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  1. Spread out. Fanny about on the 5 yard line in an attempt to play like Man City. Then get someone to leather it. And repeat.
  2. Seriously good footballer. We never replaced him, Ross Wallace or Loovens adequately.
  3. DC and Ashley negotiations should be on PPV. Be brilliant to watch.
  4. That lad who’s just got the sack at Watford did a really good job.
  5. If I were Luongo I’d stay injured. He gets better on here every week he’s out. By December he’ll be the resurrection of Puskas.
  6. I agree with that, but that celebration last night was like Ollie Murs scoring against Eddie the Eagle at Soccer Aid. It’s the Papa John’s FFS. They’ll be bigger games on Concord Park this Sunday.
  7. Imagine celebrating a goal in the Papa John Trophy like that.
  8. In all seriousness, it’s mental that there isn’t an option to tell Papa John and all his friggin Pizzas that we’d rather walk to Rotherham with a nail in our shoe than play games in this bag ofwank.
  9. Crucial we get the win tonight to pull away from Harrogate in the league table.
  10. He deserves more time. But he needs a big result and quick. I thought Wigan was that result. Obviously not. I’m convinced the squad is good enough. I’m not convinced we have the tactical nouse to get up. And although a cliche, other teams are raining their game. Proper cup final stuff for some and we need to counter it. First goal is crucial and we don’t come out of the traps quick enough. In this league I’m a big fan of method football. Stop fannying around on our own 6 yard box. Play the channels, box em in, loads of crosses. Nail set pieces. This lot look over coached at the minute.
  11. In the grand scheme of things a big puddle isn’t really an issue. JUST WALK AROUND IT YOU EGGHEAD. FFS.
  12. Lot to be said for that. Mate of mine lives in Shiregreen and overlooks Concord Park.
  13. Tim Paine is a bit of a w anker isn’t he.
  14. Can’t see the point about worrying on stuff like this. My main concerns are who plays up front on Saturday, where to park and if I can get tickets for Cambridge away. Control the controlables.
  15. Getting Windass back ASAP would be a big boost. Be like signing a new player, who will probably be one of the best in this league. I went last night, and although we did well, 2nd half, we do lack pace up top at times.
  16. It’s a results business. If we are off the pace and showing current form around Christmas time DC will get rid and let someone have a crack at the January transfer window. Managers getting a full season etc, irrespective of results, doesn’t happen anymore. Rightly or wrongly.
  17. Biggest issue here is fuel. Who’s run out?
  18. Christ, they’re all getting it.
  19. Keeper has just effectively chucked one in. I know, I’ll log in and blame Bannan. Who wasn’t even on the pitch at the time. And there we have football fans in 2021.
  20. This playing out from the back is laughable. Man City started it, with their £500mn back 5. Funnily enough, it kind of works with that level of investment. 2 minutes left. Launch the thing into the the corners, box em in and give away a free kick if they look like getting out. And then repeat until he blows his whistle.
  21. Agree to a point but Moore had the cleanest of blank paper to build a side in the summer, and I suspect the biggest wage budget in the league. I’d argue that’s as important as a decent budget at this level. I’m not throwing the toys out yet, but I aired my concerns after the Shrewsbury game where I thought we were tactically very limited. I think we’ve got the spine of a very decent squad, and one that as an absolute minimum should reach the playoffs. I said last week Moore was 3 or 4 bad results away from a sticky wicket. Tuesday night is a huge game for him. We need a big win to kick start the season because at the minute it smells of getting very toxic, very soon.
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