, he lasted longer than John-Jules.
  2. The rise of the expert Athletic journalist. Every time I switch Sky on some jumped up little twerp that couldn’t kick a ball 5 yards is arguing Mbappe can’t play in a front 2. W@nkers.
  3. Shaking hands when games start. Just run out and growl at each other. No one ever died doing that. Ironic thing is, they shake hands, then spend the next 90 minutes trying to get the other player sent off.
  4. Thing is, he never used to be. He’s spent that long in Liverpool, he’s actually turned into one of them.
  5. Wednesday played well last night but Sunderland didn’t want to win that game. They were pathetic.
  6. Keep reading on here we should have given him a longer, better contract etc. Not sure what people have seen in the last 2 years but I’ve seen very little to justify either, other than in the last 2 weeks.
  7. We are in a position where we have to sell if we get a decent offer. £2m for a League 1 player going out of contract is very good money. Forget potential. We are losing millions a year. And it boils down to the player. If he wants to go, start an auction.
  8. Nixon is the modern version of 0898. I spent £39.50 once waiting on hold to find out we were thinking about signing Garry Thompson from West Brom.
  9. The stick Paterson gets is disgraceful. Lads got a fantastic attitude and is a far better player than people give him credit for. Like a lot of players that are versatile he suffers from not nailing down one position. Can also imagine he’s a great influence around the dressing room. Would love him to score today.
  10. The asking price for Wilks will have suddenly gone up.
  11. You seem to be a strong advocate of the womens game. Nothing wrong with that at all. Do you get to many matches?
  12. Refs at junior level are ‘sought’ rather than allocated. In view of the issues with some teams it could well be the refs choose to ref girls games, because they will probably get less hassle, for the same money.
  13. It’s called debate. Which you struggle with. A lot. Have a great day.
  14. I’m sure every school is different. My eldest when asked says girls play football regularly in PE. I’d still be surprised in 2022 of girls asking to play football are told they can only play netball. It all sounds a bit Daily Mail.
  15. Can only speak from experience but organized school football teams for boys, never mind girls, is quite rare, and poorly organized. In terms of school I was talking more about PE lessons etc. I’d be amazed if girls are getting restricted from playing in that environment. Teachers don’t seem that bothered these days, and probably are pulled in other directions. Grassroots football on Saturday’s and Sundays has filled the void, and is far more organized and widespread than it was back in the day.
  16. My lads are at 3 different schools and girls regularly get involved in playing football. Grassroots boys football teams, especially at the lower level all encourage girls, and many have them within teams. Many of the bigger grassroots clubs have female teams to join. The Sheffield Junior football Facebook site is full of clubs looking for female players. I don’t buy the theory there is zero or very little opportunity.
  17. This story about girls not getting to play football at school. Simply not the case.
  18. The other issue at grassroots is referees. No where near enough for the boys/mens game, so an influx of female teams will cause a real issue. It’s not a reason not to encourage, but it’s a big problem and one getting worse not better.
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